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Satanic codes on the loose


01. Comment of mine

02. Explaining mass shootings

03. Apartheid can be established by language codes


Now, I need to extend this idea. Almost all words and speech done by feudal language speakers have direction component, in that they point towards locations of respect or that of denigration. It is not like people speaking in English. When people speak in pristine English, generally there is no definite direction component in solitary words and indifferent sentences. But the moment the same speech is done by feudal language speakers, there is a very definite pointing towards some location of respect that spontaneously comes into play.

This may not be always very easy to understand or detect unless, one looks very deeply into the codes in the words through the virtual software. So that even when one person professes deep loyalty and commitment to one cause or person, the moment he speaks in his native feudal language, it can be full of loyalties, respect, allegiances and such things towards some other person, institutions or cultures. It can also display repugnance, distastes, hatred, repulsion and discrimination towards certain people or entities.

There is actually no need for anyone to specifically mention anything bad or wrong to denote the latter. Nor is there any need to specifically say a good thing to denote a loyalty and adoration to anyone or any entity. Just a meek use of the word Avar instead of Avan can denote adoration. A mere use of the word Aval instead of Avar can denote disloyalty and repugnance. Even if the person is the next-in-line to the throne, Princess of Wales.

Now, this exactly can be the danger of a lot of feudal language speaking people let loose in English nations. They stand as entities in the virtual code arena as codes that point into various directions. At the same time, the native-English speakers stand without any such codes. The feudal language speakers would bring in a state of social incoherence. Many refined featured native-English speakers would feel it, for they are the most easily hurt entities, by the lower indicant section of the feudal codes.

At the same time, the persons who are on the top sides would not feel the problem at all. In fact, they would bask in the glorious higher indicant word adoration that they can feel in the communication codes of the feudal language speakers. Well, the nation is in great danger. For, the negatively affected persons will go into a mental mood resembling homicidal mania, as they fumble around to find out what is going wrong all around them. With no tangible evidences of anything evil in their proximity.

These are not easy things to explain. However, I would have to venture into that. It is all very painful, to work out an illustrative example.

In the local village that I currently live in, there is a small roadside commercial area. In the local language, these types of small commercial places with a lot of small shops lining the road is called an angaadi. Generally females from the higher level houses do not go around the shops to buy things. They send their servants.

For, in all eventualities, there is the issue that they would be referred to as an ‘Aval’ instead of the respectful ‘Avar’ if they start going regularly to the shops. However, if they do have some very powerful suffixes like a Teacher or Chechhi to their names, they can go around and do the shopping. I have seen females who do not go out to the shops, once they became a teacher, freely moving around the angadi buying things in a pose of great social accomplishment.

There is also the local doctor, who is not from the local area. His wife is from Karnataka state. She is good in English, and in her own native city, she would have no qualms about moving on her own in the township. However, here she does not venture out. It is sure that she is frightened of the ‘Aval’ phenomenon. Now, it is not just the words that are unnerving.

There is something more to it. Persons who are addressed as Nee or referred to as Aval are viewed with a menacing, preying manner by the other person/s. As a tiger would look at his prey. It is very mentally tormenting to feel this affect or to look back. Looking back on to the other man’s face only gives a better access to the negative code into the affected person’s mind.

When Varuna was small, I very powerfully told her not to look into certain shop keepers’ eyes when we go to certain shops. The same caution, I gave with regard to many senior aged women also. For, they would immediately set about imposing the ‘at the aval (oal)’ looks into her. It has a creepy affect and has a very powerful negative effect. However if the same person is using the ‘at the avar’ looks, the creepiness vanishes, and the looks become that of very positive inputs.

Actually, the shallow-brained, self-conceited, women’s lib activists in India put the blame on the male folks for the reclusiveness of the majority females of India. The real culprit is the feudal language.

See this comment of mine on this Indian newspaper’s page on a feminist’s version:

(Page not found)

QUOTE: I was brought up in a family wherein the females were quite dominant. I have studied the issue of discrimination & found that it is not the males to blame. Anyone who is on top dominates, discriminates & suppresses those who are below. It’s a very silly view that being a virgin is the negative attribute. At best, quite a mediocre view.

The Malayalam feudal language words Nee, Aval, Avan, eda, edi, avattakal, chekkan, pennu & many more have a social meaning & power. All men & women who dominate use it. The persons on the other end get crushed. Ms. Joseph’d use it on her maid? It is not the males who shackle the females, but the language system. For example in the local village, the doctor’s wife, of very superior attributes does not go to the local angadi. Not because her husband has chained her. But as she said, if she moves around the angadi, the locals will define her as an Oal (aval) within a brief period of time. Beware of people who tell wives to rebel against their husbands, & follow them END OF QUOTE

In feudal language nations, the attitude is not to be appreciative, but to somehow find a path to denigrate and to dominate.

The local doctor’s wife doesn’t come out, not because her husband is enslaving her, but due to her own terror of the lower class under-sizing.

Now, the same issue can be in English nations also. In an area dominated by speakers of some feudal language, English youngsters, persons doing jobs that are seen as lower in feudal languages and such persons would feel a very creepy ambiance as they move around. The gravity of the creepiness depends on the language-code appraisal done by the feudal language speakers.

Explaining mass shootings that have taken place recently in the US

See this page

In recent times, there has been many mass shooting incidences in the US. Including one in which a Sikh gurudwara was attacked. The way the idiotic psychologists are approaching the problem is that the person who did it was mentally sick. Well, that term ‘mentally sick*’ is their means of livelihood. That much has to be understood. Actually this is not the way to approach and study the issue. What has to be done is to take a non-prejudiced stance. The question that needs to be asked is, ‘What is the exact provocation or series of provocations that triggered the violence in the shooter?’

