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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

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Aaradhana, DEVERKOVIL 673508 India

First published in 2013.

All rights reserved.


This book I wrote, I presume, in 2013.

It is a huge book of epic parameters.

The basic underlying theme is the essential difference, planar-languages has with feudal-languages.

Feudal languages are quite powerful, in that, the moment they are spoken, the social structure and human relationships change powerfully into a custom-design hierarchy, depending on the language.

When planar-languages are spoken, the social system and human relationship shift towards a planar arrangement.

For a planar-language social system to experience feudal-language communication is a very creepy experience. Individuals can go berserk. Mental trauma and emotional terrors, which cannot be understood by the native-English, will effect individuals selectively; with the others having no idea that some individuals among them have been effected.

This is a very vital piece of information which all native-English nations should understand. For, youngsters, persons engaged in professions which are defined in pejorative usages in feudal-languages, and various others can literally go mentally ill, when accosted or connected with feudal-language speakers.

The issue of Gun violence in the US in which innately decent and peaceful persons go homicidal can be directly or indirectly connected to the affliction caused by feudal languages. I very specifically mention the name of Adam Purinton in this connection.

It is dangerous to allow bilingualism to run riot in native-English nations, if the other language is a feudal-language. For, feudal languages do have carnivorous codes. Inside feudal-language nations, people do keep a distance from lower-positioned persons and groups of persons, who can, if they want, bite them verbally, without the use of any abusive word, profanity or expletive. Simply change the indicant-word level of certain key words. The terrific damage is done.

Modern psychology and psychiatry can be utter nonsense. They do not know about these things.

Verbal signals can trigger various kinds of switch-on and switch-off effects in others. Instead of focusing on the person who has been affected, it would be more intelligent and effective to find out who is sending the switch-on and switch-off signals. And send them home to their home-lands.

Feudal languages can create mutation in physical features, emotional balance, human relationships, national economy, and stature of professions, and in many more things about which native-English nations have no information on.

It is dangerous for the native-English to learn feudal-languages, when living in the midst of feudal-language speakers. It would only have the effect of allowing the feudal-language speakers to place a powerful grip on them, physically and mentally. In fact, the feudal languages speakers would literally be able to control the emotional stability of the native-English speakers, if they can be made to understand feudal languages.

It would be like string-puppetry. The native-English who have learned feudal languages can literally be made to dance, yell and jump as per the pull and push that can be conveyed by means of the holding strings of the verbal codes in feudal-languages.

At the same time, for feudal language speakers, knowing English is a great advantage. It would give a very powerful pathway and bridge for them to crossover the various gorges in their own communication code and enter into the placid native-English locations.

As of now, almost all native-English nations are simply getting dismantled and disarrayed by the spread of feudal-language speakers inside their vital areas. Things are going into various errors. Much worse is in the offing, unless effective steps are taken to forestall them.

I wrote this book some five years back. In this book, a bit of the personal experiments I have done many years ago on certain individuals has been mentioned.

This book is not focused on the internal codes in feudal-languages. This book moves through the peripheral areas of many other items, including the English colonial rule in the subcontinent.

As to the persisting mood inside the book, it more or less reflects the terrific mood that was there in me right from the early 2000 to around 2015. That I was continually blocked from writing my ideas, insertions and corrections in many website and media-sites. There seemed to a concerted attempt to block me, mainly from inside native-English nations. At first I did not understand why this was so. There were mentions that I was writing hate-speech. Actually this very book was mentioned as a book of hate-speech.

I can understand the mentality that brought forth this mood in many others. However, this book is not a book of hate-speech. Instead it is a book that proclaims the solid fact that the spread of English colonialism was the greatest social force that led to the emancipation of human populations, which had lived like cattle in enslavement for centuries, under the social shackles set-up by the people who could be the ‘Mandelas’ and ‘Gandhis’ in the feudal language nations.

To know more about the above words, I would invite the reader to read my Commentary on Malabar Manual.

As to my current-mood, I do not much care for the low-class individuals who have had some cantankerous administrative powers in the various websites, be it the Wikipedia or the WikiNews or in the computer rooms in the US media sites or Australian schools.

I know that I do have readership, even though I still do fear that the native-English readers may not really understand the basic information on the real dangers in allowing feudal language speakers inside native-English nations.

I have written about the internal codes in feudal-languages in many of my books. However, the most illustrative writing on this has been done in a native-language of the subcontinent. It is a continuing writing, which I post regularly to a limited number of readers via Whatsapp: ‘An impressionistic history of the South Asian subcontinent’.

As of now, I have started translating the posts into English.

The first volume of this English translation will be available online around March 2018.

My first book on feudal languages was ‘March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages’.

