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It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Freedom of speech and feudal languages


01. Nonconforming in a feudal communication software

02. Information as a gatherer of leadership

03. Negative information about one person

04. Back to the US again

05. Cosmopolitan

06. Academic teaching by feudal language folks


There is the issue of freedom of speech. When a native-English speaker speaks about this theme, it is around 90% away from the real inner issues. For example, in Asian nations this freedom is powerfully connected to the issue of indicant words. Can a person be allowed to use any level of indicant word that he or she like with regard to another person? Well, this very question is beyond the purview of a native-English speaker. However this is the very vital point in all feudal language communications.

People cannot be allowed to speak any indicant word they like. For, it is like allowing them to commit social homicide. The negatively affected persons may go and commit suicide, or act out as if he or she has gone mad. People can be made to act out the symptoms of schizophrenia by the use of an inapt indicant word trigger.

See these writings trying to provoke with lower indicant words. When these words are translated into English, they lose their piercing sharpness.

From this point, one would need to understand the issue of information. Information that is positive would bring in an elevation of indicant word values. Negative information would bring in a depreciation of indicant word values. Negative inputs cannot be allowed in. For example, if the national media simply posted an article that MK Gandhi had the penchant for certain sexual activities inside his ashram, his Ji would disappear and his Mahatma would vanish. For, his whole stature is built on the parameter of his being a saint.

A similar comparison can be made about Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Qur’an. The detractors of Prophet Muhammad forbade the listening of the words of the Prophet and the listening to the reading of the Holy Qur’an. Now, what would happen if this command was not heeded? Well, people who listened to the sound of the Prophet reading the Holy Qur’an fell in love with him and his words. In Asian feudal languages, it is quite dangerous to allow a loyal person to listen or to read the words of a towering personality who stands on the opposite side. The moment the loyal man feels that the other person is great, that personage would become an Avar and his own master would go down to an Avan.

Actually there are plenty of evidences in English history that the English leadership were not quite bothered about the people hearing of the better qualities of national enemies. For example, both Napoleon as well as George Washington were discussed in words that were appreciative. However, there is no danger in English that these national enemies would become Avar and Adhehams and the native British leaders would become Avans.

In the Gandhi film, an English judge is shown getting up in a pose of reverence when Gandhi comes into the court room. When if such a thing had really happened, it only means that this judge had been severely affected by the feudal codes of the Indian languages. Yet, he does not seem to have a keen understanding on the virtual code effect of his action. The real effect of such a gesture cannot be understood in English. For, it was literally raising the indicant code values of Gandhi, explosively to towering heights. The judge was a fool, but then, he was infected. Read my: GANDHI AND HIS JI

When feudal language moods enter English social systems, words that were thought to be simple words with very simple meanings would change and expand into a huge 3 dimensional space. Traditional definitions and meanings of words wouldn’t suffix to hold the newer meanings and parameters of meanings.

Nonconforming in a feudal communication software

I knew an IAS officer in Delhi {IAS is the top most of the Indian feudal bureaucracy}. He was a very erudite person. However that was his downfall. He questioned certain orders or actions of his senior officers. He was put into suspension. All he had to do was apologise. However, somewhere inside him was a superiority complex that stood way above the Indian bureaucrats.

Instead of apologising he went for a fight. He was never given any post. He remained out of service, with not clearly knowing what his status was. He filed a petition in the Supreme Court. He argued the case. The government solicitor, simply gave a reply that this man was mentally unfit as he had a penchant for filing cases. So the court ordered that he be examined by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist wrote to the court with a copy to him, saying: The patient may be brought for observation on such and such a date.

The protagonist couldn’t bear the adjective ‘patient’. He was forced to enter into more legal battles, with his financial condition approaching dire straits. The Supreme Court judges are more feudal than that the kings. The Chief Justice was simply annoyed by this man’s level of information.

When I last met him a decade back, he was approaching his years of superannuation.

He was the person who mentioned this quote to me (I do not know whose words they are): What is the use of winning an argument and losing an empire?

Well, in a nutshell, all he had to do was to stand in sync. Once he is in an organisation, there are codes of hierarchy that is connected to the language software. That organisation exists on human relationships that are allowed by that particular software. If a person cannot be held inside that links, well, he will have to exist the organisation. The ambit of breathing space, room for manoeuvre, latitude, and leeway allowed in the software of pristine English is not possible in feudal language software. It is not a matter of speaking and writing in English, but of the mind not reacting to or being probed by any codes of any feudal language software.

