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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Spontaneous block to information


01. A widespread attempt to block an information

02. Controversy as a Marketing Tool

03. An information that can uproot social studies

04. The illumination from the English Source Codes

05. Being liked and being disliked


A widespread attempt to block an information

Now coming back to the conspiracy, I can only relate my own experiences when I do write about the feudal content of Asian and African languages. There is always a possibility that any new idea can be stark nonsense. However, the way to deal with it is not to delete it completely that no one sees it.

For example, when Sir. Isaac Newton brought in his theories on gravitation, it was greeted with ridicule and scorn by many persons, including men of science. The general comment was that Newton was introducing concepts from his pet Occultism into the realm of science (incidentally, Newton was more of an occultist than a scientist). The question that was asked was: ‘Where is the rope that pulls?’ The fact is that to this day, this ‘rope’ has not been found out or sensed or observed.

Newton was so distressed by the general attack on him and his ‘dubious’ theories, that he did not have the courage to publish his new mathematic discovery, on Differential Calculus. Later Leibnitz, the French mathematical genius came out with similar discoveries.

Now, my problem is that when I mention that there is feudal content in Asian, African and possibly in many other languages, which do have its repercussion on many aspects of the personality of the group of people who speak these languages, I find myself facing a certain kind of attack. Actually, it is not the kind of attack that one would call an attack.

An attack could mean a verbal debate on the website where I had written it, claiming that my ideas are stupid and not worthy of reading and such things. However, nothing of that takes place. Instead, my writings are simply deleted, and at times, my right to write is cancelled. Some sites send me a standard letter saying that I was indulging in ‘hate’ speech. Some people feel that I am White and call me a racist. However sooner than later, my writings simply vanish.

Even though I do not write profanity, expletives, call others idiots and such other things, many times I have been at the butt of such addressing. However, that should not pain me at all, for it more or less falls in line with my own predictions many years ago, when I had only a connection of imagination with the English world, that such things would have come into English conversation and debates as people from rude and feudal native languages barge into and swarm the English nations, and start using English with an abandonment of freedom which they are not innately used to, in their own nations.

I do answer very coherently and to the point, and refuse to enter into a contest of abusive words. This itself would make the others furious.

{Actually, this is also a feature of the feudal language nations, wherein a person seen as an inferior but acting with refinement, which he is not supposed to have, can ignite fury and hate. For example, a District Collector is behaving in a pose of extreme refinement and decency. It is seen as a great individual quality. Now, if his peon also does this, it can be seen as a competition from a lowly guy, who needs to be put down}.

Very soon my writings would selectively disappear and at other times, all mention of that debate would vanish. Now, this is really a very grave issue that the English world is facing. That of something gnawing at their vitals has entered their inside, and no mention about that is allowed.

My first experience of online bitterness towards my ideas was in However, there was an ambiance for detailed discussion, with a lot of participants. However, that site suddenly changed into an immigration-to-UK site and the debate forum was slowly removed.

My first experience of being attacked online for intellectual assertions was when I wrote on the Wikipedia on the Talk pages of a South Indian caste (Ezhava). I reached this page when I was seeking some information on Kerala castes. The Wikipedia page on this caste had a lot of fabricated inputs which were historically wrong. It was on a very visible attitude of increasing the caste membership by imputing that a certain other caste was a sub-caste of the Ezhava caste. What irked me was the self righteous attitude of the persons who were promoting this idea.

The moment I wrote a correction on this theme, there were a lot of acrimonious wordings in the page from various others who certainly got annoyed. My aim was not to annoy, but to correct the misleading ideas. Some persons starting vandalising my writings and putting terrible ideas into it, to give a guise that I was writing mean themes. There was a complaint about me, and the administrator there did ask me about my seeming mischief.

There were a few correspondences, in which I ultimately took time to explain the issue. The Administrator told me go ahead with my writings, without fear. However the correspondence was exhibited many years later by many others to show that I had done mischief on Wikipedia. Actually, I was not the person who did it and it was understood by the then Administrator. Yet, it is easy to show these correspondences to unheeding people and claim that I had done a misdemeanour. Not many persons care to read the text to the end.

I seem to be going off track from the focus of this subject matter. So I will wind up this part of the conversation by saying that there had been attacks on my writings from certain personnel in MSN India (Microsoft website), Wikipedia Indian Page Administrators (I am blocked from writing on Wikipedia), FaceBook (my account was closed without assigning any reason), Twitter Account was frozen, YahooIndia warned me that my account would be stopped and that they had the right to inform the law enforcement officials about me, Google + warned me that my account would be stopped. However, it is clear that someone had complained to Google and they had sent me a standard warning. Google was polite. Many others weren’t.







There was a time that my User name was pre-blocked in a certain websites even before I registered in there. I used to comment on the Huffington Post on various new stories. Most of my comments were not of the silly kind and did have an unusual level of profundity. Suddenly one fine morning, my complete posts were removed, and my profile page displayed a heading that this page has been removed.

Controversy as a Marketing Tool

Now, what is it that makes some of the personnel in these firms to act so viciously? Especially when I do not write profanity or use bad words or impute any bad suggestions on anyone or any group of persons. The actual fact is that in many debates I do face acutely abusive words, but I do not mind them. However, removing my comments and writings do point to a singular level of collective intellect that does not want certain ideas to be even discussed. No one wants a controversy to come up.

