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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Social engineering


01. The basic facts

02. The travails of training

03. Imposing negative equality

04. Installing a valve

05. Within and without




What is the cultural effect on the White kids, who speak English when they are forcefully mixed with kids who speak feudal languages? The feudal language speaking kids improve by being associated with kids who speak native-English. Feudal languages do have terrible triggers that can be despoiling and also distressing to the native-English speakers. The innate self-confidence of the native-English speaking kids gets erased. The other side has no qualms about that. The issue is really not connected to skin-colour, but to software that runs the mind and thoughts. When feudal languages dominate this software, then it is a different entity or being.

The children in the above image, including the white kids, do show the despoiling effects of feudal language codes. How do I know this? Well, for a long time I have been making observations on the effects of language codes. I wrote my book MARCH of the EVIL EMPIRES; ENGLISH versus the FEUDAL LANGUAGES! in the year 1989. After my first child was born, I strove to see what would be the change that would perch on the child if she is kept away from the distorting effects of the local vernacular Malayalam.

See this image in which Varuna is seen sitting with some kids from an interior village area.

The difference in facial expression is pure due to the differing effects of the language codes. The other kids are at the butt end of the brutal impact of lower indicant Malayalam words such as Nee (Inhi), Avan (Oan), Aval (Oal), Chekkan, Pennu, Avattakal (Aiyttingal) etc. even from their government-run school teachers and also from their relatives and society. Otherwise, all of the persons in the image belong to the same genetic pool.

Now, what is remarkably apparent is that the white kids in the above image do show more or less the same amount of facial expressions as shown by the Indian kids who are placed in the lower end of the indicant codes, by lower class people.

Now, see these other images:

See the photo of Varuna after being in her school for two years (below).

She is in the seventh class. What is her experience? A person who doesn’t understand the feudal language of Malayalam. Doesn’t know that there are different words and usages to discriminate between individuals. Doesn’t understand the need to stand up when a teacher comes into the class. Cannot use pejoratives to anyone. What is the equality that has been forced on her? The equality that has been forced on her is to go down to the lower pejorative levels of Nee, Aval etc. to the seniors.

However, in her case, I was there to tell her not to learn or understand Malayalam at all, under any circumstance. For, it would be equivalent to defiling the soul. For, once she learns this language, the social system would change inside her mind. She will learn to use such words as Nee, Aval etc. and also understand the definite meaning these words have. Moreover, she would then try to subdue others as she feels herself being subdued by her seniors. A diabolic evilness would enter her.

What are the other differences? Apart from being good in swimming, and many other things like that, she was also quite well-read in English and had seen an immensity of English films at a very young age. May not have seen any Malayalam films. She was totally different. But then, there was this positive issue in the school. The teachers accepted her as different and did not try to change her. Beyond that, the school also went in for a very concerted pro-English stance.

The school teachers also more or less came from powerful feudal language, ‘respect’ versus ‘pejorative code social system. Many of them were not in any way comparable to Varuna in English, English reading, English film seeing, physical activities like swimming etc. Yet, they were her ‘trainers’!

Yet, everyone who became close to her improved beyond what their social inputs could have given them.

However, in the case of the White kids in South Africa, there is no one to tell them that their language and culture is better. Even though it is quite evident, and as clear as light that everyone wants their children to become like the white kids, in terms of language, dressing and social interaction. However, there is no one to take a politically correct stance that if this is what everyone wants, then that side has to be given due protection and consideration.

The basic facts

When seeking to make huge sociological studies, there are many finer aspects to be focused upon with diligent care. The fact is that the cessation of segregation simply gave an astronomical opportunity to the Blacks of the US to improve dramatically. It is just an issue of association. Like a small time person’s son being allowed to play with the son of an IAS officer. The former would improve tremendously. The latter will feel depreciation in his own quality and the embedding of certain negative features in him, including certain mental problems.