[Mentally sick*: Check my book: Codes of reality; What is language? Chapter: Back to mental conditions]

The immediate answer to this question Gurudwara incident would be to seek if anyone had questioned the shooter before he started the rampage. For, almost all provocations connected to people who speak feudal languages can be traced to their words, or to put it more accurately ‘indicant words’. I have visited some social or religious organisations of other groups in which I am not a member.

Even though they are affable, there is an undercurrent of marked apartheid in them, that an outsider, thought not banned inside, still feels a pushing out force. This is due to the closed connection of human links inside that organisation, which is connected to each person having a very specific position in the communication. An outsider would find that he has no specific mutually acceptable location, unless he is invited inside cordially.

In fact, what native-English speakers of the English nations suffer from is a statutory authority that protects them from bearing the brunt of lower indicant code abuse. The ancient village of Indian sub-continent had this. For, the village headman was empowered to punish anyone who used a wrong direction component indicant word code. Even the British administration that later came into statutory powers had to acknowledge this. See this chapter 72 ending part for more.

In feudal languages, apartheid can be established by the language codes.

Actually, this provocation would not be a standalone one. For, it would be linked to so many other incendiary codes that are now getting activated in the US. To explain this, I need to take up the issue of me getting provoked by the two boys’ words (Chapter 72). Their using the provocative lower indicant words and sneaky expressions would be connected to the way they are being behaved to by their own seniors and their teachers. They understand ‘respect’ to be connected to power and beastly nature, and ‘disrespect’ to be connected to soft nature and polite behaviour. Moreover, the ways their teachers mention about me and Ashwina also would come into play to define the indicant word error.

All these last said things can be true in English also. However, in English indicant words do not change. Words remain immutable in their location. However it is not a matter of spoken English, but in what language one does think in, and also connected to what all languages one can think in, and how much of the drastic virtual location shift in an unknown language is felt by the provoked persons. Currently America does not have the mental acumen to think on these things. In fact, no English nation has it. It was lost the day the Altee, the idiot, dismantled the British Empire.

However, in my book: March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages, written many, many years ago, I had mentioned this much about what is going to happen in the US:

Yet the continuous and incessant bombardment of alien cultural ideology embedded in feudal languages, could create experiences, which are not English and will lead USA to social tensions. Though the extreme emotional disturbances, it causes would be understood as racial feelings, and colour discrimination, the real reasons could be the strange, and disturbing social restructuring that is being forced on an easy going English society. Ordinary, peaceful persons would react violently to alien disturbing cultural signals, which are disturbing, and at the same time difficult to understand.

When speaking about a person’s mind going berserk when cloistered in a feudal language ambience, I have long wondered how the Englishmen who first came to the geographical area currently known as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh fared in this regard. For, they wouldn’t know how to defend themselves from the sharp pulling, pushing and stinking-dirtification effects of the local vernacular.

I had mentioned this issue many years ago in my writings on Robert Clive. He tried to commit suicide twice at a very young. Both attempts failed. Then fate intervened and made him the leader of a military campaign, in which he literally had no option of a defeat. For not only physically, but also mentally he would be stinking-dirtified, if he failed. He came out victorious, at very young age to commence the triumphant campaign of the East India Company.

However, not everyone had this intervention by fate to save themselves from mental instability in a language atmosphere, in which a person can literally swing and sway. If he is not trained to withstand its terrorising effects from childhood, he can literally go amok or berserk.

Now, what about the Euroasian? The offspring of Englishmen in native women. Well, my mind had pondered on this issue. For, they literally have to bear a powerfully swinging language code affect. In that, when they speak English, they are in a very fabulous social ambience. The moment they speak in their native tongue, unless they are in some superior position, they are in the stinking-dirt.

What would happen? It is quite curious that when I was going very cursorily for old time images of native in the momentous work by EDGAR THURSTON, CASTES AND TRIBES OF SOUTHERN INDIA Volume 2, I came across this bit of information that was quite fantastic in its accuracy:

Writing concerning the prevalence of insanity in different classes, the Census Commissioner, 1891, states that “it appears from the statistics that insanity is far more prevalent among the Eurasians than among any other class..........’.

The subject seems to be one worthy of further study by those competent to deal with it.

MY COMMENT: Interested readers may read one of my chapters in my book: CODES of REALITY! WHAT is LANGUAGE? : Back to mental conditions

END NOTE: I should also mention this observation of mine with regard to N & S. When they are with Varuna and Ashwina, they are quite united and friendly to each other. However, the moment they reach home, their conversation shifts to Malayalam. Here, S goes down. And N goes up. S sulks and puts up a fight and they remain frequently in a mutual belligerent mood. [CHAPTER 12 of this book – VOL 1]

Now it is this same mood that gets identified as a mental problem, the senior persons. When they were shifting to another house from our tenancy, I called them both and very specifically explained the matter to both of them. That if S is spoken to in Malayalam, she would go down to the Nee, Aval, Pennu and Ale level.

At the same time, N will rise up to the Chettan, Ningal etc. level with regard to S. However, when this scene is seen by an outsider, he or she would immediately use the scene to come into a location of domination by addressing both of them with a Nee, and referring to them with Aval/Aval, Chekkan/Pennu, Ale, Mone/Mole etc. So, it was the duty of N not to avoid Malayalam speech between them, especially when outsiders are in the proximity.

Now coming back to the Thiyyas with English blood in them, the issue was that they would be enjoying a fabulous level of dignity and mental elevation when they are with the English crowd. However, the moment they move back to their Thiyya social locations, they are pulled brutally back to the lower indicant words. It would be a terrible dislocation from the heights. Many persons, especially those with no tangible evidences of social or positional heights would feel it terribly. They would react with vehemence. This reaction is easily interpreted as mental imbalance by their social or family seniors. With vengeance.

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