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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

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02. A very larger parameter of quality improvement


04. The spur and the venom

05. An allegory


Now when speaking about quality improvement that can be heaped on to social sections by means of technological gadgetry, I need to go into an allegory.


There are many tribal groups living in the Amazon forest with no connection with modern human civilisations. They have bow and arrow as weapons. They have established a sort of equilibrium with the local animal populations. In fact, they are not much above animals in their capacity to survive in the forest. A slight advantage that they have is connected to their capacity to speak to each other, and that they can use their hands in ways which the animals cannot. However, even though they can speak, they speech wouldn’t have much content comparable to even what a man of say India can have. Their ability to use their hands also is limited by the small number things they can do with it.

Now, into one such group, say a group of Englishmen enter. Teach them modern ideas, built modern houses for them, built roads and railways, give them guns, teach them to read and write, and also the use of many modern gadgetry. What is it that they are doing?

The essential equilibrium among the tribes is lost. The equilibrium maintained with the animal population is altered. Now, the tribals can kill the animals from a very superior position. The animals do not stand a chance. The tribal persons now feel that they are not just another species of animals but something quite different.

They learn to dress in modern dressings. Their children go to school and learn English. They make script for their language or make it better if there is one by adding such things as coma, full stop, inverted coma, and so many other things that they find in English. If the Englishmen have made some research into the history of the area, they would come across the presence of big kingdoms that had existed in those areas, hundreds of years back. And maybe some other language and literature would be recovered from some places or hamlets.

The tribal schools then would start teaching their children about their glorious past, in which they had really been great empire builders, and that their empires had stretched from one shore to the other of the continent. They had been great seafarers and exporters of many goods.

They would massacre the animals and wipe out the trees. As times change they would find instances of the Englishmen killing animals and cutting trees when they had first come. The whole wiping out of these natural resources would be heaped upon the Englishmen. Why did the Englishmen teach us English? To enslave us!

Minor religious groups soon grow up into major national factors. Ancient animosities grow up into gigantic issues.

When the year becomes 1947, all Englishmen leave the place and local leaders take over the administration. They have mutual competitions among themselves. Two religious groups fight to gather power. The nation is divided. One of the tribal leaders is killed by someone, possibly from his own side.

The reason could be that if he is alive, his personal lifestyle could become controversial, and he would be a political liability. Once he is dead, his stature is raised to that of a saint and holy man. He is revered as a great man and this fact is taught in the schools. The new government, consisting of his followers, spends millions of dollars to make a film on this man. An English man with a minor tribal blood is made to act as the tribal leader. This film is a great international hit, and many people all around the world become the followers of his ideas, which are actually more contrived than real.

The fact that the Englishmen gave up the nation would be directly connected to the activities of the dead ‘saint’.

Now there are two nations. In each nation, the armed forces (continuation of the English-administered armed forces) soon engage in mutual activities of belligerence. So that, they are given more powers and also extensive rights over financial resources. They buy the best of armament available in the world, and the military leadership wallow in a fabulous lifestyle. Whenever there is limitation of financial resources, they would engage in some belligerent military action and again the people would clamour to give them more exquisite rights.

As the forests in the distant areas get cleared up, other tribal groups would be exposed out of their traditional homelands. They would be made to bear the lower indicant words of the developed Tribals and made to exist as a sort of servant class of theirs. At the same time, they would be given education to feel that they are all of one nation and that the developed Tribals are their savers. Their females would be pounced upon by the police force of this new nation and also by other individuals who all would have superior fire power and other things in their hands.

When they revolt, they would be put down with brute force. When the police and the armed forces do atrocities, they would excuse themselves by saying that they got the training for do atrocities from the Englishmen and the codes for that are in the police and armed forces manual made by the English.

The leaders of the nation would start teaching that they drove out the English from the land by a sustained struggle lasting decades. Why did they drive them out? Because the English were racists, and were insulting to the Tribal population. At the same time, the leaders would endeavour to send their own children to England.

