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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Dangers of non-cordoned democracy


01. Digression to Indian officialdom

02. A false pose of independence

03. An expansion of the human brain

04. What is prompting the belligerence?

05. Where Wikipedia became a knave

06. What causes the Insomnia

07. At Wikinews

08. Profanities on Wikipedia

09. DIGRESSION: Mother India


Wikipedia faces the prospect of going democratic. Going democratic is a very dangerous thing. In ancient Greek, it was considered that any citizen was of equal calibre and standards to rule the state. Well, that is true, to the extent that the person should be one from inside the social system. So, outsiders and slaves were excluded from this democracy. So, at times persons to administer were chosen on the basis of lots.

Democracy is good to the extent that it limits its members to a definite and per-definable group. For example, if a head of the British House of Lords has to be selected to run the show, any member can be selected by lots or by votes. The selected person invariably would function as per the parameters set by antiquity, traditions, conventions and collective wisdom of the British Nobility.

In the same manner, democracy can be extended to include different sections of people. For example, actually a person from inside the British society, who is part of the antiquity, traditions and conventions, can be selected by lots or by votes. He would function along with the others within the parameters set by the totality of national conventions, traditions as well as British Collective Wisdom.

However, if the same leader is selected by votes or lots from among a section of population that includes people from various other nations, connected to their traditions, conventions, social codes as well as their native Collective Wisdom, then this democracy is a very dangerous thing. It then, is not a machinery for national progress, promotion and protection, but for national debacle, disaster and disintegration.

This is where Wikipedia has currently arrived. It has made itself run on democracy that has run amok. People who should never be allowed to take charge of any management in any institution of quality, other than menial work, have been entrusted with policy enforcement.

It is like allowing the Indian police constables to handle issues of refinement. They will desecrate the place, and despoil the persons. For, they are the carriers of feudal pejorative codes. Their very presence as well as words can cause derangement of quality and systems. Yet, an Indian police constable posted as a District Superintendent of Police might even seem to be more effective in the short run. But in the long run, the system would falter. [I must concede that in current day India, there is not much difference between the cultural standards that a constable and an IPS officer can bring in. Both are from the same feudal language codes and software.

Digression to Indian officialdom

Actually this is the tragedy that has befallen Indian statutory institutions, created by the English. For example, just imagine a BPO Call Centre in Bombay. Suddenly, the government decides that the security staffs are to be entrusted to do the work. They would be given training in speaking English and they can do the work. They will answer question and do everything like the earlier English speaking quality crowd. Only the customers in English nations would suffer. Yet, if recession is going to hit them more, they will have to bear the trauma. The ambience in the Call Centre would have changed. That is what has happened in almost all Indian government organisations. People who have the mental and physical demeanour of peons and clerks are officers. They enjoy the situation. However, it is the people who suffer, from having to deal with extremely feudal type of officials inside.

A false pose of independence

Wikipedia does not accept or display advertisement. Nor sponsorship. The quaint reason given for that is that it wants to maintain its independence and impartiality. However, it is a false hope and doomed expectation. For, Wikipedia cannot be impartial. If the writings are done by any person from any Third World nation and such feudal-language nation like Japan, China, Pakistan, India etc. what comes out is extremely partial and lopsided inputs.

For, persons who think in feudal languages can seldom be impartial. Their mind and thinking process is connected to powerful strings that pull and push them and their logic to extremely slanted positions. When an ‘Indian’ writes, his writings invariably display the powerful indicant word loyalties that need to be encrypted in the writing. See this sample. No links or description of a contrary version is allowed. The writings are totally like a pre-programmed robot writing text.

If a Kerala communist sympathiser writes about his leader, what comes out is a fan version. See this article and the talk page therein.

If a particular caste people write, then again it is a writing full of accolades about the caste. All local political and leadership pulls and pushes, as well as sly colloquial strategies would be encrypted into them.

So the attempt of Wikipedia to arrive at a democratic knowledge base would ultimately reach them to the utter base standards of the academicians of the third world and feudal language nations.

An expansion of the human brain

Wikipedia is a wonderful concept. It has improved the human intelligence much by allowing human mind to connect to an immensity of information. In fact, Internet has become a part of human brain. For, when I use my mind for many things, I do connect my mind with the Internet. The Internet sort of becomes an external hard disc of my mind. In this external hard disc, the Wikipedia is a very powerful component, remaining as a very powerful repository of information that enters there from many other human hard discs. However, the problem is that many of these connecting human hard discs are actually harbingers of virus programs.

