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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Wearing out refinement


01. HuffingtonPost

02. An implausible daring

03. Activating indicant code triggers on the road

04. How refinement can wear out

05. An irksome mood of persevering competition



Now, I need to speak of Indian culture. For, I have mentioned that I would move into that some time back. The question was about what would happen if the American Constitution was adopted as the constitution of India. However, before moving ahead into the topic, I need to finish up my words on HuffingtonPost.

I had made around less than 400 comments on this digital newspaper’s various news and blog posts. Now, in my case, there were a few frill elements of difference from the many others who did similar things over there. The main issue was that I was not an American. That is not from the US. Nor was I from any of the English nations. However not many persons would have believed that I was from India. In fact, when I did mention that, there was some level of surprise. And above that, there were in the words of at least one person, a tinge of condescension as he moved on to cut off further conversation.

docmark May 22, 2012 at 3:46am on HuffingtonPost Comments

This is my last reply. It’s also the reply to your last comment (requiring two posts). First, your logic is completely skewed (some might describe it as non-existent) and based on too many false assumptions and facts. If you truly are from India, I would suggest doing a little more research on America’s founders. Most of them were very well educated...formally. Second, we have no common ground. You seem more intent on impressing me with your vocabulary rather than your actual point. There’s no need to convince me that a formal education is not (necessarily) a requirement to be “educated”. If it makes you feel good to use “big words”, by all means, go for it. But please, find someone else to impress.

The main problem with my comments was that it was from a position that was quite unheard of. I was seen to be supportive of racism, for many persons accused me of being racist. However, that was a quite a preposterous accusation. The issue was that my understandings on the basic errors infecting the American social landscape were from a position that could be identified only as that of a White Supremist from their limited perspective.

Now that is the problem with the social debate over there. Nothing connected to social issues can be intelligently debated over there without being seen on either side of the race question. This is a problem for me, for my intellectual position was quite too different from all that minor and mediocre ideas. If there is a problem with a race or with a skin colour or with a social attitude of any people of any particular nativity, there should be a daring to take it up for study and scrutiny. That is how a healthy social system can be maintained in the US. Otherwise even when there is a real negativity connected to any skin-coloured persons, there will be no remedy to rectify it.

An implausible daring

It is a daring that most people from feudal language nations do not have. For instance, I do belong to a lower caste in South India. However, I have been able to train out a lot of people from the lower castes off their lower caste demeanour. This has been done not by ignoring the negative attributes and claiming superior attributes. Instead my attitude has been to forcefully mention that these are the negative features in these lower castes. It is their duty to iron them out. It has been a quite effective stance. However, in English nations, people from dirtying social systems barge inside and put on a facial expression that they are of divine dispositions.

Above the rights of purview by anyone! No one has the right to get annoyed by the negativities that they pour in! It is definitely not a healthy attitude for anyone concerned. Neither for the newcomers nor for the English social framework that ultimately has to bear the trauma of powerful despoiling codes that these people bring in.

See my writings on the caste that I was born in. CHECK THE DIGITAL VERSION OF THIS BOOK

The newcomers come with mental prompts that can be quite distressing to the quietude of a serene English nation. Actually English nations should innately be of tranquil disposition. However, the US doesn’t have this reputation. Yet, there is this thing to be mentioned here. Guns are free for buying in the US. Anyone can buy a gun. Still there is not much of decimation of the population over there. It may be understood that this is because the social communication is in English. If it had been in any feudal language, then the incessant social irritations would have taken its toll on the population. So, in the ultimate sense, the US is a serene nation, despite the people having guns and other ammunitions.

Still, the society can slowly change. For example, in the case of automobile driving. Persons from feudal language nations are innately prompted to act out various irksome poses by the triggers in their languages. A youngster who drives or a young professional commercial vehicle driver can very easily be provoked to act out supremely showing off driving standards by just addressing him with a lower indicant You, or referring to him with a lower indicant He. The need to show that he is better than what the others measure him as, prompts him to do some real dare-devil driving acts. [Actually this spur is in all actions in the society].