Now, this type of momentous sociological engineering should be done with deep study on what all aspects of which all sections of the populations will be affected. For that, first a deep understanding about the various finer aspects of the concerned populations has to be had. At the very least, there is the issue of one’s children being forced to mix with persons of unknown cultural quality.

The mixing should be in such a manner that the good qualities of the better section should be allowed to diffuse into the lower quality sections. However, there should be proper fortifications to see that these fine elements of positive elements in the superior section children should not affected or erased. Moreover, the negative aspects of the lower quality sections should not be allowed to seep into the children of the better class children.

In many ways, the native-English section of the US was negatively affected by the granting of full-scale citizenship to the Blacks. For, immediately all cultural behaviours and civic habits that the native-English section would have seen as totally un-educated and despicable got legitimacy and statutory approval. It is like I insisting on a queue around a bank counter. Some persons take it as a cantankerous request. For, they argue, ‘this is our culture!’ Well, there is no answer to that unless the bank puts up a statutory board that says that the persons standing around to access the counter should form a queue.

The majority people of Malabar in the late sixties and seventies, I noticed were not good in English. They couldn’t read English books. Never heard of an English classic. Not seen or heard of the Reader’s Digest (I speak of the original one, not the Indian version, which has the feel of a vernacular magazine embedded inside a good English magazine). There were so-called educated persons also who were of the same genre. However, there was another section of educated persons (not necessarily formally educated), who were good in English, well-read in English classics and had a different demeanour. However, suddenly the state government made educational reforms, whereby the former group’s standards were seen as educated.

While the latter groups qualities were literally not of any value. In current times, the highly educated persons of Malabar are still the same kind as the earlier uneducated persons of Malabar. They are not good in English and have not heard of English classics. However, when there is any professional need, they pick up English as a direct translation of the vernacular, and speak a feudal level English. This much I mentioned just to convey the idea of what happens when government interferes and imposes statutory prominences to low quality persons’ capacities. Their standards achieve legitimacy and become national standards.

When full-scale citizenship is granted to the erstwhile black slaves, they will get full-scale legitimacy of all their native-land innate social stances. No one has the right to ask them to correct it. The way that Abraham Lincoln went about improving the blacks smacks of a very mediocre mindset. When liberating any living being, there is also the responsibility to take care to understand what it would do in an unshackled state. It has to be trained powerfully and powerful parameters on its behaviour and innate reflux actions should be installed.

When students come to me to learn English, some of them do spit on to the ground, on to the street, and also from the top storey to the ground below. Since I am their trainer, I can insist that they stop this behaviour. Otherwise, if I mention such a thing to another person, it would be taken as downright insult and interfering into another person’s cultural habits.

In a way, no Indian would allow his or her children to be accosted by persons of unknown or un-understood personality triggers. I remember an incident when I told a locally famous Vedic scholar that my children were not attending school. He simply remarked, ‘Many parents currently do not like to send their children to school. They get culturally and mentally spoiled by association with persons whose qualities are not acceptable. They change visibly in front of our very eyes!’ He was speaking disparagingly of other ‘Indians’. Yet, there was a mine of profundity in his words.

The travails of training

I need to relate one incident from our own training programme. Many of the trainees were the children of persons who were working in small-time jobs in the Middle East. Yet, due to the heavy statutory support given to the fraud played through Currency Exchange Rate difference, these small-time workers end up as rich persons in the locality. So their children generally move around the small village in the guise of rich persons.

Ashwina was the trainer. She must be around five years old. Yet, she could expertly play the card games of Rummy, Trumps etc., and also play such games as Monopoly, Life, Scotland Yard, Clued and many other games. She would sit with the trainees, and play with them, making them speak in English. Many of the trainees were many years elder to her, some of around age twenty. However they come from the typical Malayalam mood. It takes time to correct their ferocious negative mood.

