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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Leading the Anglosphere


01. An allusion to American foreign policy

02. Leading the Anglosphere

03. Inducing unsolicited panic attack

04. Social connections and indicant words

05. Ineptitude in policymakers

06. Where the US has arrived


An allusion to American foreign policy

Before moving on from this premise, I think it would be appropriate to put in a few words about America’s exact foreign policy. What is it that it really wants to achieve? Does it want all the nations in the world and their people to improve to US standards? Or is it just a clumsy idea that is not really well-thought out? For example, during the times of the Tiananmen Square shooting in China, the American stand was that the people of China should improve. They should be given freedom to learn what they want and do what they want. Well, if they improve, then what happens? If they get the technical skills of the English nations, then what? If they learn to use English, then what?

It is quite obvious that the foreign policy was not a well-thought out one. Possibly in current-day English nations, there is no separate think-tank, like Great Britain had in the form of a hereditary nobility. Each issue is considered and thought out, in a fragmented manner, with no long term or comprehensive idea as to what will be the overall effects on all frontiers of national strength. For example, America is powerful, and obviously much more powerful than Great Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. However, all these nations are able to live peacefully in a mutually acceptable atmosphere.

{Note: This will continue only till the English ambience remains in all the nations concerned. After that, it will be just like mutually belligerent nations}. However, a powerful China will not be liked by India and vice versa. A powerful Bangladesh or Sri Lanka will be unacceptable to India.

I remember knowing many years ago that Indira Gandhi was quite perturbed by the fact that miniscule Sri Lanka was become minor super power right under the Indian nose. A tourist paradise, famous TV station (Rupavahini), relay centre for VOI, good education and financial stability. She was to use typical oriental treacherous cunning to bring in a terrible civil disorder inside the nation. Actually, what she should have done was to help assuage the minor problems inside this tiny nation that had been handed over to the native leadership by the super British idiot Atlee. Hundreds of thousands of people had to die due to her nasty self-centred actions over the past so many years.

Now again look at this: There are so many human rights issues and lack of democracy in China. Yet, none of the neighbouring nations like India, Pakistan, Singapore, Japan etc. are bothered about these things. However, the US is bothered. Well, there should be something wrong somewhere, either with the neighbouring nations or with the US.

The fact is that the neighbouring nations are all feudal language nations like China. They understand China better than any English nations’ policymakers do. They know that a liberated population of China would be a threat to their own interests in almost all ways. Now, we come to the issue of what Communism is actually achieving. It shackles the power and command structure of powerful individuals who can rise up in a free market economy. Here there is again a problem.

A free market economy in a feudal language nation is not a similarly defined one in an English nation. In a feudal language nation, it means that certain individuals can hold others at various levels of stinking-dirt standards below them. There is no means of free articulation possible. Only the fools in the English nations would think that in a feudal language nation, simply making the economic structure to be a free market would liberate the people. It is a very wrong understanding.

A free market in a feudal language nation would only allow some people to arrive at quite powerful levels and also make a lot of others slaves in all sense, other than with iron shackles. It is a different world. Now, what the original communism was achieving was to keep the potential persons with diabolical mental strengths from gathering strength. This is here an English entrepreneur is quite different from a feudal-language-nation entrepreneur.

The US policy of lending technical skills and allowing the youngsters from China to come to the US to learn the tricks of the various trades etc. was a total act of gullibility. Even in the case of people seen to be escaping from the thraldom of the political bosses, there is still a very non-tangible string of command coming overseas with them. This string is encoded in the language.

Now, how to explain this in English? Well, when I say the word ‘encoded’, the average native-English reader would nod his head, as if to say that he has understood what I have said. What can I say to such persons? They have not understood the power in feudal language word codes. For, they do not know what a word code is. A man is coming to a social function. By just changing a few words from a small array of options, one can make the man a grand person or make him a non-entity. How can I explain this to a native English speaker?

Now, does the US want to improve the lot of the people in other nations, especially those nations where the people are strangled in feudal languages? Well, there is only one way to go about it. And that way is what the personnel of the erstwhile British East India Company did. Improve the people directly so that their allegiance is towards the English nations that lends the help. Do not do it in a way that the allegiance still remains directed towards their native leaders.

