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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

The barrage of blocks


01. HuffingtonPost

02. A digression to Face Book

03. Twitter

04. On the mental feel of omnipotence



I have had this blocking in many places. I have mentioned this already. On HuffingtonPost I had a very curious experience. I used a particular not-common web browser for no particular reason. I found that it was displaying a lot of links to various websites, mainly American. It was thus that I started reading HuffingtonPost. For the first time in my life, I started seeing the social standards of the American society. It was just as I had felt many years ago. The social scene was quite a dismal one, with no particular standard of refinement. It was as if the nation was inhabited by a lot of mutually acrimonious populations, each one of them at odds with the other.

I was provoked to make comments. Somehow my Username came to be established as Victoria Institutions. I wanted to change it to VED, but there was no provision for changing it. The signing in was through my FaceBook account.

A digression to Face Book

Now when speaking about FaceBook, there is this experience that I had. Some years ago, I took an account in Face Book after a series of invitations came into my mailbox. I really had no time for dillydallying in Face Book. For, all the time I had for computer and Internet was consumed by more serious activities. However, slowly I started getting letters from some people, who I do not remember having connected with in any form. There would be silly kind of comments and invitations.

I remember that there was someone in the US, who I later identified as a person of Kerala origin. I remember posting that it would be most unkind to speak in Malayalam in an English nation. For, the feudal language was sure to despoil the people and society there.

I wanted to change my User Name to VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS.

So I made a request to this effect. I was informed that this was not possible as it amounted to an infringement of some rules on FaceBook. I then gave a reply that this was the Penname that I used for my various writings. I gave the Google search link for finding my writings. At that time, I was very much involved in a series of writings in many websites, requesting an international help to the beleaguered Tamils of North Ceylon (North Sri Lanka) as they were being decimated indiscriminately. .

In fact on the nights when the senseless slaughter of civilian population was going on, I did find it hard to sleep. Some websites had banned my UserName and there were also some comments online by some Indian bosses that I was supporting terrorism and hence should be proceeded against. {I think that if the Tamils had surrounded the Sir Lankan population and indiscriminately fired at them, they could be termed as Terrorists. However, it was the Sri Lankan army that did this on the Tamil civilians, and still the term ‘terrorists’ is used on the North Ceylon Tamils!}.

I really do not know what really happened. I found that my Face Book account was closed. Without any explanation from their side. They only explanation was that they do not explain their actions. Well, I should take it as an insult. For, I joined the FaceBook after being besieged by a series of invitations that bombarded my email account. After accepting one such invitation and going there, to be kicked out without explanation as to what misdemeanour I had done was not a kind action. I do not know whether I should I take it lying down. Well, as of now, I have no other option other than to take it lying down.


It needs mention that both my accounts on Twitter have also been suspended. I was given the hint that it could be restored if I could apologise for some misdemeanour I was supposed to have done. Well, an apology to unknown silly entities who sit behind some screen who feel that they are anonymous and omnipotent is really not in my agenda. I had this letter from Yahoo India once that I was not anonymous and that if they wanted they could give my details to the Indian law enforcement authorities for the contents of my writings. Well, in these days, many people do feel that they are god, and like to play god. However, I should remark that playing god and thus acquiring an omnipotent mental feel is quite a dangerous one.

On the mental feel of omnipotence

Well, I should speak about this omnipotence. Before that I must insist that the contents of my writings are here in this book and also in the various other writings of mine, all of which are freely available on this website. If the Indian law enforcement authorities feel that they want to move against me, they can very well do it. However, I do not think that they will do such a thing. For, it would amount to giving my writings a lot of publicity, which I am sure they wouldn’t want to give. For, it would amount to helping my writings gain attention.

I was once sending a lot of letters on a one time basis to a lot of emails in Kerala and Karnataka. It was done through my own web server. It was connected to a business idea in which I needed a lot of participants from these states. The idea was quite good, if it could be made to come to fruition. In fact, it would have become a very powerful Internet based concept. Naturally, there were a lot acrimonious reactions to this. [However, what disturbed me on that occasion was a police enquiry that my children were not going to school. This was followed by some other departments also coming into the picture. A local ‘educationist’ who couldn’t write proper English had sent the complaint].

I experienced the real feel of power that the people who work behind the scenes on the Internet wield. Many email servers actively acted to block the emails. Many of my emails were made to go into SPAM folders. These were condonable actions. However, there were times when my emails were simply returned to another of my email account by on server, which was not mentioned in the email that I sent. I was quite surprised at the focused action that was taken on my emails by this server people.

Then there was this issue. I found a forwarding address posted right inside my own email settings. So that a copy of all the email answers that came to me would be forwarded to this address. What was quite intriguing was that this very email had sent me a letter making a business proposition. Now, how did this man get to enter into my email settings? Well, I can only say that he may have had a friend of his working in the Bangalore-based-server company that was hosting my website.

Suddenly I found that my emails had stopped moving. At first I couldn’t understand what had happened. I checked all my settings, and went through the various procedures. Nothing was wrong on my side. I then called the server company. I actually heard laughter from over there. As if they were expecting my call. I was told that I was sending a huge amount of emails from their server. They wanted me to use a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This would cost me another hefty amount. Well, what was quite impressive was that a small click on some box in their server settings, and my emails were completely blocked! That was the power that these demigods had on the Internet.

Over the years I have found that the people behind the scenes can intrude into a lot of things one does online. They can intercept what you sent online and what comes to you. There are the hackers as well as the Ethical hackers. Well, Indian ethical hackers could be quite dangerous. For, they wouldn’t stick to national security, but may spread their tentacles into the private affairs of people.

Hacking no? Well, hacking is a synonym of slashing. Well, if one Ethical hacker does anything like that to any private individual, well, it might be that individual’s prerogative to do a reverse hacking. Well, the moot point is that in India, the government folks are the most ill-mannered ones. That is the issues. They do not know where their rights end and a private individual’s rights begin. A reverse ethical hacking may set it right!

Incidentally, I feel that using Tor Bundle can give a great amount of Internet Privacy.

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