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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

When oblivion takes over


01. Gandhian police

02. What is imbibed?

03. On democracy and monarchy

04. When a nation gets entangled


Gandhian police

Actually the Indian police follow the Gandhian system of communication. The despoiling to the common man, and the terrific ennoblement of their own officer class. In fact, the common man is an excrement to the police constable, while his own officer is a divinity. The common man is an Avan, Oan, Aval, Oal, Avatta, Ayittingal, eda, enthada, edi, enthadi, poda, podi and such. While his own officer is an Angunnu, Saar, Adheham. Yemaan. The first is downright negative, despoiling, stinking-dirtifying and capable of erasing of all human rights to dignity. At the same time, the latter literally makes a man a piece of gold. It is mostly these pieces of gold from India that barge into the English nations, rabidly seeking to stinking-dirtify the common man there. Many of them Gandhians in communication aspects to the core!

No one notices this terrible fact about Gandhism. This philosophy is focused on the top man. He is the Ji, the Mahatma and the divinity. The followers are all meek men and women who have to lend him respect and adoration. They have to show all sorts of obsequiousness. They are the Thu, Nee, USS, Avan, and Aval to the top man. A native-English speaker would never understand the real terribleness of this social arrangement. In every word, stance, posture, sitting arrangement and looks, the people have to show their lack of claims to dignity. Gandhism is not a training in elevating human dignity, but in atrophying it. Yet, the horrible fact remains that in feudal languages, the more you suppress, the more is the respect you garner from the suppressed persons.

It is totally the opposite of English ideas. In English, whatever be the quality of the higher person, the lower person has no need to exhibit a lesser personal dignity.

DIGRESSION: When considering the improvement that came upon the native people of this geographical area by proximity to the English folks, what has to be borne in mind is that the majority people were in the stink levels, maintained there by the local native feudal vernaculars. This fact should be borne powerfully in mind, as one evaluates the progress of the people. From dirt they had to be risen up. And to do that is quite dangerous. For, the persons who endeavour to do that will also get splattered with dirt. Yet, the English folks did endeavour for it. That is their greatness. END OF DIGRESSION

To understand the stinking-dirtification concept, see this video of about Kerala police. [ Video is seen removed]. The female is a very senior IPS (Indian Police Service ‘officer’). A police association officer bearer is also near her. He is possibly a police official much below her. This police man would use words like Nee, Eda, Edi, Podi, Poda, Avan, Aval etc. to and about the local people.

When he does such things, his looks and demeanour would improve, as well as his right to royal dignity. It would only remove all this positive features from the affected common man. To understand the concept of stinking-dirtification, all one has to do is to ask this policeman to use these words on to a public servant (meaning government official). Let him use these words in a very nice voice to his officer female present here in the video. Just address her with a Nee, and refer to her as an Aval. The video is trying to bring out the nice behaviour of the Kerala Police. If the word is allowable to be used to the citizens, naturally it can used to a public servant.

The real understanding of the concept of stinking-dirtification will come out.

What is imbibed?

Now look at this comment that attacked my comment on HuffingtonPost:

rsstone74 March 24, 2012 at 3:11pm

QUOTE: Actually Victoria, I have and continue to travel extensively. Poverty that is caused largely by class-based systems is an ugly, ugly thing. Thinking like yours CAUSES class-based systems (defining people by their ancestry). We are not an “English” system. We are distinctly American—a mix of thinking taken from multiple nations. Our government is based more so in Greek and Roman systems than English (more accurately, British, which is a collection of colonies that started out under the rule of one King). Britain was ruled by a King and Lords when America was founded. Parilament’s role was fairly new. That makes America very unlike “England” of the 1700s. END OF QUOTE

When a non-native-English person learns English alphabets and English nursery rhymes, reads English fairy tales and stories, learns to write English and read English newspapers, starts reading English classics and comics, and watches English movies, he or she changes rapidly. He learns to use such things as Thank You, Please, Excuse me, Kindly, May I, Can I, I apologise, I regret, Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night, Bye and such things. [Even though slight equivalents of these can be found in feudal languages also, they are actually different in that they have powerful direction components.] They learn to address others without having to go through tedious routes of respect and pejoratives.

