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Feudal languages and population explosion

It may be noticed that societies that have feudal languages have a natural tendency to multiply fast. Actually the issue of population explosion has two different components. One is the extremely dangerous political theory called democracy that the British has sown in totally ill-prepared nations. It has evolved a new kind of power in such nations that is entirely based on numerical strength, without any link to human quality. So to garner strength, all groups with political ambitions do advocate rapid reproduction.

However, feudal language social systems do have another innate reason for multiplying fast. It is based on the issue of leadership being formed by having followers. In feudal languages, children necessarily are followers and disciples, for they are made to exist in the lower indicant levels words with regard to their parents. For the parents, the children exist as the powerful props that make them leaders. In such social systems, without a show of leadership, a person can very fast go down the drain of lower indicant words. So, there is always a spontaneous need to have more children.

Along with this issue is the compulsive need to be a leader of some sorts in a feudal language society. For only acknowledged leaders can arrive and stay on the higher indicant word levels. At this level, everything is in the superlative form.

As against this, nations with lesser quantum of feudalism in their languages can do without having a stream of children as appendages.

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