This is where Wikipedia should post its intelligent attention. Otherwise, Wikipedia shall become the playground of the shallow intellect academicians of the feudal language nations. They are the people who live lavishly on unearned income. For, the statutory rules in their nations have been rewritten by them to corner almost all national resources for themselves. And they stand protected on the higher indicant word codes of their national feudal languages. No man can argue with them. An involuntary response of ‘idiot’ would come out towards all those who dare to take a perspective different from theirs. Read FENCE eating the crops

What is prompting the belligerence?

See all these comments and attacks. Why is such an attitude repeating everywhere? Well, to answer that, see the words on Scientific America, I had afore mentioned. If I had simply written something that rhymes with the general mood of the writings, then there would only be positive comments. In the same manner, if I had written things that are in sync with the general direction of the spirit of the writers on Wikipedia India pages, no one would have minded, no one would have complained that I was promoting my ‘blog’ page, or advertising myself, or anything else.

See this query I put on the Talk Page of South Africa. {After the initial attempts on Wikipedia, I refrained from touching the Main Article on any subject. However, that was also an accusation that was directed at me. That I was not writing anything on the Main Article page}.

QUOTE: (Refer to the Digital version of this book to get the link to the Wikipedia page) Quality of the languages

I am asking about a theme that is very rarely done in intellectual talks? The Question is : Are South African native dialects having feudal features? It is a very significant question, in that if such a feature is there in the native languages, quality depreciation and distress can be caused to the people who are affected by it. Especially those who are not used to being addressed in the pejoratives.

This is a thing that comes outside the parameters of English, and most European languages. To know more about this, there are many contents available on the Internet. I am giving a link to a particular link of mine own here. If anyone of the editors here may go through it, they would understand what I am talking about. Download RightClick&SaveAs --Ved from Victoria Institutions (talk) 05:16, 6 December 2011 (UTC)

As fascinating as this as this sounds I don't see how this is relevant to the improvement of this article. Still let me read this... --User:DiscipleOfKnowledge (talk) 00:49, 1 January 2012 (UTC)


Now see this. This is the note given for deleting. Deleting is correct, but then the accusation and linking to a very biased comment about my intentions is a very vile thing to do. There is no aim to promote myself, but to confront the page writers with a very powerful reality that was not being discussed.

QUOTE: I have removed this section as it is a violation of WP:NOTEFORUM complete with a spam link (see comments at User talk: Ved036 and at ANI 2009). The removed section is visible in this permalink. Johnuniq (talk) 09:43, 12 February 2012 (UTC) END OF QUOTE

The problem was that this was pointing to a complaint against me:

What was it that I had written on the Talk: Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Page: Only this, that the word 'terrorist' should not be used on one side, when a fight is going on between two sides. Wikipedia has no need to take sides. Especially the wrong side, when terrorism was done by the Sri Lankan army:

Refer to digital version of this book for clear text of the above images.

Was I talking nonsense? I posed a similar query in another website and got the answer, which was quite in line with my apprehension.

Where Wikipedia became a knave

It is here that I need to speak about a very terrible cheating done on British national heritage by some Wikipedia contributors. It is about the posting of photographic copies of paintings that are in the National Portrait Gallery, London on Wikipedia pages and giving them Public Domain status. It is a very powerful issue and the nonchalance of the US-based Wikipedia is quite evident. See this:

The legal point that I see is thus: Only the photographic copies of paintings that have lost their copyright have been thus used. So, naturally there is no copyright over these painting and anyone can use it. That much is allowable and no one can attack that claim.

However, there is the issue of where did one get the photographic images from? In this age of digital copying, there is only one way to encode a digital right over anything. That is to define a parameter of Rights of Use on the Users. For, copying can be done spontaneously with the least of labour and actually millions of copies can be made with the least of physical labour.

Many of the current day laws have to be adjusted and updated to correspond with this new age digital power. Laws should not be like the Acts Indian Parliament makes. The majority of the people in the Indian Parliament do not know much about anything. However, they are diligently making rules on issues wherein they are mere novices.

The photographic copies of the images in the National Portrait Gallery, London was kept in the web server of the Gallery. It can be accessed through the Internet. However, the persons who access these photographs are allowed access only through the acceptance of certain binding rights and limitations of usage. It does not include a right to post them elsewhere on the website for free download or viewing.

Actually every right that any person has on anything are connected to terms and conditions, which are generally in a written form. For instance, I have seen many people come to my house and ponder over old land documents, going through each and every word to find out how much right they have over, what part of a property. This document is not physically connected to the property in question. It is a piece of paper, which is in a land registry office. Similarly the items placed on the website of National Portrait Gallery is also having certain possession rights which are written in a separate area. It is by admitting to the powers of these encoded rights that modern civilised life can continue.

