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Where Muslims deviate from pristine Islam


01. Halal killing and Islam

02. Islam afflicted with feudal language codes


Halal killing and Islam

Judging and evaluating people from cruder cultures need to go into these aspects. When such persons enter into English nations, they slowly become part of the sovereignty, due to the rank stupidity of the modern Collective Wisdom of English nations. Once this happens, then their native-land savagery also enters into the English homeland and takes a foothold there.

A very powerful example is the allowing of Halal meat in England. It is a custom that goes against the very heart of English culture and heritage. However, it has been allowed in the name of tolerance. How can English tolerate such things? English and Englishmen who stood as an unbending force against many evil all around the world have simply surrendered to such evilness when it came inside their own homeland shores. Halal killing is not Islamic, but just the corruption encrypted into pristine Islam by the crude Arabs who encrypted all their native-land terrors into Islam by means of the Hadeez.

There is this incident that I can relate. I used to go the chicken stall and ask that the killing of the chicken should be done in a very fast manner. That is by immediate decapitation. However, most chicken stall butchers are Muslims and they do not oblige. However there was one stall where the owner was a Hindu and his assistant a Muslim. Both of them would do as I requested. The issue here was the other manner of killing was quite a prolonged process.

The butcher would just make a small incision in the neck area into the jugular vein. The animal would undergo a very long period to die. It would go on beating its limbs. I was told by one Muslim lady that according to their faith, the animal should beat its limbs and die violently in a slow process. It was to allow the frightened animal’s heart to pump out all the blood. Actually it is not a part of any Quran tenet, but something possibly inserted into the Islamic faith due to the customary fears of the Arabs that if the blood is not fully pumped out, they would catch some disease.

The theme can be extended to this: A particular alien population invaded the earth. They eat all kinds of earthly animals, including human beings. They have two different religious groups among them. One is akin to the Muslims, in that they believe that any animal they have to eat has to be killed in a very slow ritualistic manner. The other group kills the animals as well as the human being in a very fast and humane manner.

Now what would be the condition of the human beings who are caught by the aliens? They would literally pray that they have been captured by the second group. For, death in the hands of the first group would be an unendurable physical torture. Moreover they would have to see their kinfolks all screaming in pain, begging for death, bereft of all human dignity.

One day when I went to my regular chicken shop, it was closed. In this shop, as per my request, the Chickens’ neck is chopped off. So, that death is more or less immediate. The man (a Muslim) in the next door chicken shop assured me that he would kill the chicken by immediate decapitation. On this assurance, I paid the money for the chicken. However, I heard a very enduring length of trembling and beating of limbs in the plastic vessel he had placed the dying chicken. I insisted that I should see what he had done. He assured me that he had done as I had insisted, and put his hands inside the bucket. I saw him tearing out the head from the chicken’s neck from where it had not been be cut off.

Now, everyone and every living being die. However, it is not condonable that one should inflict unnecessary pain on a living being. The confounding part of the event was that this man was a Muslim. He lied and inflicted pain on the chicken beyond what was necessary. He was doing as per the dictates of his faith. However, it is doubtful if the real Islam connected to Prophet Muhammad has anything to do with this man’s faith. Prophet Muhammad was reputed to be the Truthful. And he was a man of tremendous peace and compassion. In fact, all of the 114 chapters of the holy Qur’an with one exception begin with the words, ‘In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate!’

Currently Islam is identified with the Muslim antipathy for dogs, pigs, violent reactions to anything said against the Prophet or Islam, Slave trade, fabulous luxury of the Middle East, Feudal social setups in the Asian nations and a penchant for feudal languages. The actual fact is that the Holy Qur’an, pristine Islam and Prophet Muhammad were and are not the Standard (flag) bearers of all these nonsense.

It is a pity that such a noble religious faith has come to be held hostage by the majority un-literate and superstitious peoples of the world. Actually Islam and Prophet Muhammad are much above the mental calibre of most persons who claim to be Islam and Islamic scholars. In fact, much of pristine Islam can be mentioned to be similar to modern English social systems. The most formidable part of this idea is in the social egalitarianism mentioned and stressed in Islam and exemplified by the life and deeds of Prophet Muhammad. It is doubtful if any Muslim with such egalitarian social concepts is there in any feudal language Asian or African nation.

Islam afflicted with feudal language codes

I need to relate a story I heard from a Muslim man in a nearby town. He was speaking of a Muslim feudal lord in a nearby village/small town, some fifty years back. This man was in possession of thousands of acres of land. In fact, the plucking of coconuts in his land was a continuous and around the year process. For, by the time the coconut plucking in a particular stretch of land was over, it would be time to start again from the beginning of that stretch of land. Lots of serfs lived on his land. He was the uncrowned king of the area. The time period was around the 1960s.

He was feared and respected by everyone in the areas nearby. He was addressed by the people with a Sahib suffixed to his name. To persons who were willing to show their obeisance to him, he was the benevolent divinity. However, to persons who dared to question his divine pose, he was a dangerous beast. When he came into the presence of others, they all would get up from their seats to bestow their ‘respect’ to him.

One day morning the Sahib came to the local small-town street. At that time, there were only a few shops there. Everyone got up on seeing him and stood in a pose of respectful homage. He would be nice to them, speak to them and move on. However, on that particular day, there was a new person who did not rise up. He was also obviously a Muslim. That man’s attitude was obviously Islamic. As per pristine Islam, all men are equal. Even Prophet Muhammad admonished the people who rose up when he entered the mosque in Medina.

Now, just as ‘respect’ is contagious, non-respect is also an infectious social habit. The Sahib noticed the man who had remained seated. After doing a cursory talk with others, he moved to the seated man and talked to him. It was seen that he was quite affable to the man who had done the misdemeanour. The people were quite surprised that he was taking the affront in the stride. The two of them then spoke for some time and then started moving away from the town in a pose of comradeship. The people were obviously quite surprised.

Later it was heard that this man had become a close companion of the lord and was actually seen travelling with him in his car. It was really an unbelievable thing to happen. They heard that this man was now a regular visitor to the Sahib’s house and was eating with him. Then came the grandiose news that the two of them had become business partners in timber trade. The new man had invested his whole savings in the business. The Sahib had also invested a lot of money. The people spoke of these things with a tinge of disbelief. For they knew that the Sahib really had a side which was similar to the strike of the rattlesnake after it had lured a deluded prey to its proximity.

Then came the more stunning news. All the timber had washed away in the torrential waters in the river (at Kallai) in Calicut. The other man had become penniless. The man who told me this story simply said thus: ‘From that day onwards, when the Sahib came to the town, this was the man who would stand up first. And that too in a pose of unmitigated servitude. He was penniless. His pose and words of equality would be pulled down by others who would bring him to their lower station levels’.

In many ways, this story is an unravelling of the feudal language mindset. It is an insight on the way persons in power would plan meticulously to pull down people who do not show adequate ‘respect’ to them. They would be made to lick the dirt. However, the technique used can be quite long drawn like this, or can even be quite quick and powerful physical disablement. As to the people who saw the way the Sahib crushed a person who had not shown adequate ‘respect’, it was a very effective lesson and a pointer of what would happen to those who stood outside the routes of the flow of ‘respect’ and command.

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