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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

The miserable Indian media


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02. Thraldom of the officialdom

03. An unnatural expansion of wealth

04. Sex slave trade in India

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06. Dealing with pygmies

07. Gandhi’s tool of self aggrandisement


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I think it would be good to come out of this theme now and continue with my topic, which is about the intractability connected to improving others. I was speaking about print and visual media, when I had to digress and go into so many other things including Wikipedia and America, and then to Indian culture.

Thraldom of the officialdom

Coming back to the topic of media, I need to emphasise that the Indian media is up-to no good. There is no meaning or good in going for character assassination or some other sensational thing. India does have three definitely terrible issues. One is the thraldom of the officialdom. They have corned the whole of national resources for their own betterment in terms of pay, pension, commutation of pension and many other things. 99.9% percentage of the local people does not know what all privileges have been cornered by the Indian officials. Ordinary people cannot even speak to them from a position of dignity. Interested readers can go into this writing for more inputs on this theme.

An unnatural expansion of wealth

The second is the issue of foreign-earners literally swallowing the remaining bit of the land and its resources. For their benefit, the national currency goes down. When this happens, no one dares to think about protecting the interests of the local man. The persons who earn from such nations as the US, UK, Middle East Gulf nations etc. literally become economic emperors in India. They rise above everyone and soon become global businessmen. The local people are told that it is a matter of great pride that Indian businessmen are taking over the world. Actually, they are rising themselves on the destitution of the rest of the population in this land.

Actually, there was once an effort to effectively tax the excessive expansion of wealth by means of the currency exchange difference. However, it was met with a very concerted opposition from the rich and powerful foreign-earning persons’ lobby. They frankly told the politicians that if such a scheme was even contemplated upon, they would be toppled from power. For these guys controlled the media also. They could very easily plant stories and ideas that can move the people away from these leaders and thus make them vanquished. Here again the media is not educating the realities of the reasons of their economic disabilities to the people.

Sex slave trade in India

The third terrible issue about India is that a huge number of females are being lured, tricked, and trapped into sex slavery in many city brothels. The local Indian police and administration are hand in glove with this nefarious practise. They get both the females as well as money for protecting this. The most famous of these sales centres is in Bombay, in Maharashtra. No media dares to take up an enduring fight for the liberation of the females who are literally locked up till they mentally breakdown to a level of accepting their fate.

Google Search: Girls undergo systematic rape and torture in brothels

When speaking thus about the Indian media, I should frankly think about the media in the English nations also. What is happening to them? They no longer cater to the rapidly diminishing native-English population. They are more bothered about the exponentially expanding population of non-English populations. So, they can increasingly be identified as having interests similar to the media in India.

In this page of, I wrote one comment. It was actually a powerful theme. It has vanished into the SEE MORE COMMENTS link. However, when I received some Likes, I did post a more powerful message. It was almost immediately deleted.

The first comment was

What has happened is sad. However, this incident has brought to light a frill issue with profound possibilities. It is that persons from feudal language nations are taking care of British Royalty. Can have severe negative issues in the long term.

MY COMMENT: It is a very dangerous situation when there are Trojan horses right inside English nations.

Dealing with pygmies

I remember the time when I met one particular journalist of the English newspaper that has its headquarters in Madras. This newspaper carries on a tirade against the Tamil population in North Sri Lanka, and literally celebrated the mass killing of the population there. I met him at the Kerala High Court’s media room. I told him of my writ petition against the compulsory imposition of Malayalam language on all students. He seemed to take it too personally for I did not show too much of an obsequious posture to him.

I spoke to him in English, which he seemed to take as an affront. He did not put any word about my endeavour in the newspaper. When I mentioned about this to an advocate, he was of the opinion that I should have addressed him as a Saar. Then he would have given my venture a powerful media boost. That was quite a funny idea, for me to be obsequious to a low grade personnel of a newspaper which was as it was increasingly becoming a mediocre version of what it had been years earlier. I had been an avid reader of this newspaper from my age 10. The persons who ran this newspaper were real giants in English literary knowledge and disposition. Now a lot of pygmies had taken it over. A pity.

Gandhi’s tool of self aggrandisement

As to the media boost, well, it is a very powerful ingredient. One can imagine the astronomical amount of monetary value a positive exposure in the media has. What amount Gandhi must have spent to bring in media focus on his shifty stands cannot be known as of now. However, the Congress led Government of India did spend 10 Million dollars from its own funds for the making of the film Gandhi. This film literally made Gandhi an international figure head. For what achievement? Gandhi looks like a divinity. Newsweek’s, columnist literally swallowed the propaganda, line, hook and sinker. He was to write: ‘Gandhi (film) is an experience that will change many minds and hearts’.

The poor people of this land to whom he displayed his tomfoolery still carry the despoiled looks. Their minds and hearts have not changed with Gandhi ideas. Many people make money as bureaucrats and have their children escape from the thraldom of Gandhi ideas. After reaching the safety of English nations, they make proclamations about the greatness of Gandhi. To continue to fool the people stuck here. They know that they wouldn’t have to come back.

Speaking about the greatness of Gandhi, I am yet to find one single thing of his that can compete with a six months training under British systems. As to his contributions, I think I need to illustrate one such scheme here. Read this: Gandhi and his Ji

I have heard it said that he went round British-India in a train to understand the nation. I do not know a person can understand India by going round in a train. May be if he has some capacity of observation and knows what to seek for, maybe he would gather some information. Other than that the real ‘understandings’ would be quite superficial. It is like going to Kerala and exclaiming that the place is beautiful. However, to know the reality of why in this beautiful place, people live a very disconnected and socially controlled life, one has to really stay there for some time and detect the problems in their communication software.

Gandhi naturally found the nation quite un-developed as anyone else would. Now this un-development can be at two different levels. One is that of social quality and the other of technological infrastructure. What should concern an observer more is the social quality of underdevelopment. Technological development is really a superimposition as far as nations like India are concerned. It is like only a few people only using tooth paste and brush many years ago, and now most of the people are using it. It is a thing brought in by Colgate Company. They would do it anywhere and everywhere they can create a market.

The change that the British rule created in India was of very magnificent one in terms of quality, but quite miniscule in quantity. For, they were literally raising a nation from the very depth of a canyon. What they did create was of superb quality. This superb quality could have spread to others and to the total landscape within a matter of fifty more years. However, right at the critical moment, the Atlee the buffoon came to power in Britain.

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