Now the issue can be properly understood from this allegory: One man has made a lot of photocopies of paintings. All of the paintings have lost their copyright status. He keeps the photocopies in his room. People can come and see them, study them and even make writings about them. However, they are not allowed to take them away. This rule is enforced through the help of proper security men posted all around the place.

However some group of people breach the security at night, when no security men are on prowl. They break open the door and scoot off with one set of photocopies. Now they are in possession of photocopies which have no legal copyright status. However, what about the illegal entry, breaking in and scooting off with that man’s property? This is the issue that I see with regard to the totally self-centred attitude of Wikipedia. It cannot take up others property and say that it is distributing it to the poor. Moreover, in reality, the users of Wikipedia are not the ‘poor’ in any sense of that word.

In reality, I find that America is going on a route of becoming a nation with lesser and lesser links to the quality of its Founding Fathers. The Constitution of US written by the Founding Fathers were fit for people who came from an English nation. However, imagine it being made the Constitution of India. Will it suit or be able to survive the frill requirements of Indian Culture?

Now, this context brings me to two different themes for discussion. One is about the so-called Greatness of America. The second is What is Indian Culture? (Chapter 48 of this book)

What causes the Insomnia

Before going into that, let me finish my writings on my Wikipedian Experiences. There was a general attitude of distaste and concern that my ideas would get readers attention. This can be more understood as more attention on me. However, the straight fact is that they are imagining that I am like them. I am not like them in any sense. Neither intellectually, personality-wise, in financial acumen, profession, professional qualifications nor in moral standards.

In many of the items mentioned, actually I would stand far below them. However, I have no position of competing with them. I do not compete with them nor would I compete with them. Even drinking I do not do with others, unless I feel quite at home with them. I rarely feel quite at home with many persons who are habitual drinkers. So, generally I end up not drinking. It does not mean that I am a better person than them. I do not have any such claims. However, I should state categorically that I am not like them, and they cannot measure my intentions through their own intentions.

If at all my writings were getting exposure through Wikipedia, it is only human knowledge that is being disseminated. May be not peer explored knowledge. But then these so-called peers especially from nations like India do not come up anywhere in innate knowledge. Actually, I have come across people in India who do not posses any qualifications, but have a treasury of celestial information right inside them.

So, I do not want to be peer tested or peer evaluated.

I am not forcing others to come and read my books. I am only informing them of a possible repository of un-discussed information. It is their prerogative to read or not. However, the loss of sleep that catches hold of the Indian constables on Wikipedia is not an altruistic attitude. It is rank blocking of information to others.

There are an immensity of information that is forcibly been inserted into the heads of people. For example, my own children who were quite busy with an immensity of work, training programmes and self-studies, and physical trainings were forcefully made to join low-class village schools where the teachers themselves were below many levels of intellectual standards.

If my posting a link to my free writings, in my own Profile Pages on Wikipedia is a breach of Wikipedia security and an infringement of Wikipedia rules, well then what about this forced teaching that was imposed on my children. They lost many years of time and were made to observe and take part in low standard, personality depreciating training programmes? Well, I have not complaints in that regard. For, I deem it their fate. As to the Wikipedian Indian Page administrators’ habit of casting aspirations upon me, there also I have no means to defend myself. It doesn’t really matter. For, Wikipedia was not the place where I tried to post a link to my writings. My aim on Wikipedia was just to correct utter nonsensical information.

At Wikinews

I had quite another experience with WikiNews. Once I found a particular news about an incident in London. I wanted to input an information which emerged from my understandings on feudal languages, which I felt had some relevance there. However I found that I couldn’t log in with my own Wikipedia Username: VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS. So, I made another Username Ved Victoria Institutions. After posting there, I went to my own TalkPage and gave my profile information with links to my own Writings Pages. This I usually do on all website where I do postings, if I have time. Within one day, I saw a very funny comment from someone who claimed that he was deleting my TalkPages, for it amounted to advertising. {TalkPages are visited only by persons who take a particular interest in the contributor}. He made another comment about my books or writings as ‘Self Publishing’.

Well, giving a links to my writings does not seem to be advertising, but only giving vital route to more information. If that be the case, teaching me Physics and Chemistry compulsorily could be deemed as some type of advertising of the peers in these subjects. For, it is simply given leadership to such peers.

These are some of the profanities that came up against me. It may be noted that on these pages, none of the writings are mine. Some persons write some provocative pieces so that in a very perfunctory looks, it seems that I am writing such things.

Moreover, there is another discussion going on between a non-Indian Administrator (Natalie)and I. If one goes through the previous/latter versions of this User Page, it can be seen that she understands my point. However, it is quite clear that she has no idea about the profanity that is being posted on the page. However, the same cannot be said about the Indian administrators. In fact, the spirit that spurred some to write profanity against me and some administrators to block me from Wikipedia is the same. That they cannot bear ideas that are not liked by them.

