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Codes of reality!

What is language!



This is a sort of continuation of my book: March of the evil empires: English versus the feudal languages. The theme discussed here is an expansion of the ideas cursorily mentioned in the concluding part of that book. In that book, the aim was to discuss the general qualities of feudal languages as against that of English.

However in the present book, what has been dealt with is about the inner codes of language and their links and relationship with the codes of reality. The contention is that reality is a creation of some superior software, and that language codes do have connection with it. The book is an expansion of this idea. I do believe that this book merits consideration.

If what is contended here does have substance, there is every chance that the whole outlook modern science has with regard to reality and human existence may be altered. 

Readers are requested to read the following writings of mine:

1.       Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages! How I worked out the idea starting from zero.

2.       The machinery of Homoeopathy

3.        Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.

Apart from these mentioned above, the reader can check the words in my first book : March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages,  Part Four, Chapter two, titled: Mental Effects, including telepathic effects, it might give a hint of from where my thoughts sprang up from.

My personal life experiments mentioned in the Proof section are described in a more detailed manner in my book: The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! 

Please note that this book might be very useful for persons who are studying the human mental and emotional features. Professionals such as a psychologists as well as psychiatrists might derive much information from this book, which they might never find in their insipid academic textbooks.

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