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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Greatness of the US


01. The emerging history of the US in a nutshell

02. An Indian incident

03. Handing the subcontinent on a silver platter

04. Decomposing a wonderful land

05. Is the ‘$1.5 Million Maid’ an Isolated Case?

06. These blacks and those blacks

07. Comment that came attacking my comment

08. Non-tangible elements of niceness and deviltry


Since I had mentioned about the so-called Greatness of America, let me deal with that first. Is America a Great country? Or with the other question: Why is America great?

Well, when dealing with these questions, it might be pertinent to know who is answering or posting these questions. For, these are questions that have a lot to do with perspective as well as frame of references. To take this issue in a more coherent manner, I need to go into an allegory.

The emerging history of the US in a nutshell

There is a Five Star Hotel of remarkable standards in a city in India. The communication inside is English. Very good quality personnel man the various departments. The Executive Chef as well as many of the senior Chefs is quite quality people, fabulously good in English refinement, well-mannered and good at their jobs. The top manager of the hotel is a man of very refined tastes. He runs the hotel nicely and there is good profit. Room sales are quite good, and it is a rare occasion when the rooms are not reasonably sold-out every day.

Around the Five Star Hotel, there is the other world of real India. Quite crowded streets and bustling roadways filled with various kinds of eateries lining up the sides in the night time. In the daytime, the world is different here, with quite untidy streets and litter filling up every nook and corner of the streets. However, in the night time, the same place acquire a very outlandish appearance as the misty lights of the shops fill the air and the people walk around as if intoxicated by the lights, smell and the sounds of the bustling streets.

One fine day, the top manager of the Five Star Hotel leaves for another location. He is replaced by another man. This man is also a quality person, with extremely good capacities. However, he is a man who likes to experiment with unknown things. He moves around the outside streets in the night time and gets acquainted with many of the cooks in the local wayside eateries. He finds that they are good in their jobs. They can make exquisite dishes.

He contemplates on a major change in the recruitment policy of the Five Star Hotel. Local cooks are taken in. They join the work force in the kitchen. They do their job extremely well. However, there is a slight cultural issue with the earlier crowd. For, the newcomers are intimately connected to the outside streets. They bring in the local news and issues into the kitchen. There are slight issues of refinement and manners. The newcomers slowly learn the culture of the new place.

Everything feels fine. Inside the kitchen, there is a slow change in the ambience. The earlier culture is being replaced by the outside culture, but then what emerges is neither this nor that. A mix of both. No one really notices the changes. As to the hotel management, there is good news. For, there is less expense of pay. For most of the local cooks need only a fraction of what they had been paying the international quality chefs. Moreover, most of the dishes that the international quality chefs were making were soon being made by the new cooks with more or less equal taste standards or even of more quality.

One day the earlier manager comes back for a one-week management of this hotel, as the new manager had to go for a one-week journey. When he comes back, he notices that there is a definite change in the ambience. It is not the original Five Star ambience that he had maintained. It has been compromised. He could feel it in everything, including the way and manner of staff posture, replies, answering to queries and everything else. Moreover, the place was different. There was a severe negative value in almost everything. This was not the ambience that one would pay an astronomical amount to stay. The same quality can be enjoyed for far less, and in a more enjoyable manner.

The dishes were quite tasty, but then there was something missing in it. It was not like eating in a Five Star Hotel, but like being served by a local street-side food vendor.

When he looked at the room sale charts, he saw that there is a very clear lessening of room sales. A message has gone into the customer world that the place is not the exquisite one as it had been earlier. However, when the income was going down, the management was more vehemently adopting the idea of inducting more local staff to man every department. For, then the lower pay scale packet could off-set the lowering in the hotel income.

A lot of management decisions were made with regard to this new recruitment policy. The newcomers from the local hotels should be given good training and made to improve their personal qualities to match those of international personnel. Yet, as more local people came in, the more local the hotel became. Every bit of conversation among the staff was connected to local issues. They slowly started coming under the control of local political leaders, who could now enter in to make the management bend to towards their likes and dislikes.

Everything including the bellboys, the chauffeurs, the room service personnel and much more, were more and more like those from the local hotels. However the ambience, the infrastructure, the various amenities, the pools, the gardens and much more were still of non-compete-able standards as far as other local hotels were concerned.

