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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Routes to quality enhancement


01. Another stumbling block

02. The fear and the elevation


I wonder what the terrible inferiority complex that gnaws at the current-day rulers and historians here is that they want to use false claims to subside it. By family links, I was born in a lower caste. However, I am able to come out of any such inferiority complex by simply attaching myself to pristine English. I have found that my children’s intellectual capacities can be enhanced by pristine English. And not by any allusion to their ancient ‘Indian’ links. In fact any suggestion connecting them to their traditional links can only bring in erasing of their mental acumen.

I do not think speaking about Harappan culture in present-day Pakistan, Vedic Culture near to River Indus also in Pakistan, King Ashoka near to present-day Bihar, Chola king Karikala in present day Tamilnadu, Slave dynasty sultans near to present-day Delhi, and Mogul King Akbar has anything to connect with their personality. I would suggest that all the lower section of this nation can improve themselves by throwing off the cloak of inferiority given to them by their Indian master class.

To improve themselves, there is no need for such false divinities. All they need is to throw off these cunning master classes, who speak false histories to befool them more. Looking backwards, for the majority people here, is just to identify themselves with a population that had been enslaved by the master class here. What needs to be done is to be open about this negative feature in one’s past history, and have the daring to speak against it.

Not to condone it or to sympathise with it. Or to be drawn into false patriotic prides connected to fallacious history. None of these ancient kings or other great people did give dignity or stature to the common man here. Nor did the great thinkers and others person with immense knowledge in various sciences give their information and knowledge to others, other than to their most favourite disciple.

Another stumbling block

One of the greatest blocks to improving the lower classes is the lower classes themselves. They are holding on to each other’s lowliness as a mental security. A slight improvement in one among them can create deep feelings of insecurity in them. If one among them or his children are known to be learning English, it can really grip them in deep feelings of being overwhelmed. For, it is quite understandable that if a child learns English, he or she will go beyond the grip of feudal language corridors and be able to communicate with the upper classes as one of their own. This in effect would mean the rapid erosion of one’s own level in comparison to this young man.

However, there is more tragic side to this feeling of insecurity. It is like the case of a wife of a man improving and being able to move around with the upper classes. The husband would rightfully feel that his wife has trampled upon him and risen above his levels. Many lower class parents do have an innate fear that if their children learn English, they would develop beyond their levels of servitude to them.

For, the lower level man has only his children under him to whom he can use powerful lower indicant words from a position of command and domination. These children then become sort of props for his leadership. If they improve, it is clear that these props are vanishing from their location of support.

These parent find the easiest solace in the words of their social leaders that their children need not be taught be English. It is indeed a Catch 22 situation!

Apart from all this, there is quite funny comment that came online regarding my intellectual stances:

QUOTE: And well, every country has skanks like him, who are badly inflicted with Stockholm syndrome, with extreme loyalty to their captors, and some even take offence in achieving freedom. END OF QUOTE

Before commenting on this comment, I need to quote from a letter sent to me by one reader of mine. He was reacting to the above comment:

QUOTE: I am least worried of your critics, but I am extremely scared and worried about the victims of socio-cultural and linguistic apartheid who think that the English language is for “show offs” and dandies. That is a really worrying attitude. Your critics are basically attacking out of sheer FEAR that their monopolist days are numbered. They can sense that their game’s almost up and they are losing sleep due to sheer paranoia.

I enjoy it when such guys lose their sleep. But I am extremely worried about the attitude of the victims who are unwittingly digging their own grave due to their “false consciousness” (Marxist terminology) and “Stockholm Syndrome” (term used by psychiatrists). It is always the victims’ own “false consciousness” and ignorance which crooks and exploiters use against the victims themselves. That is always far more dangerous than any other strategy of exploiters. END OF QUOTE

The commenter who defined my stance as Stockholm Syndrome actually doesn’t know the context of that term. Beyond that it is a false belief that the Stockholm Syndrome is always a mentally ill condition. It can even be a correct reaction to a clearer perception of social realities. However, in India and with regard to my stances, there is no link to this Syndrome.

However there is this to be mentioned. Currently in India only 5% of the population do know English. The others have been effectively barred from gaining this language knowledge. Almost 99.9% of those who know English speak that it is not good to teach English to the rest of the population. That is their side, amply explained in the just above quote. However, what about the 95% who do not know English. Well, they are indoctrinated enough to come out with such words as ‘English is a foreign language. We do not want to study it. Throw out English into the Arabian Sea!’.

The tragedy is that no one wants to teach them English, while they themselves are deluded to declaim, their dislike for English. What could one name this ‘Syndrome’ other than as the effect of ‘loinclothism‘?

Loinclothism is a social phenomenon in feudal language nations. However, I have picked out the name from the sly stances of Gandhi as he set to make use of this social idea for his self-aggrandisement. It is basically like this. A person is seen to be aspiring to improve beyond his traditional social or professional level. He might improve in his dressing standards, language skills and much else. There is a social need to thwart this ambition, which would be seen as a threat to the others who are above him. Seek out the negative and the tragic sides of his personal attributes. Then inform him or even indoctrinate him that these are great things in him. There is no need to change or discard them.

When Gandhi went around proclaiming the greatness of the ‘Indian’ loincloth, it was basically a very powerful enactment of this diabolic ‘Indian’ social mindset. In Malayalam, this mindset can be roughly translated as ‘Konaanism’.

The fear and the elevation

I find it quite funny that most of the current day elevated persons in India do not want do discuss their real antiquity. Everyone is striving to showcase false histories. For example, if the word Sudra is mentioned, many modern Indian castes members including the Nairs of Kerala would go homicidal. One can’t mention a lower caste person’s caste. It would be a criminal offence.

As to Christians, they do not want any mention that they currently do hold a lot of lower caste blood in them. But then, is there any trace of the lower mentality in the Christians? Well, a minor shift of social position has made them mentally fit and strong. See these photos of some of the Indian Christians who have made it.

As to the higher castes of India, what is their quality other than to despoil those who come under them?

Well, it is here that I need to mention again that just a change from a feudal language to a planar language like English can change everyone’s personality. However, pristine English is not there in India, other than in rare solitary pockets. The English that is currently taught in India is a feudal code-encrypted English, which cannot be called English, but may need to be renamed as Coolie English.

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84. Epilogue

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