Then there is always the value adding that is required to boost one’s individuality by over-speeding and showing off. Even though it may be said that this is a universal problem, the fact is that in feudal languages, there are very definite codes that provoke these actions.

Activating indicant code triggers on the road

Then there is the issue of small vehicles being seen as inferior and big vehicles being seen as superior in the indicant word codes. It can really boost a commercial vehicle like a lorry’s driver’s ego as he sits in the huge cabin of a huge lorry. He would feel the raising of his indicant code value. The small vehicles look puny. However this would directly conflict with the ego of a driver of an expensive car. He would see a person of intrinsically low indicant value trying to rise above the parameters of his indicant value. He would treat with utter scorn the ego claims of the lorry driver.

Beyond this would be the total defining of small vehicles like motor bikes and ordinary cycle as mere insignificant things and their drivers as next to nothing. Corresponding indicant words come into play.

Then there is the issue of the ability to use a horn. Commercial drivers of jeeps, auto rickshaws etc. are seen as nonentities in feudal language social systems, by the higher groups. This an ego issue for them. Now, the other side has a very powerful weapon in their hands that can make them equal to the others, who claim social superiority. This is the horn. They will use it indiscriminately to level the social ups and downs. It is like giving a gun to a similar guy. He will use it to bring about his own social elevation, or to flatten out all other elevations.

There are other issues also. For example, a vehicle is trying to overtake another vehicle. At the same time another vehicle in coming in the opposite direction. This vehicle has to slow down to allow the overtaking vehicle time to cross. However in a feudal language nation, when the fast approaching vehicle’s driver is a low indicant level guy, instead of slowing down, he would step on the accelerator and come right in to block the overtaking vehicle and to make it go backwards. In achieving this, he would get a mental satiation of a social elevation. He is in desperate need of such positive value addition to his weak indicant value in the virtual codes.

At the same time, if the approaching vehicle is driven by a socially superior person and the overtaking vehicle is driven by socially lower indicant word level person, the superior person would feel compelled to halt the smaller man in his endeavour. For, it would seem an inappropriate thing to allow a smaller guy precedence over the superior.

There are so many such behaviour aspects that feudal language codes can activate in an individual. Now, when such persons arrive in English nations, these mental prompts can slowly get erased. However, it may take time. The mental trauma and the toll on the social communication that these irksome codes can bring in can be overwhelming and can cause a lot of bruises on the native-English citizens that would remain unhealed. In the long term, many minor areas of social refinement, politeness and a sense of fair-play would wear out. For, these things would seem quite useless when dealing with persons who exploit every act of consideration for their own gain in social competition.

How refinement can wear out

Here I need to go back to India. Good English medium schools teach their students the elegance of queuing, giving right to precedence, not to elbow out people in front, saying Thank You, Sorry, Excuse me, I beg your pardon, Good Morning etc. and in being quite polite and courteous. However, students who come out from government vernacular schools do not usually have any such training. So, in any social interaction, these latter people would seem to be quite street-smart.

The former would seem to be quite timid and too hesitating to take advantage of any chance to act discourteously to promote oneself. However, as the former slowly gets to experience his own weakness prompted by his own politeness, he would slowly remove such limiting training from his mind. He also starts using cruder techniques.

Actually I remember a principal of a central government school telling me frankly that when it comes to real competition, students who come get trained thus would outsmart the students who have had training in social civility. In many ways, he was simply suggesting the uselessness of training in social refinement.

The refinement of English nations would wear off, and a terrible kind of Asian/African social culture would come out.

An irksome mood of persevering competition

Beyond all this would be the incessant mental prompt to defeat the local native-English speaking persons and their children in every endeavour. For, at least some of these newcomers would come with a mental affliction that everything they and their children do should be with an aim to defeat the locals. They would turn every social function, including education into a field of infinite and incessant competition.

The local population can at first act as if these quirks are fads that would soon go away. However, these things also, when they are still there can input deep and lingering pain and anguish on the serene English social landscape. Slowly the native-English would get the idea that brute strength is what runs things, and not quiet refinement. The feudal language social code of Might is right has arrived!

I am sure that over the decades the US social landscape has changed from all these impacts of alien objects.

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