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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Language and social flare up

Almost all social flare ups can be traced to the language code issues. Even in India most Hindu-Muslim antagonism is deeply entrenched in indicant word issues. I have already mentioned that caste based antagonism is language code based.

Moreover the so-called Islamophobia currently seen in European nations is actually not connected to Islam as such, but to the instinctive fear of feudal language speaking groups who spontaneously arrange themselves under certain command centres, that are encoded in their feudal language codes. The Islam that is currently creating fear in Europe is not really the version of Islam that Prophet Mohammed may have tried to spread.

For Islam in its pristine form is not a feudal communication system encoded religion. However, the Islam that currently exists in Asian nations is fully feudal communication code encrypted. And hence, possibly totally an opposite version of original Islam.

This theme may also take us to the issue of the flare-up between the Jews and Germans. It is a truth that the Jews were seen as a truculent group even in other European nations. The mood of belligerence that they created in many places in Europe may be either due to some negative coding in their language dialects, or with the language dialects of Europe that they had to live with. A candid study in this regard may bring up the real reasons that made the Germans go totally mad with them.

For, somewhere in the virtual code arena, words and usage might have become ferociously provocative, as they interacted with each other. Many of these words and usages would have codes and directions of exclusivity that can ignite burning antipathy in the excluded groups.

Persons who are more interested in this theme may read the article: Communal Tension and Language Codes.

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