This book, though pioneering, was written in a quite hurried pace; and with absolutely no access to any source material for reference. And hence does have a lot of deficiencies. However, what it postulates does hold true.

I sincerely believe that the world would be a better place if it is placed under the administration of the Anglo-Saxons, who have kept a decent distance and detachment from feudal-language speakers, of all skin colours, white, black and brown.


Aaradhana, DEVERKOVIL, India 673508

23rd February 2018


This book, I believe, I wrote in 2013.

There have not been many changes in my fundamental stances. The elementary contention still remains that the world is best ruled by Anglo-Saxons who speak pristine-English, and only pristine-English.

However, my affection for England has faltered over these years. England no more remains the Mecca of pristine-English. Or maybe it has been desecrated.

London has already been over-run by outsiders. It is only a matter of time before the whole of England gets devoured up by feudal-language speakers. Unless some quite drastic remedy is found as a cure for the exponentially growing malady!

Most of the native-Englishmen have no information on what is entering inside the vitals of their nation. Their world-view is from the placid locations inside a planar language platform.

That there is a very beastly world just outside the parameters of pristine-English is not known to them. This is the world that exists inside feudal languages.

Feudal languages are beastly and carnivorous. Yet, they have all the alluring affability of an enchanting sorceress. Under the mesmerising beauty in the poetic depictions of these languages, there are hidden spikes and spears.

A simple sentence in a feudal language, can literally lay-waste a tranquil social scene designed and maintained in pristine-English. Native-English individuals can literally get rattled and forcefully relocated to various heights and lowliness in the social hemisphere.

My affection for the English Monarchy has also got watered-down over these years. If a multi-culture Monarchy is to rise up in England, it is better that this monarchy is allowed to relocate to some other nation.

England needs to understand itself. It has to understand why it was historically different. If this information arrives inside England, then all kinds of social experiments and social engineering can be attempted, after placing powerful fencings to ward-off all kinds of codes that can bring in social disarray and scattering.



28th February 2018


Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire? What a dream, but yet it is probable; it is possible.

Cecil Rhodes


To think of these stars that you see overhead at night, these vast worlds which we can never reach. I would annex the planets if I could; I often think of that. It makes me sad to see them so clear and yet so far.

Cecil Rhodes

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2. Essence of improving

3. Command codes in the language software

4. Spontaneous block to information

5. Forgetting as a social art

6. What the Colonial English faced

7. The third quandary

8. A personal briefing

9. Fifth issue

10. The sixth issue

11. Conceptualising looting

12. Insights from my own training programme

13. A colonial British quandary

14. Entering the world of animals

15. Travails of training

16. Notes on education, bureaucracy etc.

17. On to Christian religion

18. The master classes strike back

19. Codes and routes of command

20. The sly stance of feudal indicant codes

21. Pristine English and its faded form

22. How they take the mile!

23. Media as an indoctrination tool

24. How a nation lost its independence

25. Social engineering

26. Social engineering and sex appeal

27. Conceptualising Collective Wisdom

28. Defining feudalism

29. British colonialism vs American hegemony

30. Revolting against a benevolent governance

31. The destination

32. Back again to Travancore

33. Media and its frill sides

34. Online unilateral censorship

35. Codes of mutual repulsion

36. Understanding a single factor of racism

37. Light into the darkness

38. The logic of blocking information

39. Mediocre might

40. Dangers of non-cordoned democracy

41. The barrage of blocks

42. Greatness of the US

43. Where Muslims deviate from pristine Islam

44. Film stars as popular trainers

45. Freedom of speech and feudal languages

46. Wearing out refinement

47. Leading the Anglosphere

48. Indian Culture

49. The miserable Indian media

50. A low quality idea

51. What a local self government could do

52. The aspects of quality improvement

53. Parameters of spamming

54. Profound quality enhancement

55. The innate English stance

56. Frill elements of quality improvement

57. Enter the twilight zone

58. Continuing on human development

59. Refinements in automobile driving

60. Back to Quality Improvement

61. Entering an area of tremulous disquiet

62. Stature on an elevated platform

63. The sly and treacherous debauchery

64. Reflections of a personal kind

65. Observations on the effect of gold

66. Facets of the training

67. Secure refinement versus insecure odium

68. Clowning around with precious antiquity

69. Handing over helpless entities to crooks

70. Trade, fair and foul

71. The complexities in the virtual codes

72. Mania in the codes

73. Satanic codes on the loose

74. Jallianwalabagh incident

75. A digression and a detour

76. Teaching Hindi in Australia

77. Seeming quixotic features

78. Disincentives in teaching English

79. Who should rule?

80. What is it that I am doing?

81. When oblivion takes over

82. From the ‘great’ ‘Indian’ history

83. Routes to quality enhancement

84. Epilogue

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