A minor part of the tribal population would be fantastically rich. While the remaining huge section would be in real dirt conditions, as they remain in the dirtier levels of their feudal language codes. However, they would be actively taught that their poverty is just due to the looting of their nation by the Englishmen, a hundred years back.

Riots, rebellions and revolts would be common, but held in control by a very menacing armed service. Sections of the suppressed tribal populations that come out spiritedly would be defined as terrorists and their populations gunned down mercilessly. And their female folks pulled out, mass fornicated and shot dead, by the national army men. The officials who are supposed to safeguard the revolting people would be made to move out. This would be accomplished by bribing the senior officials of the UN.

The above mentioned allegory could more or less sum up English colonialism and its lasting effects.

Coming back to improving a society, it was not modernity that was the focus and aim of English educators, but a profound change in the mental process from crudity to that of mental refinement.

A very larger parameter of quality improvement

I am now entering into an area of thought that was totally unplanned for. However, it just popped into my mind. For, the news media is full of the brutal attack on the female in a bus in Delhi. It is an issue that goes not just into the criminal side of the act, but to the various other parameters that should be discussed in the context of improving the social system.

The attackers were quite cruel. However, they were not just cruel, but full of vengeance and hatred. It was an attack that was not just connected to sexual assault, but to necessarily desecrating the attacked person. For, both she and her male companion were beaten up with iron rods. After that, very targeted vicious anger was focused on her, and she was brutalised to the extent of damaging her intestines.

In many ways, it would be quite naturally identified as psychopathic behaviour. However, this term is only a terminology that is used to by persons who eek a livelihood using such technical words. From a layman’s view, the attackers, especially some persons among them, acted in a mood of terrible vengeance.

It is quite easy to shout ‘hang them’, ‘beat them up’, ‘kill them’ and such things. Such reactions are natural, not only in this case, but in the case of most other vicious physical brutalising of human beings. However, that kind of talk has only a brutal value, and cannot be used as a means to bring about meaningful changes in the social system. Vengeance is different from judicial punishment. Both are relevant. The first to the persons who are aggrieved, and the second to the social system.

Now, speaking about beating them to a pulp and such things, also point to total level of barbarianism in the nation. I remember a few years back a serial killer went on the spree and killed a number of females in Britain. He was arrested soon enough. But there was no evidence of him being beaten up into a pulp. When he was produced in court, he was looking well-dressed and with a personal dignity that cannot be envisaged in an Indian person caught by the Indian police. It is true that the murdered person’s associates would have the mood to butcher him, but not the police.

However, when this comparison is mentioned, some persons would claim that the people in England are different and that criminal elements in India are quite crude and need to be treated crudely. If anyone were to say such a thing, it would be simply admitting that the British people are better than Indians. However, if that inference is taken up, then immediately the very same person who said such a thing would clamour for the refutation of his contentions.

What is being tried to enter here is how to bring about a social quality improvement, so that even criminals would have an individuality comparable with the criminals in England. There is no contention that they are not criminals.

As to calling for capital punishment, the government would have to tread carefully, as there are an immensity of cases registered as well as unregistered against both Indian policemen as well as Indian army men personnel. Even the case of Manorama of the North-East who was taken into custody by the Indian army, only to be found dead on a railway track with ample evidence of sexual assault is there. The Supreme Court’s order in this regard still remains unheeded by the Indian army.


First let me look at sexual craving. It is a craving that exists in most healthy human beings and animals. One cannot find fault with that in itself. Men do feel sexual cravings for females. However, in a feudal language social setup, there are repulsions that goes with who is sexually admiring one. For example, a person from the lower class, that means a person who is maintained socially in a lower indicant class, enjoying the physical beauty of an upper class (meaning a female from the higher indicant word class) can be quite repulsive.

For example, a cycle-rickshaw puller or a private bus driver or cleaner in Delhi, simply gazing at the physical charms of a relatively upper class female, has the elements of diabolic irritations in it. The female would feel as if she has been violated. As to the other side, they also know that they are doing a social misdemeanour and acting an impertinence if they were to openly visualise the physical feature of the relatively upper class female.

