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VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is an online organisation that started working online right from 2000.


We are totally committed to promoting English language in its most pristine form.


A number of digital books are placed on this website of ours. All of them shall be free for perusal. 


The digital books can be bought and downloaded in the form of PDF files also.


This website will be continuously upgraded with new books and files.


Apart from all this, we do maintain a number of Telegram Channels. Some of them are pre-recorded Classroom for English study. Some others are book reading channels.

VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is a division of DEVERKOVIL Inc., Aaradhana, Deverkovil 673508, Kerala


The headquarters of VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is located at Aaradhana, Deverkovil 673508 Calicut district, Kerala, India.


We can be contacted via email:


We can be contacted via Telegram:

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