A digression

Actually teaching so many academic subjects compulsorily to students is actually aimed at promoting the peers in those subjects. This force feeding is not aimed at the interest of the student, but on the aggrandisement of the academic leaders in those subjects.

In my case, it was not an issue of advertising, but giving links to information that does not crop up elsewhere. I was not taking a cost for the reading. Very rarely were there any ads on the writings page. Nor was there any compulsion that anyone should necessarily read my writings. I naturally cannot enact a statutory Right to Compulsory Reading of my Writings Act.

Beyond all that, there was the funny comment about Self Publishing. Well, that is a fact, for I do not generally relish the idea of Indian publishers publishing my books. However, twice I have sent my books to two publishers when I thought that I could earn some much needed cash. But to no avail.

I do not think that self publishing is a crime and that some funny guy on the Wikipedia should take it up for rattling me. Even though VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is not legally owned by me, I would very much like to publish my works under that brand name. Whether it looks like self publishing or not.

As to why that guy on WikiNews felt a rankling jealously for my self-publishing, I can only say that it has been my general experience with mediocre crowd. This was not the first time.

Profanities on Wikipedia

These are some of the profanities that came up against me. It may be noted that on these pages, none of the writings are mine. Some persons write some provocative pieces so that in a very perfunctory look, it seems that I am writing such things. Moreover, there is another discussion going on between a non-Indian Administrator (Natalie) and me. If one goes through the previous / latter versions of this User Page, it can be seen that she understands my point. However, it is quite clear that she has no idea about the profanity that is being posted on the page. However, the same cannot be said about the Indian administrators. In fact, the spirit that spurred some persons to write profanity against me and that of some administrators to block me from Wikipedia is the same. That they cannot bear ideas that are not in tune with what they want others to believe.

Profanities on Wikipedia

Profanity no. 1:

QUOTE: tothayoli.....vediente amma and pengal both are ready for kuth....if anyone imterested pls contact him 18:08, 17 June 2007 (UTC) END OF QUOTE

Profanity no. 2:

QUOTE: polayaddi mone ninte ammeym and penagalm poyi pannada thayoli. onte oru comment

Profanity no. 3:


we wont sit idle, its a sensitive issue . u r playing with ur life....


These are some of the profanities that came up against me. It may be noted that on these pages, none of the writings are mine. Some persons write some provocative pieces so that in a very perfunctory look, it seems that I am writing such things. Moreover, there is another discussion going on between a non-Indian Administrator (Natalie) and me. If one goes through the previous / latter versions of this User Page, it can be seen that she understands my point. However, it is quite clear that she has no idea about the profanity that is being posted on the page. However, the same cannot be said about the Indian administrators. In fact, the spirit that spurred some persons to write profanity against me and that of some administrators to block me from Wikipedia is the same. That they cannot bear ideas that are not in tune with what they want others to believe.


I find it funny that the Wikipedia page on Mother India by Katherine Mayo has been deleted. This book, which I have not read, has been acclaimed as a real portrayal of nationalistic India, which befools its own citizens. A page on Katherine Mayo on Wikipedia describes this book as notorious, even though it was in my childhood considered as a very ‘famous’ book. I wonder what level of rights has been given to Indian administrators on Wikipedia, in their endeavour to block all information of their misdeeds and looting of the nation. There is no difference between them and Gandhi who wrote thus about this book:

QUOTED from Wikipedia: This book is cleverly and powerfully written. The carefully chosen quotations give it the false appearance of a truthful book. But the impression it leaves on my mind, is that it is the report of a drain inspector sent out with the one purpose of opening and examining the drains of the country to be reported upon, or to give a graphic description of the stench exuded by the opened drains. If Miss. Mayo had confessed that she had come to India merely to open out and examine the drains of India, there would perhaps be little to complain about her compilation. But she declared her abominable and patently wrong conclusion with a certain amount of triumph: ‘the drains are India’.

An impassionate observer can sense the quality of Gandhi as he tries to define Katherine Mayo as a drain inspector. These types of usages are used in India to socially atrophy other persons whom one doesn’t like. The idea is to associate the other person with toilets. What Gandhi has strived to do is to bring in the nearest term possible to that of Toilet Cleaner, which is a term quite part of the local social mentality to those one views with contempt. Now, this emotion of Gandhi should be converted to any ‘Indian’ vernacular and see what would be the stature of Katherine Mayo in the hands of such persons as Gandhi. The She, Her, Hers etc. would literally go down to the stinking dirt level. Without understanding all these things about the innate disposition of Gandhi, one should not go around parroting his greatness.

NOTE DT. September 2016: The page is visible again.

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