To put it in more exact words, there is only one way to improve a group of people. That is to take over their command. Change their language to English and slowly over the centuries make them a part of the English nation.

If this is not possible, then do not improve them to the point of some of them becoming a group of powerfully endowed competitors. I would put it in a very small context.

I should not improve the subordinates of an organisation that is competing with my own organisation. I should not allow them to come inside my organisation wherein they can see and study our systems and understand how we arrange our infrastructure to such levels of perfection. It would be a piece of idiotism, quite clear as white light. If I am allowing and condoning all such activities, I am doing a crime towards our organisation and our posterity.

Leading the Anglosphere

Now, let me very clearly mention how the English nations should arrange themselves. Which nation should lead the Anglo-sphere? Well, to say that is it is America’s prerogative to do so, is in itself an illustration of how much the English standards of the US have been compromised. In feudal languages, the higher indicant is reserved for the big, the huge, and the powerful, and to the rude and the crude. However, in English there is no such concept of indicant words. Hence, big, huge, powerful etc. do not mean much.

What has real value in English is refinement, antiquity of refinement, excellence, standards, maintenance of standards, quality heritage, legacy of worthy literature, excellent personages, history of standing for the right, fighting against human enslavement and such things. And also a very powerful and enduring structure of identifiable elements of national sovereignty. Well, only Britain can claim all this. The US, by its very wayward behaviour of disrupting all established standards has proved itself a non-trustworthy entity to lead.

SEE this counter comment against me on Scientific American

QUOTE: Comment attacking my comments in Ramanujam page on SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

Neeraj in reply to VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS 03:14 PM 12/22/12

India has produced brilliant scientists, astronomers and mathematicians from time immemorial, none of them needed the help of a tiny island to get their voice out into the world

MY COMMENT HERE: See the words ‘tiny island’. Actually the commenter is focusing on the geographical size of a quality nation. The actual fact is that neither this whole nation nor its army marched into Madras to take over the place (Arcot). Actually it was done by Robert Clive who had under him just 20 white soldiers and around 180 committed Tamils. They withstood months of siege by the howling mob controlled by the local Raja and the French.

Even the way it changed the Right-hand driving to Left-hand driving to prove its independence from Britain, really smacks of immaturity. It was immature action, for every nation in the world is endeavouring to do the same things. India wants to establish ‘Indian’ standards. I remember when I was doing a Pharmaceutical manufacturing business, the Drugs department asked me to change my application for a particular drug production.

I had used the British Pharmacopeia standards. BP standards are statutorily allowed. However, the officials said that if the drug is mentioned in Indian Pharmacopoeia, then I was to follow the Indian Pharmacopoeia. What would Indian Pharmacopoeia be at that time? A plain plagiarism of BP, with superimposed variations.

The Islamists want to centre everything on Mecca, even the International Date Line. Russians want to bring about their own systems. They made a mess of so many scientific nomenclatures by trying to give different names even to Elements in chemistry. Everyone knows about their ‘cosmologists’. The US has no moral right to act as a leader of the Anglo-sphere.

However if it opts out of the Anglo-sphere, where will it be? In a few decades, it will be a cesspool of various language and cultural inputs, that can swing and rattle the nation to a level of hideous terror and panic. Already I am sure that even at this moment many of the US citizens would be feeling the real trauma of panic attack in their personal life. For, they are all being connected to various social levels of unknown negativity, without anyone asking them if they do allow such a link to happen

Inducing unsolicited panic attack

For example, when a US citizen is calling the John F Kennedy Airport in New York, he is simply guided to speak to a person in a far-off nation. Is this really allowable? For example, I call the District Police Officer in my native state. I am connected to his peon. He insists that he is the District Police Officer. However, I can judge from my own mental codes that I am being fooled. But there is no way that I can crosscheck or insist anything.