Through English, he learns the sciences that were there in England. [Studying science in English is quite different from studying science in Malayalam. I can’t go into that here, but can mention that learning in Malayalam arrives a man in a different world, which is quite low-quality in terms of human refinement. He changes perceptibly. He has more of England and English traditions in him, than the local heritage.

I have seen this happening in my own children’s case. Traditionally from a lower caste family in India, my children never had the occasion to even feel any lower caste attribute they should naturally have had. This was more reinforced by the fact that they did not know the local vernacular, which could have easy allowed others around them to mentally subordinate them. In English there are no such codes of mental and physical subjugation.

People who learn English do show the mental and physical change for the better. But rarely, very rarely do they acknowledge their indebtedness to English. I have had this experience with some of my own trainees. They learn to speak English and then they feel a lot of mental liberation. This is quite obvious. Yet, they do not acknowledge that it is English that has given them the change. Many of them take up the stance that it is their own innate capacities that allowed them to improve.

Even my mother, when asked about the real reason for the higher social attributes and English proficiency, she was quick to mention her innate abilities. It took me some time to make her acknowledge that it was the fantastic English education delivered to a lower caste people in Tellicherry that gave her the unique-in-history opportunity to break out of the social strangling that would have borne on her, from a variety of directions. One, her low caste. Second the fact that she was a female. In the local language, the females are in the lower code bracket.

I have seen on the Internet, people who are supposed to be ‘Indians’, who were ousted from Uganda, in the US. Why were they seen as pests in the African nations? Couldn’t it possibly be due to their highly feudal language communication, that would have made the native African a real stink? When they arrive in the US, what happens? They get impregnated with English traditions and ways and manners and social communication. They meet so many others from various nations who have barged in with the express aim of escaping from the strangling of their native social conditions.

Sitting in the cosy ambience of an English setting, they can afford to speak with vehemence about English. In fact, for the next generation English is not a great thing. It is something they feel they can dispense with equanimity. For, there are so many other languages in the world. Why not German? Why not Hindi? Why not Chinese? It is like persons using Adobe InDesign claiming that they would have been equally happy with Aldus PageMaker. Aldus PageMaker was released in 1986. In features and capacities, it is quite primitive when compared to Adobe InDesign.

My children can also claim everything traditional to their caste, their native place, their mother’s and father’s family heritage and in the social system in vogue around them. Yet, it would be quite naïve to say all that. Beyond that to give credit for all their intellectual and mental progress to things with which they do not have any connection other that what others tell, would be the height of rascality.

For it is English that designs even their very physical appearance. Look at my elder daughter, who was quite cordoned off from Malayalam in her infancy to as much as I could. Traditional looks and mental demeanour of Thiyyas are quite different. However exact traditional looks are rare to find nowadays. For, some aspect of English has entered into everyone. Even when a person studies Physics, even in Malayalam, the thought processes of an English mind is ticking in the classroom.

Look at the comment mentioned above. It is the outburst of rank rascality. Sitting in an English ambience and claiming loyalty to absolute opposite to English entities. The commenter claims:

QUOTE: We are not an “English” system. We are distinctly American—a mix of thinking taken from multiple nations. END OF QUOTE

Well, in which case, my children are also not indebted to English. For, they are not English in blood, genes, ambience or nationality. They are the mix of an immensity of local codes and inputs. Yet, it is the English input that has changed them. I have seen people from various languages living and making a society here in India. People who speak Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Assamese, Marathi etc. live together in various places in India. The common language of communication among them becomes either Tamil, Hindi or some other local language. What they form is still the typical Indian social system, with slight variations.

Yet, if English is the common language that pulsates through the dominant section of the society, then the society is absolutely different from all the others. It is seen in Bangalore, where English is the language that dominates the society. When English is spoken, what pulsate are English traditions of communication and mental process. Yet, I have seen people in Bangalore who enjoy all the sparkling freedoms of English, still mentioning their loyalty to traditional systems, which actually they can bear it only in perfunctory settings.