Leaving that issue, what does one do when one is sexually aroused? Sex is a craving just like hunger. Many persons get sexual gratification on a routine basis from their wives. So it is like getting food regularly. To persons who do not have a wife or those whom are living apart from their wife, there is no sensible way to satiate this hunger. Now, it is here that a proposal to legalise prostitution has to be taken up. However, the only problem is that the Indian government officials do not have the quality to communicate with quality with any level of working class.

So, it goes without saying that their behaviour to the sexual workers would be quite atrophying. Beyond that, they wouldn’t have the quality to understand the various finer aspects of legalising this profession. They are perfectly unfit to introduce social changes, which have to be done with extreme finesse.

For one of the major negative issues is that if prostitution is legalised, then many females from the society would go in for this profession once in a while, either for the money it can give them, or for the transient experience that it can give them. However, from a feudal language social context, it would only degrade them to abominable levels to partner in a sexual episode with another member of the society.

For, it would lead to terrible changes in indicant words. Even to have sex without monitory benefits with another male from a feudal language society is full of negative possibilities. For, rank low-level people can degrade female with lower indicant words.

Well, there are very sharp issues to be studied and ways found out to implement the legalising. I do know that the Indian leadership does not have the mental acumen to use intelligence as well as integrity to work around the problems.

Now back to the assault in Delhi. In Delhi, it is not an uncommon issue. However, as I have mentioned much earlier, there is a much more terrible issue going on in India in the form of trapping females into brothels, with the full connivance of the Police as well as civil authorities. If any action has to be taken, then it should be on the concerned police as well as civil authorities who support such heinous deeds. For, what is happening is never known outside and the media dares not bring focus on this business.

Police in India catch prostitutes as it is an illegal profession. At the same time, young females who try to escape from brothels in Bombay are caught and handed back to the brothels, by the policemen. Actually prostitutes are more or less giving the release route for acute sexual urges that can built up in a healthy male. Instead of protecting them, what is being done is to help the heinous traders in sexual slavery.

Moreover, more terrible things took place in Sri Lanka, done by both the Indian army as well as by the Sri Lankan military. Photos as well as film recordings are there on Channel 4 videos. No Indian authority is bothered about such things. However, to blame the military personnel as well as other uniformed personnel for misdemeanours connected to sexual attacks would not be correct. The fact is that most Indians would do such transgressions, if they are given the necessary sanction and legal protection. So ultimately the persons who have to be held responsible for these offenses are the persons who gave the order to them to enter into areas where they were not welcome.

For the terrible crimes done by the IPKF, it is Rajiv Gandhi who has to be held responsible. However, in the very next election itself he was thrown out of power. He never came back to power. Actually he came to power just on the sympathy wave created by the killing of his mother. His death again gave a sympathy wave for his party to come back to power.

The spur and the venom

Now, let me go into the mind of the attackers in Delhi. It would be a vain claim if I am to say that I can see their mind or understand them, or categorise their mind by using some terminology in psychology or psychiatry. For, both these so-called sciences might not be totally bogus sciences but quite near to quackery, catering only to the livelihood of its practitioners. They have an educational qualification with which they are bound to eek a livelihood and make a fortune. Can’t blame the practioners.

It is quite clear that the attackers literally went berserk. That is they went beyond their brief, so to say. If sexual gratification was the only goal, then it wouldn’t have been so brutal. It is true that some persons do gain sexual satiation from sadism. However, I doubt if sadism was the motive factor here.

There was clearly some very clear hatred that came out violently. Surely it couldn’t be fully directed to the female. Yet, something in her or something about her ignited it to the level of giving her a brutal pain. They wanted her to suffer. This is not a sexual aim. Something that goes to the depths of the Indian social scene.

If one were to go to Delhi, and make a very quaint observation, what would be amply clear is the very powerful feudal mood in the social situation. This cannot be observed by moving with any particular section of the society, but by observing across the various social sections. The people are quite callous about helping others, unless there is something to connect them to the suffering person. It has been reported that the assaulted female and her companion, were lying naked and bleeding on the road, with no one coming to their aid, for around half an hour. This is the mind of this city, and to a great extent, of the nation.