One day, Ashwina came into the class with a new bag. She showed it to the trainees. One of them, a youth of around 20, immediate made a very negative comment in a sort of pre-programmed manner. The effect on Ashwina was phenomenal. In English, there is no such need to snub an innocent gesture like showing a new bag with so forceful a negative comment. The other issue was that Ashwina was coming there to improve their standard and refinement. Yet, they on their part were sitting there to see that Ashwina’s mental composure was disturbed.

However, I was there. I saw him staring at her face, and enjoying the suddenly disconcertment that appeared in her expression. I spoke the statutory policy very powerfully. ‘Ashwina is here to train and improve you. If any such disturbing comments are made by anyone, he or she will be out of the training’.

Now, take the same situation to the Blacks mixing with the native-English section of the US population at a level of equality. Well, there is no one to admonish a wrong word, a negative insinuation or a snigger meant to ignite mental trauma. The affected persons are forced to react to the negative input. If I had not been there to invoke certain statutory by-laws from our own systems, Ashwina would have been forced to react to this one, and the next series of such taunts. Each reacting would bring her on par with her trainees.

Actually, in India, there are powerful corridors for such behaviour. A servant may taunt another servant, or some other person who is understood to be a subordinate, but not his master or someone from the master’s class. A peon may taunt another peon or a layman, but not his ‘officer’, in a non-belligerent situation.

The mental trauma of such taunts is not there for the superior. However, if a peon and his ‘officer’ are suddenly mentioned as equal, then the walls of this corridor break. It is the superior sections that then suffer. The inferior sections grow up in mental power, as they understand the powerful impact of their each and every word on the other section. When social engineering or re-engineering is being attempted, only persons with deep insight and information on what is being attempted should take up the leadership for this. Others with shallow insights should keep away from doing this. For, they are interfering with powerful machineries, with scare knowledge about their working.

Imposing negative equality

Now, an English reader may understand the trainee’s words as a standard example of bullying. However, it is not that happened, and Ashwina was not there as a trainee, but as a trainer. For explaining this deep rooted negative phenomenon, I need to make use of an illustrative narration.

A young man of were good family background was appearing for the IAS exam. This exam is the highest central government exam in India. By passing this exam, a person arrives on the top-most echelon of the bureaucracy. It is like becoming a king, in terms of pay, power and prestige. The exam has three levels: preliminary, main and interview.

At the time of writing the exams, this man’s family had suffered a terrible financial debacle and were literally on the verge of destitution. The young man passes the preliminary and the main. However on the day of the interview, his family had another terrible disaster and he was not able to face the interview.

As a back-up situation, he had applied for all kinds of government jobs. At that very moment he got selected as a peon in a state government office. With no means for his family to survive, and they not fully assured that he would pass the IAS exam another time, he was forced to join as the peon. Actually, this was only a temporary setback, for in the next few years, he would clear the exam in flying colour and reach the top levels.

When he joined the state government service as a peon, he was naturally in the company of other peons. Even though he was just a peon, the other peons and clerks would sense some kind of superiority in him, which they would need to erase. The way to do it would be to continually irritate the other person with snide remarks, unnecessary remarks, negative comparisons and much else. For example, a few persons are doing digital designing. If one person is seen to be showing a calibre quite higher than his station, the other man near to him would make such remarks as, ‘this looks like you!’ pointing to a monkey’s face on the computer.

The superior content peon would be forced to retort in a jovial manner and to react in a same manner to others. Or else he would have to get angry and retort back in an angry manner. In both cases, the effect would be the same. He would be forcefully pulled down to the lower mental mood. If this ambience continues, this man would find it mentally more difficult to pass the IAS exam. For, a low level mental mood would grip him. It gets encoded in the brain software, which in turn would creep into the codes of his intellect.