Then slowly a new issue started emerging. Many of the staff members started joining together and starting out with their own hotel ventures. They being local people were able to garner funds from local banks. They started making new eateries with exquisite infrastructure, plenty of amenities and variety of dishes.

Since they had people inside the Five Star Hotel, they had ways and means to get to the regular customers of the Five Star Hotel. In many ways, the people working inside the Five Star Hotel were bleeding the very institution that had improved them, trained them and given them the exposure to international standards.

Now, this is the story of the US of America in a nutshell.

Now, we can deal with the question of: Is America a great nation?

Well, it is like this. If one were to ask any one of the staff members who joined the Five Star Hotel from the local area as to whether the Five Star was a great place, their answer would invariably be that it is a great place. It is really a great place. However, if the original top manager were to be asked the same question, his answer would be that the place has gone down beyond recognition.

That is again the situation with the US and with most other English nations. Every man who has immigrated to English nations would find the place fantastic and beyond the scope of his wildest dreams that he had in his native nation. However, they would be instrumental in bringing down the quality of the nation. Even when the nation goes down, they would find the ambience enjoyable due to the opportunities it lends them in the looming disaster.

However, in the English nations, there is another experience. That of the immigrant populations coming from various nations. They could bring in a lot of intractable problems, connected to what is generally defined as culture. In fact, it would be more connected to their native languages, and how they think in it, how they define everyone in it, and how the triggers inside it work. These ideas are difficult to explain in English, even though I have attempted to do so, here in this book.

When the intractable problems connected to these things affect everyone, the immigrant populations would start thinking of going back to their own nations. However, the original American citizen would have no such place to retire to. As to the immigrant populations, they would not really like to go back, for the moment they arrive back with sweet reminiscences of their homeland, they would be faced with the issue of feudal language codes, pejorative words, need for ennobling words, and brutal police and public servant attitudes. Then they would have to run back to the US again.

An Indian incident

I remember one such incident. There was this doctor from India. He became famous as the youngest person to become a doctor in the US. I really do not know how this is possible. For, there would be a standard minimum age for qualifying. His name was celebrated in all the Indian media publications. He was hailed as the symbol of Indian mastery over the American technological field. On his side, he would naturally be declaiming the superiority of Indian systems over English systems, as exemplified by his accomplishments.

Many local magazines had his face on their cover.

After some time, his name came to the fore again. He had married from India. He took his wife over there. However, once she came there, there was conflict of expectations or something similar. He perhaps wanted the typical deified Indian female concept as his wife. A wife, who would stay at home, attend to his parents, look after the kids and become a part of his family.

May be, his wife had the expectations of entering into the free world of American females, who could go where she wanted, and when she wanted. Or maybe she just did not want to be a female meant to attend to her husband’s parents. There is no way to understand the problem, or whether anyone was in the wrong. And that is not the purpose of this recounting.

She simply used some opportunity to move back. I think she appealed for divorce. May be there still remained some rancour. After some time, the young doctor and his parents came home to India for some brief visit. It was then that a police complaint was registered against them by the wife. Naturally her family would have used their local clout to get them arrested. Well, once arrested by the Indian police and there is no political or bureaucratic godfather to protect them, it is a matter of a person turning into a stink. Indicant words would go down.

The very fact that the young doctor was young would go against him. For, the words for the young can be of the stink level as used by the Indian police. However, his credentials as a doctor would have saved him for this sheer stinking-dirtification. And also his English nation citizenship. However, there is still the issue of how he and his parents were to address the local police officials who invariably wouldn’t know English. They would be forced to use ennobling ‘respectful’ words, even when they are abused verbally.

I saw the same newspapers that had veneered them, now parodying them. In their desperation to hold on to some higher branch, the parents went on mentioning ‘Bill’, referring to their ‘close’ friendship with Bill Clinton. Well, this name dropping is an essential part of Indian social communication. For, then only one can elevate one’s indicant word level.

Once I saw a person simply saying that the local district commissioner was his friend. It would be true that he had met her and she had talked to him in a friendly manner. This friendly manner is enough for a person to declaim that the person is his friend. The issue in this case was that the District Commissioner was a new comer to the state from a north Indian state. And in no way could she be a friend of his, other than a person who had casually talked to him in an official stance.