Well, what is the problem if I talk to a peon who has been assigned to act as the Police officer? Well, there are certain issues of software codes in the virtual code arena. If I act with servitude to this man (as any Indian is supposed to), actually in the virtual code arena, I am belittling myself below the levels of an Indian peon. Well, it has its terrible negative effects. Even though I cannot physically hear the sneering derisive laughter of the low-level peon as he feels that he has fooled me, I would feel the creepy effects in my Life Software codes.

Similarly, if a native English speaker gets connected to a person from India, who masquerades as a person of equal mental and social standards, there is a heavy bit of deceit. For, actually these Indian personnel are not the same as native-English personnel. For, the moment he meets any social superior from his own native town, he is a person who goes down to low levels in the indicant word codes. Moreover, he would be a person earning a slightly higher income than the other common Indians. So, he would be placing the common Indians at lower indicant level.

Such a person of quite unreliable standards is acting as an equal or superior of a commoner in an English nation. This will decay the native-English speakers’ own positive levels. In fact, there may be a tug, in the virtual code arena, towards a bout of panic attack. For, the trauma of feeling that one is dealing with an entity of doubtful and unreliable credentials. A feeling of being held down by a string that is powerful, yet negative. SEE CODES of REALITY! WHAT is LANGUAGE? : Back to mental conditions

Social connections and indicant words

It may be appropriate to deal with the issue of social connections here. Social connections in feudal language nations are a very powerful subject. People take care to connect only with persons of acceptable credentials. Even if they do connect to others, they take full care to contain the other persons in powerful containers of lower indicant words. This they do either directly, or indirectly. In the first case, they will address the other person with a lower indicant word such as Nee, Thu etc. and refer to him as an Avan, USS etc. In the indirect case, they inform others of their distance from them by using lower indicant words like Avan, USS etc. about them.

People in English nations may feel that this is an experience that they also have. The fact is that it is not. For, their experience has nothing to do with indicant words.

I had the occasion to feel this effect many times in my varied business and other activities. The carriers of negative tales ultimately aim to topple the higher indicant word levels that I have, to bring about a change to a lower indicant word. Once this is accomplished, so many of my social and business power and acumen automatically gets deleted or depleted. This is one capacity that a native-English speaking society can never perform. That of replacing a higher indicant word with a lower one. Or enable it to happen.

Now, again speaking about association, when I went to Delhi, I was informed that as my residential address would more or less define my earning capacity and level of social and professional contacts, as a self-employed person. I was told that a residential address at the Defence Colony layout was an ideal one. At the same time, many other addresses could bring down my bargaining capacity to correspond with the levels of the area-address. Well, even though this statement may seem quite farfetched, it has its merits. Even in English nations. However, in a feudal language nation, the perching of indicant words on top of all such social definitions makes the issue more intense.

Ineptitude in policymakers

Now, it is into this weird world of indicant words that the average native-English citizen is made to interact with. The question is, before doing this heinous crime, did anyone really care to see what the complete parameters of the issues involved are. For, people in the commanding heights of the economy are herding the common folks towards uncharted zones in the economic warzone, where the tactics and cravings of the other folks are not fully known or understood.

Equating a people with another people is not a simple issue of just addressing a person by his name. It is a very powerful equation, which shall have its repercussions in almost all aspects of the people involved.

For example, in the case of Ashwina and Varuna, there was always the theme that Malayalam-speaking children may be made to elevate to their levels. But I do not to allow a circumstance to make my children arrive at others’ level. For, there is a level difference. It is in that Varuna and Ashwina are not kept in the lower indicant word levels by me or any others who are connected to them.

The other children who speak Malayalam are kept in a lower indicant word level by their own kinfolk. From there they can powerfully dominate and dwarf others by simply equating with them or by subordinating them with lower indicant words. This is a capacity that Varuna and Ashwina do not have. To that extent, they are powerless and also defenceless, if the fortress of social corridors is breached.

Business Process Off-shoring has a lot of frill elements that have not been properly studied. Shallow-brained policymakers are a real danger to modern English nations. The Founding Fathers of the US were envisioning an English nation, not a nation that has been taken to ransom by a democracy that has run amok. Actually this nonsense called democracy might be the undoing of the US. For, the powerful machinery of democracy is being run without any specific parameters being defined. Anyone from around the world can participate in the US democracy. Isn’t there an element of utter foolishness in this? Who are the fools here? The sitting ducks of the US!