To make the reader understand the gravity of the lower mental mood that can set in a person in a feudal language social set up, I need to tell this tale:

There was one homeopathy graduate. That means a doctor, with proper 5 year degree qualification. Even though homeopathy is a fantastic medical subject that directly connects to the software of life, not many persons know about these things. Even the qualified homeopathy graduates have not much of an idea how their medical system works. In fact, a profound study of homeopathy, in a manner quite apart from the scientific methods of modern science, can bring in a lot of understanding about the virtual software that I have mentioned in my books.

When compared to allopathy, the social system does not give the same indicant word respect to homeopathy graduates. In fact, in many households of homeopathy graduates itself they are not seen as properly qualified graduates. Their family members do not give much credence to their claims. Moreover, the homeopathy graduates also come from very weak English background. However, over the years there has been a gradual change in mentality. One of the major helping factors is the general lowering of quality in the allopathy doctors. Not in subject knowledge, but with regard to English proficiency. In this regard, on an average, both allopathy as well as homeopathy graduates are arriving at the same level.

Now coming back to the protagonist of this story. He was married and had children. However there was not much value about him in his household and his wife’s household as a ‘doctor’. This reflected in his practise. He literally had no patients. It is patients that lend leadership to the doctor. However for a patient to allow himself to become a follower of a doctor, the doctor himself should show some leadership ability. This leadership ability basically comes from the position lend to him in his own household. These things are basically encoded in the feudal language codes. Otherwise he should be an impertinent prodigal son.

When he had no patients, he had no earnings. So he was under compulsion to write in the various PSC (Public Service Commission) exams. He applied even for a peon’s job. Providentially that was the job that came on offer to him. In his household, where he was held in low regard, and his own self esteem down on the edge, he joined as a peon in the government service. His wife and family members would see this job as a great achievement for him.

I speak of India. A peon’s job is designated as Class IV ‘officer’. Or at least, that is the way the peon’s call themselves. Almost all persons who get a peon’s job would be in a mood of celebration. For, at their own level they have become government ‘officer’. Lower class people would ‘respect’ them with higher words like ‘Saar’, ‘Chettan’Annan’ etc. However for a doctor to become a peon was a terrible lowering. The other peon’s would sense his superiority complex and his predicament. They would peck on him with vengeance. They would wreak havoc on mental stature. Their superiors, the government clerks’ also would seek to crush him. For, a superior under them would cause severe dislocation in the indicant word code route of command and discipline.

After serving for some months, the peon-turned-doctor committed suicide by jumping in front of a speeding train. The real mental spurring that made him do this wouldn’t be really understandable of a native-English speaker. Only an approximation would dawn on them.

Installing a valve

Now, I need to go back to the issue of the US policymaker forcefully mixing up different levels of populations.

In many ways the total disintegration in culture that has set into the younger generations of US can be connected to presenting them to children of other cultures with no reasonable amount of protection enabled to them. The most simple and yet most powerful protection that could have been allowed to them would have been a simple statutory statement that the native English-speaking children are there to improve the others’ culture, social behaviour, civic understandings and English speaking skills. If anyone from the lower population tried to disturb the other side, they will be removed from the school and put into a school meant exclusively for children who have been similarly removed. When my children were allowed to interact with our trainees, both children as well as adults, I insist on this very powerfully. I tell them that ‘Varuna and Ashwina do not want your training. They will do the training’.

I remember an instance when we were arranging the books in the training centre. Everyone, including the trainees was doing it. However, I noticed that one senior aged person was making Ashwina carry books which he was telling her to keep in a specific place in another room. I had to intervene immediately and tell him that this was not allowed. He should not tell Ashwina to do this and that. For, she was the trainer and he was the trainee. A reverse code of control and command would work out in the feudal languages, in which he was a native of. In English, this action may not seem of much significance. However, direction components march in, when the scene is visualised in the feudal vernaculars.