Information as a gatherer of leadership

Information is an aid in garnering leadership. For example, a non-entity and nondescript person is in possession of a secret sexual information connected to another person or group of persons. By making use of this secret information, he can garner an audience by selective or massive leak of the same. I remember the first time I saw pornographic literature. I was in a school boarding of near-zero English school. An absolute horror of a place. For, I was quite well-read in English. And there was no intellectual space wherein my innate thoughts could find a correspondence with persons who had no English.

One young boy, around 13 years found a very worn-out printed book in the teachers’ room. The year must be 1975. It was a pornographic magazine. Vivid descriptions of the female anatomy and a series on the seduction of the servant maid of around age 15 in the neighbour’s house was there. Very suggestive illustrations of her body parts were there. The boy was quite surprised by this type of writing. He read it, and then announced his possession of such an exclusive book in his hands.

Soon different boys were taking up the reading. All others would cuddle around the reading boy. For that brief moment, that boy would be the leader and the focus of attention.

In many ways, the cosiness of gossiping, telling tales, giving out secrets and such things is connected to the virtual codes of gathering leadership. For this very reason, people who do not have leadership qualities or profundity in their personality are not fit to be in custody of secrets.

Even the issue of husband-wife relationship can be invoked for scrutiny here. If there is lack of mutually interesting topic among them, either of them could break out sworn secrets for the mere necessity of having a mutually appealing link to converse about.

Here the deeds of Wikileaks could be thought about. There are absolutely two different aspects to what was done by this website. By leaking out national defence and policy matter secrets, it was gathering worldwide attention.

At that level it was doing a very cheap thing. For almost all media, which does not have any intellectual substance within them, would resort to gathering scandals and other low quality themes to gather people’s attention. However, it goes without saying that what Wikileaks leaked out was not cheap things, but things that could put US and even British security personnel at risk in their field of activity. So, US can attack it just as they would attack an enemy reconnaissance aircraft which is trying to take photographs of a secret military installation.

The other side of what Wikileaks did can also be taken up. A fantastic English nation with a very vibrant English heritage taken hostage by many other nations’ dominating populations! Wikileaks was essentially doing a service to the people of all nations, including India. Remember that it did bring out the names of various Indians who had stacked away huge amounts of wealth in off-shore banks. Soon everyone was gunning for the Wikileaks founder. Check:

Negative information about one person to lead another person astray

There is this thing also to be mentioned about information. It is information that can destroy a leadership. There is the example of Gandhi and his doings in his Sabarmati Ashram that cannot be discussed without erasing his saintly image. I have already mentioned that. However, there is the use of information to remove Gandhi from a person’s association. It cannot harm Gandhi, but the other person. For association with Gandhi can be a great social help. However, a negative information can be used to unnerve the other person as to whether it is healthy to continue this relationship. Actually here the aim is to destroy this person and not Gandhi.

See this illustration.

One family comes to live in a village. They are neighbours of a big person in the village. The big person has the habit of helping his friends without any ulterior motives. To be a friend of this person can be a great social elevation, but this is not an easy thing. However he becomes friendly with the new family which has come into his neighbourhood. Whenever this small household wants any help, he would physically come and help them. For example, if there is something wrong with the electric connection, the motor, the water system, with the domestic animals etc. he would come and help. Now what is being seen is that the new family is quite close to the big personage.

It is a matter of great mental trauma to the many others in the village that the new family is quite close to the big person. It is not possible to go and advise him not to befriend a newly-come minor household. For, he is quite beyond all such cautions. And he knows what he is doing and doesn’t really need to care for other’s cautions and advises.

The only way to spoil this relationship is to work on the other side which really is getting a real social elevation through this relationship. One day a man comes and simply informs them thus: When your neighbour is inside the house, keep an eye. He has a habit of pocketing anything that he fancies. Keep all valuable locked. It is just a habit of his, and he doesn’t really need them.

Now, the big man notices a visible change in demeanour of his small-time neighbour. Whenever he comes, he feels as if he is being monitored. When he enters a room to repair something, there is someone always with him. He is never allowed to be alone in any place.

It is a feeling that radiates through the mind. He understands that he is monitored. What happens? He stops coming to the house. And slowly that relationship goes awry. Actually the advice and the piece of information were actually aimed at destroying the small-time family.