Handing the subcontinent on a silver platter

I think that episode more or less cured their love for their homeland. In many ways, this is the real terror that would confront all Indians when they think of coming back home. However, the Indian government has handed over the nation to them in a silver platter. For, they have now the blessings of ‘two citizenship’. That is, even when they are US citizens, they are still Indian citizens. In all ways, this is a real cheating of the local Indians struck in India.

That of allowing people who have immigrated to other nations to come back and take advantage of the currency exchange rate and to economically dominate the people here. However, the affected people are in no position to think these things out. The people who have the time and money to think are the people who enjoy the benefits. They do not mention these things as they clamour around searching a means to garner mass leadership. They spend their time seeking a Unique Selling Point, like MK Gandhi did to fool the ‘Indian’ people.

It is a fact that many persons who had arrived on an English shore from ‘India’ had aspired to take over the leadership of ‘Indians’. I can mention a few of them here: Dadabhai Nauroji, Har Dayal, Subash Chandra Bose, Aurobindo Ghosh, Abdul Hafiz Mohamed Barakatullah, Mohandas Gandhi, Tarak Nath Das, Jawaharlal Nehru, Shyamji Krishna Varma, Bhikaiji Cama, Pandurang Sadashiv Khankhoje etc.

Sitting in English nations, where their communication inhibitions vanish, they all desired to take over British-Indian leadership. For, they could quite easily see that it was easy to manipulate the ‘Indian’ masses with cunning rhetoric. Not even one of them wanted the people to learn English and become equal to them. Speaking about Vivekananda, I remember one Vedic guru who had many Indian disciples, in a moment of rare openness, mentioned that there is no value in having ‘Indian’ disciples. What was needed was ‘White’ disciples, especially of US and Great Britain!

It is an easier route to leadership. For, the very information that they had been in close association with the English crowd is enough to raise the social value here. All they have to do is to enjoy all the benefits of an English association and then come home and decry their English experience to the local people. Tell them that that the English are bad people, that English is not good, and that English culture is evil. Tell them that what they already have is great. No need to improve. Act out some buffoonery, like what Gandhi did quite successfully. Wear a loincloth and walk around, telling them that this is our culture. The people are told to understand this cunning ambivalent stance as some sort of inner profundity and greatness.

Decomposing a wonderful land

Now coming back to the question of whether the US is a great nation. The US is a great nation, for it runs on English systems. English systems are things that have been perfected over the years by the English people. The land area of the US is a huge multiple of that of England or Great Britain. Yet, it is the English heritage that makes it a great nation. As time and immigrants distance the US from innate English systems, the greatness is wearing off. However to the irascible elements who immigrate to the US, the nation is great. For, they have the field open to them to despoil a great nation with their own native-land languages and popular customs like corruption, nepotism, rank commercialism and everything else.

Yet, the immigrant populations would claim that it is they who are bringing in the richness and greatness to the US. The quiet obvious question as to, if they are bringing in such greatness and richness to the US shores, why is it that they can’t display the same in their own native nation, comes naturally. Their native nations do not have any richness that they are exporting to the US. If they should claim that the richness and greatness are innate in themselves and not in their native nation, then it is a very tall claim. Only utter nuts would believe such nonsensical claims.

See this claim that came as a comment to attack me on HuffingtonPost:

sstone74 March 24, 2012 at 2:40am

Lol! My French, German, Russian immigrant ancestors would laugh at your comments, along with my children’s Irish great-grandparents on their father’s side. I think my East Indian, African American, Jewish, and Asian friends, whose ancestors helped to build this nation, would agree with me.

MY COMMENT: See the mention of all nations that have nothing of greatness to mention putting claims on the greatness of US. Put all of them together anywhere without the English element and what would one get? The mess that is seen in so many Indian townships where a variety of language people live together without English.

The fact is that US is a great nation continuously being despoiled by immigrants. It is not that the immigrant people are bad. However, the immigrant people coming from feudal language nations do carry a lot of negative virus codes within them. They improve in English nations. Not because of something innate in them, but because of the great ambience provided for them by the native English speaking populations.

The actual fact is that anyone and everyone would improve in an English ambience. Even the servant in an ‘Indian’ household if relocated to the US would show remarkable personality development. However very rarely would an Indian maid get relocated to the US, unless taken as a servant by some other Indians.