A grand mediocrity versus persevering endeavours

If Abraham Lincoln or any of his successors had any intelligence to say this much, it would have been a piece of great intellectual input and daring. Simply running a war and bringing havoc on great social machines cannot be insisted as a piece of great capacity, when that capacity is inherently there in the national armed services. Actually Britain had brought about a ban on slavery almost worldwide without resorting to any large-scale war. It couldn’t bring this enlightenment in the areas inside the US, due to the misguided actions of such persons as George Washington. Washington was possibly nursing his grudge that he couldn’t get an admission into the British militia.

The gravity of what he did may dawn in the minds of his and his fellow men’s descendents only in the coming years. As they increasingly become an acute minority among a huge cross-section of persons who clamour about screeching off their freedom in the same guise as a group of school children in a government school in India would run out shrieking, the moment their class is over.

Within and without

Varuna and Ashwina did not mix with the local society. For, the systems were different. If they were to enter into the inner corridors of the local social system, they would be placed within it, and they would be forced to act out in the ways and manners that the others set out for them. The theme of individual free will, independent thoughts, freedom to do what one wants, dress in what one likes, everything are all quite misunderstood or wrongly understood notions. Language systems really do install powerful limits to all these things.

For, the moment Varuna and Ashwina joins the local social system, there are standard routes of social behaviour including that of how they should address others, to whom they should extend respect, to whom they act insolently, whom they can ignore etc. The only extent of freewill that they can use is to either fall in line or rebel. Falling in line would mean streamlining their mental process to that stream. To rebel would be to follow a stream of rebelling. Both are induced. There is no escape from both. Either one or the other.

However, the stance they were to act out was to keep out of the local social system. However as they were accepted as trainers by a section of the people, they had the right to insist on a different way of mingling and arriving at social links. It is an entirely different world from the local setup. It is based on pristine English. Pristine English systems are mimicked to the best possible extent. For, mimicking is the only option available. For, they are not English in blood, cultural background and domicile or in social ambience.

Now, this right that was given to Varuna and Ashwina is a slender right, which actually has no statutory support over here in India. That was why third rate government officials could come and force them to join the local schools. However it must be admitted that the few government officials including a Sub Inspector of police and an officer of the Social Welfare Department, who came to investigate in the case of Ashwina, gave glowing reports about their standards.

The legal commission before which the case was filed dismissed the petition against Ashwina’s lack of formal education. {However, persistent legal cases that went on being filed before different legal bodies forced me to give up, and Ashwina was finally admitted into Class IV of a local English medium school. The last one was before a Human Rights Commission, who had had not even heard of the concept of Home Education. Ashwina already suffered from the fact that her sister Varuna had been forcibly put into school some years back, and thus missed the positive intellectual and other inputs her proximity with Varuna would have given her}.

Now, it is this minor right that Varuna and Ashwina had, to keep out of disliked social and cultural systems and to ignore them, that the native English speaking children of the US were forced to give up, when they were forced to interact with the blacks and other nationalities without any statutory protection to their own social and cultural standards. The government should have done a study and enumerated the list of cultural and social habit, and also of personality stances which would be different in each group. After that, a very precise position on what is acceptable and what is not should have been done.

Even to force an individual to speak or to look at another individual in the eye, whose tone of facial expression, insinuations in the eye, pose of domination etc. are distasteful can be wrong. The issue of who wants to mix with who should be understood and powerfully mentioned. If the native-English individuals wants to mix with the blacks who were the descendents of erstwhile slaves, what is it that makes them attractive should be studied and listed. Do the blacks want that? If not, why? If yes, why? What would be the changes that would come in either side with this interaction? These are things that should be mentioned.

If the blacks who were the descendants of the erstwhile slaves want to mix with the people of native-English ancestry, what is it that makes them attractive to them? If such a thing is done, what will be the changes that come in each? Whose systems will dominate when such a thing happens?

Apart from all this, who will stand as an arbitrator on deciding which kind of behaviour, speaking styles, physical postures etc. can be condoned and which all cannot be? There is also the grave factor of sexual attraction.

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