On democracy and monarchy

The commenter above has also mentioned about the English king and alluded to the fact that America is a democracy much earlier to that in Britain. He or she doesn’t know what he is talking. Democracy is not a political machine that suddenly popped up in the US. It was a gradual development of political process in England. Here I need to emphasise that one should not go astray and give credence to Greek claims.

For such claims can only lead the talk to so many other places and claims. It is the starting of democratic experiments right back in the times of the Magna Carta that later developed into the modern English democracy. If Greek claims are allowed, well then, there are more ancient claims from small-time kingdoms inside the geographical areas now comprising modern India. One may even see examples of ‘democracy’ in some tribal outfit in the African and Amazon jungles, whose claims would become more vocal as they learn English, and start multiplying exponentially in numbers.

Also the commenter does not really understand that there is great difference between an English monarch, and the kings and queens of many other nations. The English monarch was the king of an English-speaking people, while most of the other monarchs were the kings of feudal language speaking people. This itself makes a great difference in both the king as well as in the people.

As to the idea of democracy inside an English nation, with only native-English speakers allowed to vote, well, it is a great idea. If this cordoning-off is not there, then democracy becomes a very dangerous political idea, in which sections of population which do breed and multiply like rats will take-over the nation, the systems and the culture. In many ways, this terrible danger is hanging right over the English nations also. That of the centre of sovereignty (something like a centre of gravity) being slowly shifting and pointing right outside the national base.

In fact, I think that Obama coming to power in the US has done this. When the vertical line connecting the centre of gravity of a structure to the base, moves outside the base, the structure will topple. The same thing is happening now, as the line slowly shifts towards the periphery of English nationalism, and moves slowly outside. The US is really showing such features. The English nation will topple. However, it is not Obama alone who is responsible for that, for policymakers preceding him also have done their worst.

When a nation gets entangled with a negative direction component

However, it is Obama who has added the negative direction component into the virtual codes of the US. Now to explain about this negative direction component, I need to go back. I have already mentioned about the factor of direction component in the virtual codes of entities.

When I married from a household, which from the perspective of my own household was quite a low-class family, this issue of negative codes came into sharp activation in my life. It is not that that my wife’s family was innately low-class, but only from the background my own family’s perspective. Their communication structure was believed to be an un-educated version of Malayalam. (Actually it was the traditional language of Malabar, which has been dislodged by the Malayalam from Travancore).

They lived in the vicinity of the households of casual workers, who are mentioned as Coolie in Malayalam. In fact, my wife would be addressed as Nee by these coolies. For, they are in the proximity. Higher class children are protected from this despoiling by the factor of physical distances and social corridors.

The people they treated, addressed and spoke about in feudal respect were more or less of the kind of people who were mentally regarded as of the lower order in our household. Now all these mental feelings have to be decoded into the appropriate indicant word codes, which is not there in English.

When my wife married me, her direction component got directed towards a level that consisted of my mother, who had retired as the IG of Registration, my elder sister who was then an assistant professor in a Central government run-elite Engineering College, my second sister who was a paediatrician and my younger brother who was reputed to be a journalist in an English newspaper.

As to her husband, a little bit of all these including the fact that he was a businessman, and not an employee, added some glow (maybe not much).

Beyond this, there was the issue of an English environment. She was to be visualised as moving to this level. A positive direction component was to encode into her features. This can be very easily seen in the photos of her as her face slowly started exhibiting a demeanour of a lesser fettered social level. At the same time, there was this marked difference in me. Even though, among my own family members, there was not much of a deference shown to me, mentally I did carry some superiority feelings. This was more or less connected to the fact that I rarely allowed any person’s address to connect to me. However, there have been major breeches in this policy at times.

In fact, in a particular small town I was more or less cloistered with another person of markedly difference mental calibre as well as family standards, due to a financial debacle in a business. I couldn’t shrug him off, without being quite mean. For, there was some financial indebtedness.