The persons who get to relocate to the US are basically the rich and the very rich. The very people who despoil the majority of people in India with pejorative word codes. Wouldn’t they do it again in the US also? Well, the fact is that they would. However, the native-English speaking citizens of the US have no inkling of all these things. They are innately trained to seek the better side in people. Well, that is where the exact danger might lie in.

See this link to a story about an Indian maid who was taken to the US by Indian consulate officials and made to work as their housemaid. Once she was there, she somehow got the capacity to ask for her rights as a human being. I am sure that ultimately she got nothing. For, once back in India, the Indian courts would see her demands to dignity as a human being as a very laughable claims. An Indian maid servant has human rights? Well, the judges will laugh, and their wives and children would scream with derision. See my comment:

Google Search for: Is the ‘$1.5 Million Maid’ an Isolated Case?



I write from India. In India, housemaids have to sleep on the floor. They have separate toilets, which are ‘Indian’ and not the western. They can’t sit on a dining table to eat. They have to eat on the floor. They have to enter the house through the kitchen door. They have to dress shabbily to exhibit the difference between themselves and their master class.

Beyond all this, they are addressed with the pejorative part of the Indian feudal languages, while they have to consistently speak with the respectful part of the word codes about their master class.

The only housemaids who improved in India are those who were housemaids of the colonial folks in British-India before 1947. They learnt English and escaped the social suppression. Moreover in such household, even though they were treated as different, they could sit on chairs and eat from tables. Moreover, English has no feudal pejorative versus respect codes. So their personality also improved.

If a similar case has been filed in an Indian court, it would have been thrown out with everyone in the court, including the lawyers laughing their guts out.

These blacks and those blacks

In this regards, as far as the US is concerned, the Blacks who are the descendants of the erstwhile slave populations are better than the newly-immigrated people who come from feudal language nations. For, their native language is English and most of them do not have any live links to the remote interiors of feudal languages social systems. However the problem which they would face would be of a peculiar kind. They are black in skin colour and would seem to need to show empathy to other black-skinned people who barge in. However, the black skinned people who barge in are not having any similarity with them other than the thin veneer of skin colour.

The newcomers essentially are connected to remote nations and social system with vile negativity of feudal languages and other crude cultural inputs. However, since no one really understands what the ferocious negativity that infects these places is, the native US Blacks wouldn’t know how to distance themselves from the crudeness of these cultures. The very essential point to be made here is that the newcomers do come with a very ambivalent demeanour.

That is of extreme pleasantness and likeability when they need to appease, and a very dangerous kind of crudeness when they feel at home and understand that they cannot be removed. Moreover, the newcomers are not the poor and suppressed in their native nations, but rather the rich and the suppressors of others in their native land.

SEE this comment that came attacking my comment on HuffingtonPost

Chucky Sly June 17, 2012 at 6:46pm

I was born and raised outside the US. My family and friends are truly an international and astoundingly diverse group. For any single one of them to hold the views you stated in your original post would corrode the bond that we have, made stronger by our differences. You apply group think to ethnic groups without regard to their individuality (just one example: “native English-speaking Blacks of US bear a more superior heritage than the lady from East Europe.”).

Yeah, pseudo-intellectual claptrap. Eliminate these observations from your consciousness and free your mind.

MY COMMENT: My words seem to be supporting Black superiority over Whites here. However, the contents of my words are not connected to skin colour, but to the issue of exposure to English systems.

Non-tangible elements of niceness and deviltry

Here again, I need to emphasise that I am not speaking of individual goodness and badness, but of a more comprehensive issue. It is like the Chinese man who is quite nice and affable and of very attractive personal demeanour and attributes. However, he eats the meat of animals that have been killed in a persevering bout of torment.

When eating such animals which have been made to endure long period of extreme physical pain, he understands that it gives him more physical and mental qualities. Now, how does one judge this man? He is good, cultured, affable, and quite effusive in hospitality, helping, kind-hearted, well-read, a scholar in Chinese classics and much more. But then there is this inner streak in him that is connected to his native land savagery. Moreover, being well-read in Chinese classics is not similar to being well-read in English classics. For, the Chinese classics are classics in a very feudal language, powerfully promoting human inequality.

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