In many ways, the barrage of negative information about the English, that floods the Indian textbooks and media can be seen thus. It is an advice and information to the vast majority of people in India to keep away from the English. Its real intentions are aimed at the furtherance of their social slavery, and not emancipation.

Back to the US again

There would be need to study outsiders as one would study an animal. And find out the answer to why their social systems are quite unattractive even to themselves. There would be need to answer the question as to whether these people would bring in their own social negativity into the US. There is also the need to bear in mind that once the US government collaborates with them, it would be like the Gulliver’s experience. He had to take part in the local wars between the Lilliputians and their traditional enemies.

Here the context is whether the newcomers would drag the US also into various battles and wars with which US traditionally has nothing to do with. However, as US population turns different, it becomes part of the newcomers’ traditions, and innate antipathies. A new non-English demeanour would then form on the US. It is not the original US then, but only another Asian, African or European nation. On its way to demise or degradation. Along with destitution.

Cosmopolitan Here it might be right to digress into the conceptualisation of cosmopolitan social environment. Many years ago, when I was pretty young, the word cosmopolitan was used to describe a city where people of varying languages lived and existed in an English atmosphere. So, one says the place is having a cosmopolitan atmosphere, the understanding is of such a place. An apt example would be Bangalore. However, this ambience is created only when people who are learned in English speaking confluence in a city. For, now there is an immensity of areas in India, where people live together speaking and mingling in Indian vernaculars. Their presence does not create any ‘cosmopolitan’ atmosphere, but the exact opposite.

Now there is this extrapolation to be done. If a lot of people from various other languages arrive in English nations, there would come a time, when English would cease to be the common language. Then the nation would head straight to the dirty looks of oriental towns and streets. Exotic for a brief visit in the riotous street scenes, but quite a satanic ambience to live in as a home town.

SEE these comments that came countering my arguments in HuffingtonPost. The extreme stupidity of many neo-American folks. They enjoy the great benefits of English, and refuse to understand that all their supposed greatness is due to the great freedoms allowed by the English language software. They feel it is something innate in them and in the US. Actually there is nothing of the ‘We’ in current-day US. The various peoples who inhabit the place have no sense of gratitude to what they are enjoying.

The reader can view a lot of other comments that came countering me on this link. Most of them have a totally stupid feeling of knowing things about which they have absolutely no information about. They do not seem to understand that if the US speaks Mandarin, Italian, German, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and such, it would be a different US. For example, a Malayalam-speaking-US people would look like the common people of Kerala. If it speaks Italian, it would be like Italy. And if it is Hindi that it speaks, it would have the dirtied looks of North-Indian tragic social scene.

rsstone74 March 24, 2012 at 3:11pm

Actually Victoria, I have and continue to travel extensively. Poverty that is caused largely by class-based systems is an ugly, ugly thing. Thinking like yours CAUSES class-based systems (defining people by their ancestory). We are not an “English” system. We are distinctly American—a mix of thinking taken from multiple nations. Our government is based more so in Greek and Roman systems than English (more accurately, British, which is a collection of colonies that started out under the rule of one King). Britain was ruled by a King and Lords when America was founded. Parilament’s role was fairly new. That makes America very unlike “England” of the 1700s.

kay360 April 11, 2012 at 8:00am

By the way, my point in educating you on cultures prior to the Anglo-phone invasion is to help you understand that the “English system of communication” was not adopted because it was more advanced. It was foisted upon various people who had their own literature, culture, and linguistic nuance through brutal invasions that have scarred and actually disintegrated some of the worlds great cultures. The beat goes on, but let’s not fool ourselves in thinking we are always moving forward in a linear process. Most of the time we are moving in circles. Don’t be surprised if Mandarin becomes the language of the 21st century.

MY COMMENT: Both these comments are totally idiotic. The first one does not even give even a hint of gratitude for what English has lent. The obligations are directed to nations of rank dubious standards.

The second comment seems to feel that learning English was something that had to be imposed using terror and force. Well, then what about my own stance that my children would learn only English and never concede to the stance of Malayalam academic leadership that they should be force to learn Malayalam? If the reader has not already downloaded this file pertaining to my Writ petition against the compulsory imposition of Malayalam, please do it now, or later.

