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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Foreword {taken from another writing of mine}:

You would be knowing the computer software application Adobe Photoshop. Using this application, one can edit and create many affects on images, pictures and photos. This application runs on pre-set computer language lines and codes. Yet, as one works on photos and images, new codes and lines gets written, and remain as an intricate part of the edited images, in addition to what they already had.

Think of one specific Robot, programmed to carry eggs from one room to the kitchen. It has pre-written lines in its software, as per which it does its work. One fine morning, as it comes to the storeroom, instead of eggs, it finds a newspaper. It scans the item, searches its memory, finds what it is, and then takes it to the parlour and keeps it on the reading table.

When it does this, actually as happened in the case of the Photoshop image, a new set of lines are being created. For each action, for example, turning to the right, then left, a specific set of lines may be created and stored and used.

Now, compare this same scenario to that of a man. Whatever he is doing is actually something wherein a particular set of codes or lines of program are being utilised or created. When he bends, turns to the right, picks up something, and all else, actually some program line or code is being written; I do not know where. It, most probably is not in the same world that we exist in; but in some other ‘cyber’ world, where everything gets encoded and stored. It may be noted that the codes that I am speaking of here is not the software on which the brain is working; but of something which is beyond the software used in the brain; so that even this software used in the brain is actually a creation of the other one, that I speak of.

Now we have reached a premise, wherein the proposition gets connected to what one may call ‘lines of destiny’ or what in Indian languages is called ‘writings on the head’. Yet, what I proposed may not be entirely lines that foretell destiny; it may be simply that whatever we are doing can be seen in another arena in terms of lines of codes; I do not know what language, or what type of script, neither can I imagine the surface where it is so done.

As to the lines being created in computers, one can easily see it when using such programs as MacroMedia DreamWeaver (Adobe Dreamweaver), used in Web designing. Whatever manipulations are being done on the web design can be seen as changes in the codes, by just clicking on the Code View.

Again I must extend my proposition. When this is the scenario, it also comes about that all information that gets moved around among human beings is also actually codes that activate many actions and emotions. It may even include a simple calling out loudly. Instead of understanding a calling by mouth as one of sound emanated from the mouth, it can be seen encoded as a series of specific lines of codes that contain powerful inputs for initiating various actions, causing emotions, commands for actions, requests, apology and much else.

It then is seen possible to go into the interiors of these signals, and encrypt a lot of intense other codes, that can initiate or define many other things.

What I am proposing here may be simply stated as that we are really susceptible and controlled by a lot of still un-understood codes that are very, very powerful.

This writing is not just about those virtual codes, but also about the true ambit of language!

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