Actually, over the years I have understood that controversy is just a marketing tool. To destroy that marketing tool, the best way is to avoid any subject from becoming a controversy. However people think that some great intellectual propensity is provoking a controversy. The fact remains that it is only a very concerted and deliberately done marketing action. Even a mere mention by a media is a promotion.

This was very much seen by me when I filed a writ petition in the Kerala High Court against the compulsory imposition of Malayalam language on the students. It was a case that could have been debated and displayed as the handiwork of a crank. I had been told that the Chief Justice would throw out the petition without even taking care to even discuss it.

Yet, it was discussed and the writ admitted and number allotted. However, when the media men read the arguments that I had presented, they had the creeps. For, the arguments were quite powerful. Any mention about the Writ would be like planting a gigantic bomb on themselves. No one reported, other than some slight mention in some far-off district editions of two relatively small newspapers. Readers can see the arguments here.

Speaking about controversy again, there is this writing of mine: What is repulsive about Indians? More than a thousand Indians have read this article. Along with a small percentage of non-Indians. Only one man, a White man from South Africa spoke to me about it. He took up the stand that there was nothing repulsive about Indians, but then admitted that the language issue might be there. He also mentioned that the title of the article would be aimed at making it noticeable.

Well, the point is that more than a 1000 Indians did read it and notice it. Even persons who send me terrible expletives combined with profanity were asked by me to read this article. Well, the title is so terrible that it should have attracted a terrible criticism on me. However not even one person made an outcry or outburst. Why? If controversy should be generated on anything anti-Indian, then this was the apt thing. Why did not even one person take it to the court or make a case against me for degrading Indians? Or at least write a reply to the article.

Well, the fact it that such a controversy would have been simply marketing my article. Many persons would then come and read the article. Well, it could have created problems for those who spoke against it. A most effective stance to destroy my ideas is to ignore it. The very taking it up for criticism would give it life and energy. If it could be deleted, it would be the best attack.

This is the stuff of which huge scale marketing is composed. Political marketing is an art. Gandhi used it. Nehru used it. However, in these times, the field is full of players. It was not like those days when the field was quite vacant and the people quite coy and honest and believing.

An information that can uproot social studies

Now, what is the major theme that runs commonly in all these writings of mine? Well, all of them have a common platform that Indian/Asian/African and some other nation languages have the feudal codes of ‘respect’ versus ‘pejoratives’. From this basic area, a lot of other contentions come up. It is this theme that almost every ‘intellectual genius’ all around the world wants to prevent from being discussed.

It would have deep recuperations on most commonly held beliefs with regard to British Colonialism, Languages, Liberty, Freedom, Human dignity, Immigration to English nations, Business Process Off-shoring and many other themes. There is a huge crowd of persons who have entered the vital areas of every nation, including the English nations, who would literally shiver if they contemplate the possibility of these themes coming up for common discussions. The native English citizens stands dumb, stupid and totally gullible, in the hands of an immensity of other nations’ grand persons, all of whom hold certain common aims and ambitions, beneath the veneer of a very cunning affability.

My stand is neither here nor there. I do not intend to explain it here, but would now strive to carry on with the conversation that I aimed at pursuing. For I am losing focus on the area where I want to reach in this writing. The writing is essentially about the intractable problems of improving others.

The illumination from the English Source Codes

I will have to go through my own life incidences. It is not connected to me having any altruistic aims, but that my stance of inducing English wherever I went and stayed, did act as a sort of lightening up the place and the persons. Here again, I should say that it was not the case of being associated with a great man, for if one associates with great persons, certain positive codes and aura does seep into us. In my case, when I tried to induce English in a social or personal setting, the positive aura and codes that entered was not from me, but directly from the source codes of English.

Here again, there is another thing that I must put on record. It has been my own personal life experience that many people tried to keep me from using the positive codes of English. For, it was clear that it was giving me a more than allowable personal dignity and unfettering of non-tangible chains that should hold me in tight social positions. This has happened from even so-called relatives, who could sense that I was exhibiting a personality size that couldn’t fit into my shoes, so to say, when they allowed me to speak to them in English. For my required subordination would vanish, and there was no way to hold me back.

Being liked and being disliked

The problem quite frankly was not that I would speak cantankerously or was acting to be good, or bad, or would subdue others. However, what really irked them could be many things. Liking and disliking a person is not always connected to a person being good or bad. There is an immensity of factors that can make a person be liked or disliked. Looks, facial expressions, personal habits, words used in speech, tone, reactions, retorts, family position, social position, ability to subdue others with pejorative words, display of respect, companions, social group in which one moves and much else.

There is another very significant thing also. That of being in a social or professional position, which others don’t want him or her to be. This can even be inside the family hierarchy, or any other hierarchy. Persons who do not limit themselves in ways and manners to the position in which they are supposed to be in, can actively be disliked. And persons, who condone their own forced positioning, can be liked.

So in any social or familial competition, my being liked or disliked has no connection to me being good or bad, or my being the better side or worse. So, in the detailing I am going to give here, the reader need not take a mental picture of this writer being good or bad. All I am aiming to do is to try to decipher the codes and other finer issues that could be working in the relationships. So, it may said that even persons who have been quite inimical to me, and acted against me or tried to cause harm to me, were only the pawns in the study that were needed to lead me to understand the basic structure of the virtual codes that control human emotions.

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