I remember this incident that happened right in front of my house. I had just reached the village to live there. My house is on the side of a wide State Highway. There is a bus-stop in front of the gate. One day a dark, but elegant looking young female appeared there. She was clearly not a Malayalee. It appeared that she was using the bus-stand as living space. It was quite a dangerous proposition. On the third day, she looked quite shabby. I sent two of my students to enquire of her, as to why she was staying there. They couldn’t get much idea, due to possibly language issues, as well as due to their own fear that if they were seen in companionship with her, and something bad happens to her, they would be picked up by the police.

However, they managed to give her some money. I proposed to the students, since they were Muslims with a local Relief Committee, to discuss her issue with the local mosque. However, such a proposal was seen as totally an impractical suggestion.

On the fourth day, she was not seen in the bus-stand. I was told that she had started stinking and a few men had physically driven her from the bus-stand. Basically this cruelty is connected to the lack of a proper language software to communicate from both sides with dignity. For when the female is addressed with a Nee, Edi, and referred to as Oal (Aval) and her kinfolk are referred to as Aiytingal (Avattakal), there is a real degradation of human qualities in her. One cannot converse with her from a level of dignity on both sides. There is also the danger that she may use the lower indicant words.

There is off course the issue of her stinking. The why of it has to be discussed. There was a small tent on the roadside some half a kilometre away. One family was living there on a temporary basis. The females were literally stinking, and did look like they had not washed themselves for quite some time. One of my trainees did once ask them why they did not have a wash to remove the stink. One of the females answered thus: ‘Even with this stinking body, we are not able to live in peace. Just imagine our plight if we remove the stink.’ Meaning that the stink was a protective cover. Quite ineffective but.

There is no one in the governing folks who can think of setting up a free place for homeless people to reside. The whole focus is on giving more and more perks, salary and pension benefits to the officialdom. The children of the official class move off to English nations using the huge monetary benefits, and from there, speak of the greatness of India, and how the colonial English were very cruel. END OF DIGRESSION

In this city [Delhi], a huge mass of population are living on the lower side of the indicant word codes. Now how do you define a section of population as lower class and another as upper class? Well, in feudal language, there is a definite sense that is tangible, but currently not openly expressed.

In Malayalam, the codes for the lower class would be the Avanmmaar, Avalummar, Avattakal (Ayittingal), Avaneyokkake etc. The upper class would be the Avar, Avarmar, Saaranmmar etc. The medium class might be the Aa Aalukal. I am not good in Hindi. So, I cannot say for sure. However, I think the lower classes would be the Thu Log while the upper class might be the Aap Log, when addressing. The UNNkko, and the USSkko might also define different levels of population.

However, it might not be as easy as that. For the codes exist in a very complicated software environment and cannot be fully decrypted in this very easy manner. For, inside the groves of each section, there would be persons who exist on the upper side, medium level and also on the lower side. However, even though there might be persons who exist on the upper side of indicant codes in the lower section, they are immutably stuck in a lower platform, which more or less defines everyone inside this section.

An allegory

Among the Indian police constables, there is a lowest depth and a highest point. The low-

level constable versus the Assistant Sub Inspector of Police. Among the middle level officials, there is a lowest point and a highest point. The Sub Inspector versus the Deputy Superintendent of Police. Among the senior most ‘officers’, it is Superintendent of Police versus the Director General of Police. Between the lowest and highest in each section, there are many other layers.

If a man goes into the constable levels to interact, he can move from the base to the heights there. Like that in each of the sections. If he happens to move with the highest in the lowest section, still his movement is within a lower section, from the perspective of the higher sections.

Similar is the case with the feudal language society. Different sections of people. Each section at a different level. If a man interacts with the lowest section, there is a hierarchy within that. He has to heed its power. Yet, even the highest level in that is still a lower level to the upper sections. So for a higher level man to interact with a higher level man in a lower level section, the safest manner is to keep an aura of superiority when doing it.

The understanding of this allegory should be through the world of indicant codes. Not through English.

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