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Codes of reality!

What is language!


Quote from Gospel of John



1.       Foreword

2.       Indicant words

3.       Introduction

4.       The true ambit of language

5.       A special kind of categorisation

6.       Common uses of language, and its complex side

7.       What the software encases

8.       The hint of the spectrum or array of indicant words

9.       An illustration

10.   Shifting individuality towards extreme ends

11.   The powerful embedded links

12.   Private zone and language

13.   A sample of the power within

14.   The 3-dimensional spatial realm

15.   The virtual world

16.   The random dynamic 3-dimensional positions

17.   The force in the words

18.   The repulsive force

19.   The shift in the triangle

20.   The power component

21.   The vertical shift in the platform

22.   The plugged in state

23.   The uplifting and the downward push

24.   The negative effect

25.   The ennobling negativity

26.   Virtual velocity and the effect of rituals

27.   The non-tangible links

28.   Encoding physical contortion

29.   Encoded treachery in languages

30.   Encoding brooding barrier

31.   Diabolic issues of equality

32.   Language as the creator of castes

33.   Language as a sieve

34.   Language and untouchables

35.   Language as zoom

36.   Language as a design of township planning

37.   Women features and language

38.   Lines of command

39.   Differing strings of hierarchy

40.   Entering masculine codes in women

41.   Man-woman balance and imbalance

42.   Visual codes of leadership and otherwise

43.   When props move in the material world

44.   The virtual movement of a spouse and its effects

45.   The billion encodings

46.   Language and spatial compartments

47.   The banyan tree effect

48.   Language and emotions

49.   The swaying power

50.   Despoiling and ennobling

51.   Persuasive powers of indicant levels

52.   Language and honesty

53.   Mental state and its connection to

54.   Time as a component in the virtual software

55.   Back to mental conditions

56.   Virtual codes and repulsion

57.   Splitting the non-feudal language nation

58.   Defining madness

59.   A draconian difference

60.   Language and physical looks

61.   The switches in the language

62.   Human body diseases

63.   Language and discipline

64.   Carrying a social imagery

65.   Adding power values to words

66.   Encoding non-verbal signals

67.   Decoding emotional expressions

68.   Items that bring in energy

69.   What lies behind ordinary words

70.   A routing word

71.   Decoding ritualistic actions

72.   The concept of Brahmin-ism

73.   The servant class and the masters

74.   The quality of the slimy snake

75.   Universal link in the virtual codes

76.   National character

77.   Entry of feudal codes into English social systems

78.   When differing software social systems impact

79.   Codes of slavery and liberation

80.   Slavery in marriage 

81.   The wrappings of leadership

82.   Creating leaders and leadership

83.   Feudal languages and population explosion

84.   Language and social flare up

85.   The military machine and language

86.   Indiscipline in the Indian bureaucracy

87.   Virtual codes of Money

88.   Money and hierarchical strings

89.   Permissions and lies

90.   Demonical nature of feudal language nations

91.   The ‘atrophication’ and the ‘holyfication‘

92.   The issues of censure and censors

93.   The fiscal difference between

94.   Virtual codes and sex

95.   The power of observation or visual input

96.   What is in a name?

97.   Codes of laughter

98.   Being tossed around in the indicant word array

99.   The at home feeling

100.  The virtual code Medical System

101.   A minor extension

102. The virtual parameters of astrology and paranormal sciences

103.  Before concluding the contentions

104. Brain software


105.  The proof

106. Claims about language

107.  Defining myself

108. A seeming weakness

109.  An outlandish experiment

110.  The dawn of my understanding

111.  A wobbly world

112. Parentage

113.  A backward directed amalgamation

114. A strange haunting

115. An addiction for leadership and its routes

116. The huge experiences

117.  Designs of my life

118. Social setting

119. Tints of the English rule

120.  Coded treachery

121.  A curious contemplation

122. A dilemma

123.  Redrafting a spouse

124.  An encasing aura

125.  The changed codes and its effects

126.  A telepathic indication

127.  The gnawing in the virtual codes

128.  A gruesome shifting

129.   A twilight zone phenomenon

130.   Negativity from school

131.   Teaching standards

132.  The effect of the contorted virtual space

133.  The bend at the neck

134.  The feudal stiffening

135.   How I practised apartheid

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