When I married, I was connected to so many persons who necessarily were pulling me towards the lower sections of the social order. Even though they themselves wouldn’t admit this factor, from my perspective it was the ‘fact’. My situation was similar to the situation of Lawson in the story The Pool by Somerset Maugham. The problem that I saw in them was the direction of ‘respect’ they had to provide to sections of society which were at best of my own family level or less. They need not always lend respect, for they can also be cantankerous. But not neither of them.

A negative direction component was quite obviously encoded in my virtual codes. It also had this issue. When I am in some business location, it is the information of who I am that can define whether I need to be lent respect or not. Both are very powerful components, in which words change and everything else change.

Persons who wanted to spoil my individuality in a business conversation setting would simply insert a minor information connecting me to persons who are seen as servant class in that setting, either as below themselves or as at their own level. Information is words, and words are codes. A negative code can play havoc.

I was now with a negative direction component while by wife was with a positive direction component. It was to soon give her much energy, enhancement in looks, social mobility (in the interior village areas) and much else.

The positive direction component that encoded in my wife was to affect my first daughter also in a very obvious manner. When she was born, she looked quite unusually different in a most positive manner to almost all others in the family strings, of both sides. Yet, later when Varuna was put into the local English medium school in class five, the issue of a negative direction component perching on to her was soon visible. Yet, her proximity was to encode her immediate companions with a positive direction component.

It is due to this fact. Varuna was in a level of communication wherein she was not subordinate to anyone in the indicant codes. However, her school friends were quite firmly stuck in the lower indicant word codes. From that lower platform, they were getting connected to a person who was in a higher platform. However, when Varuna joined them, she was connecting to very low indicant code arenas. It was a pull down affect on her, and a negative direction component was the result.

This factor of direction component is very powerful in feudal language perspectives. Now, what has Obama done is to encode this very negative direction component code into the virtual codes of America. However to look back, the various other nationalities who swarmed into the US, all brought in a negative direction code to the US. But then, they themselves would bask in the positive direction code that they now get encoded. Yet, the US could be considered as too big to be affected by minor negative codes. Like Earth’s zero potential is not affected by some electric discharge into it.

However, when persons from feudal language nations came to take control of powerful locations like policymaking, military establishments, academic studies, statutory research laboratories etc. there were powerful inducements of negative component codes.

To head it all, came Obama, who could have been identified as an American. For, his mother was from English ancestry and White. All his basic positive features are quite obviously from the English systems. Yet, he had the nerve to project his thin veneer of skin colour as his major identification. Not the great systems that had flown into him from England. He, standing on top of the US, simply connected it to the Black African nations, and gave out an outrageously nonsensical impression that when he became the president of the US, it was the achievement of Black Africans.

Actually his becoming the president of the US should have been understood as the achievement of English systems: Democracy, English education, and all his readings and learning in English. Possibly he has had the occasion to read English classics, know how to sing the multiplication tables in English, know English nursery rhymes and fairy tales, and know the niceties of English communication. It is also possible that he knows the communication systems of feudal African or Asian tongues. However it is not those that make him glow as an American.

By connecting himself and his achievements to Black African nations, he has done a disservice to the US. Not only to the native-English speaking whites, but also to all others, including the native-US blacks. He has simply encoded the nation as well as the native-US citizens with negative direction components.

When the direction components go negative, the entity shows grave shedding of power and capacity. It is a state very much obvious to the economic leaders of lower level feudal language nations. For, they are experts in detecting such negativities. They know to use it to their advantage. For, a simple negative information is enough to dislocate a positive indicant word code. Indicant word codes are quite powerful. Yet, even the Pentagon in the US does not have the slightest idea about this.

People in feudal language nations do know the disruptive power of wrong indicant words. These wrong indicant words can be spurred into action by means of simple information. Information also has direction component. In that, each bit of information can decide the indicant codes that have to be enforced. Positive information lends higher indicant words. ‘Positive’ is also a definite direction, relative to what is to be achieved. To make a person enter the levels of divinity in indicant words, information that enhance his achievements have to be mentioned in a minor word. That is all that is required. Avan could change drastically into Avar. Social machinery moves as per the spurs of this change.

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