Academic teaching by feudal language folks

Whether immigrants with academic qualifications should be allowed to teach in English nations also have to be taken up for deep study. However, how this can be done is beyond me. For, the whole of English nation academic scene has been infiltrated by people from the feudal language nations. In fact, their presence has more or less diluted the total academic opinion on any historical theme. For, when taking up any historical theme, their opinions in many cases are just a mere reflection of what they studied in their own native nations.

What is the English standard of the US? Well, during the peak days of the BPO revolution in India, the focus was on American-English, and British-English was given a backseat. It was a quite funny stand. British-English is the original English. As to American-English, it can at best have the same locus standi as Indian-English. In fact, I did hear a particular political leader saying that much. He said to the effect that just as there is American-English, there is Indian-English. Whereby he was giving legitimacy to the errors found in the way the Indians speak and use English.

Actually, American-English has this defect. It is, for the vast majority of citizens, especially those who have barged in, in the recent decades, a mere Spoken-English. A great percentage of these people do not have any connection to the English classics, wherein the essential heritage of the English culture lie embedded. The leasing of the US English in a state of free fall is quite dangerous. For, it then can get directly connected to an immensity of other nations wherein the language and social cultures are based on their own feudal languages.

I remember reading a statement by one South Indian college English professor. She was giving an opinion that English Post Graduate courses should leave the teaching of English classics and move towards teaching Indian English novels and other writings. She was of the opinion that there were so many great writings in Indian English. The last claim may be true.

She did mention as an example the book written by a Kerala based authoress which had received the Booker Prize. The mentioned book was good reading, that was true. But the story and the ambience inside the book was not English. It was just a Kerala based, Malayalam social codes embedded story, written in English. In fact, many Malayalam novels if they could be written in the same Malayalam style in English, could come out in a similar manner in English. This is not the book to be taught for English PG. When studying English PG, the student should be able to depart from the local feudalism and enter into the egalitarian social ambience of England. Otherwise, what he is studying is only Malayalam-English. For, that there is no need for a PG.

I need to input this fact also before going back to the US discussion. Many PGs in English have no idea about what is an English classic, and many of them cannot read and comprehend such books. However, horror of horror, I understand that some of them do enter into teaching professions in International Universities based on their MA received in India. In the international ambience, their accent improves automatically. That becomes a plus point for them back home. However, at an internal level they hold only Indian feudal codes inside their mental reflexes.

Now, this is the problem of giving a right to every person who swarms into the US to dabble with the English language. A minimum understanding of English classics could be enforced as a qualification for US citizenship. I am sure that this suggestion of mine would be met by sneer and derision. By those who cannot meet this stipulation. However, that is one way to stall the degradation of the US. The other option is to opt for a Spoken-English nation. When this is the quality of the US citizen, well then, it is a quality that any Tom, Dick and Harry (or should I say, any Bhaskaran, Sharma and Rani) can compete with, from any other nation in the world, including India.

When the nation becomes a ‘Spoken-English’ nation, many of the innate capacities of the individual citizens would vanish. For example, in the earlier years, the working class, the physical labourers did not get a position of degradation and dispensability. With the emergence of a new class of business owners especially in such areas as the Silicon Valley who had swarmed in from feudal language nations such as India, the labour class would be degraded to the gutter levels. This may not be initially felt in English. However, in each and every word that these feudal language speakers utter, they would be degrading the American working class to dirt cheap and possibly stinking-dirt level.

It may take some time, before the reality sets in. That they are being equated to the working class of India and other Asian nations, as positioned by their own master class. When this becomes a social truth, there is nothing mere individuals can do to rectify the mood. For, in the new mood, mere lower level individuals are mere nothings.

This can have its repercussions on so many other arenas. For example, generally native-English females, even if they are of the working class do not suffer from any kind of inferiority complex that is seen in the working class females of India in their gentle mood. (I do not speak of the time when the latter are in a belligerent mood). However as the new social understanding that in the other communication software they are mere stinking-dirt gets understood, they would stand to lose their innate mental levels of composure and dignity. It can really spoil their mental standards, physical pose of dignity and stature. For it is would come clear that at this level many innate human dignities are not there.

English language has the innate ability to erase a lot of negativity. For, many of the negativities in other languages cannot be sensed by English. However, when the social ambience turns non-English to any extent, then it is time of invasion of the interiors. That is what the English nations should beware of. Always!

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