Where the US has arrived

I would like to take up another allegory. Think of two different husbands in a feudal language nation. One has a wife who is totally committed to him. He goes about his business in a quiet manner. His wife helps him in his work, in a very steady, yet non-remarkable manner. She comes from a background that is quite similar to his own. However the other man has a wife who has come from a very low level social content. He trains her in many social attribute and then makes her companionable. Slowly she improves her standards, and starts getting the feel of the higher social culture. Soon she is accosted by very many persons who want a person of her social standards to join their business as a staff.

Now, she is advised by her own family members to move ahead. For, they feel that she has more capacities than her husband. She joins another business firm, which is not directly competing with her husband’s business, but still it is another man’s business. Now, she is seen to be quite capable, for she moves in the social circles, and has her own level of friends and companions.

Her own family members declaim that she is of very high mental calibre, that such calibre is inherently in their heritage, and they can name a number of forefathers who were persons of great mental capacity, inside their low level social system. They continuously cajole her to strike out on her own. Everyone sees her husband’s business tottering as he finds it difficult to fend off the various business and social problems on his own. As his business goes down, the claim then comes up that his family is upheld by his wife’s income. The wife’s relatives go around saying that it is just because of her that he can live.

However, the other husband and his close companion wife are moving in a non-boisterous manner. At a simple glance, his wife is of no quality when compared to the other man’s wife, who is very visible in the social circles as another man’s employee.

But then after some years, at a particular setting some people are forced to do a comparison between the two women and their families. It is then that the reality transpires and sets in. The quiet female is the owner of a business, while the swanky female is only one of the staff members of a feudal-language-society businessman. The first couple have their own business and a very strong financial acumen. The second man’s business has failed and there is nothing worthy of his own that be of comparable strength in his family. His wife can be claimed by another man.

Now, this allegory is a strange one. I focus here only on the second couple with the negligent wife. That wife is more or less comparable to the majority immigrant populations of the US. The US nation can be compared to her husband. She has been trained and improved beyond anything that her own family can bestow upon her. However, all her mental calibre improvement is claimed by the native family or nation.

The immigrant population basically come to make money by building upon the infrastructure and social ambience created by the native-English society. However, they have no long-term commitments to the nation, other than to land a fortune. They are not bothered even if the nation’s civic and social standards go down to dogs. It is the same case as of the husband. The wife is not really bothered about his social status degradation.

She was a business owner’s wife. Her becoming a staff of another business man has more significance than can be explained in English. For, her lowering of indicant word status would pull down her husband’s indicant word status. For, he is a staff-of-that-person’s husband. The He, Him, His all will be lowered as an appendage of the other businessman. He would literally show signs of fainting, panic attack, breathlessness, mental trauma and even homicidal mania. Well, I am not sure if the native population of the US (not America) have arrived at these levels.

NOTE: A person from a feudal language nation, after having arrived in the elevated ambience of an English nation, and claiming about his great ancestors, is like a person of very low family and caste standards, growing up financially and then show casing his own ancestors who were quite clever and geniuses. However, the real point that these geniuses were in a very low social platform far removed from the current day socially elevated platform of this person should not be forgotten. The platform is what makes the difference. END OF ALLEGORY

The terrible uncertainty that impinges on all social standards and decorum will affect persons of innate refinement in English nations. The question of what is acceptable and what is not, will come to the fore. Everything that is strange and offensive will redefine itself as another culture. And in a social mood of accepting other cultures without understanding them, weird, hideous, and even totally opposite of Standard English customs will stand to gain social licence.

Well, immigrants should be allowed in, only if they are willing to acknowledge the negativity that lives in themselves and their native nations. And they swear that they will not sow these negativities inside the English soil. If the reader feels that what I have mentioned here is something of the impossible, then the disastrous future of the US is also plausible.

This goes for all English nations. Including, I am sad to say, fair England also.

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