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Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!



It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Entering an area of tremulous disquiet


01. A long route to quality enhancement

02. The spur of the terror

03. The reality of an Indian city scene


Now, how can I try to explain the encasing power of social definitions? Well, it is not quite easy. For one thing, it is like discussing racism among a mix of people who belong to various colours and ethnic background. One cannot discuss the various negative features of the sides which claim to be facing the brunt of racist comments. For, if these things are mentioned, they would go in for a real violent mood.

I think the best thing is to take up my own experience, instead of trying to imagine other persons in the various sections. Basically, I belong to a family that had, from the times I remember, a very superiority complex. It was not connected to any financial acumen, even though one can’t say that the reverse was the truth. Both parents were kind of un-conceding types to the claims of local society. My father had a formidable stature in his business line. My mother was a senior bureaucrat with a very formidable designation name. My one sister, a professor in an elite Engineering college, the other, a paediatrician, and a brother having good social stature among the Indian crowd in a Middle-East nation.

However, I had no designation, other than that of a businessman at times, with lean periods of no business. Many times, in many places in India, to the immediate neighbour, I would be a loafer, when actually I would be quite busy in some grand business enterprise. I did not usually divulge my work or engagements to others around me. What made me refrain was their very obvious requirement to measure me to ‘respect’ or to ‘disrespect’ me. From very early days, in my life, I took up an attitude that I did not want ‘respect’ from ‘Indians’, if that meant that I have to redefine myself as per their social scales. This really took me to a very strange route of disregarding formal education, formal qualifications, socially valued professions, and also to a dislike for government jobs. If someone should say that it was a very perilous route, well, I enjoyed the experience that it gave me, in retrospect. However, there had been so many close calls in my life.

Now, there was this experience that I should bring into the current context. There were times when I would be without money and living in dire situations in some part of the nation. Naturally it is money that can keep up one above and distant from the lower sections of the society. However, when this energy is low, one comes into close proximity to the lower sections of the social order. However, what I observed is that many of the persons of the low order are not much different from so many persons of the high order. Yet, the lower order persons are all encased into a social section from which they cannot escape. It is through their own links to others in the same social order. There are group identities that would have diffused into every one of them.

For example, the way they address the seniors in the society, how they define them, how they measure or evaluate them etc. are all pre-set.

However, in my case, even though during some periods of acute impecuniosities I have come into close proximity to them, I do not allow such codes to enter into me. For, even though I am physically with them, I am mentally at a different level. This difference is really connected to two very specific powerful platforms that I have. One is that even though I wander around the nation, I am still connected to what one may call socially prominent persons, financial acumen and such things. Actually, when introducing myself in a social context, I can use the low level address of where I am at any particular moment or I can simply shift to the address that is connected to my home, my contact at high social and professional levels etc. Even when the exact current physical address is feeble, the other one is almost formidable.

Now, this is a very significant issue for the lower sections. They have only one address or one social level. Even though everyone of them might be trying hard to elevate themselves through various social links, the fact is that the vast majority of lower class ‘Indians’ do not have a higher address to shift themselves to. Almost all of them are connected to equally feeble platforms.

The thing is that when someone might define me as an Avan due to my seeming poor physical area of existence, the moment I shift to the higher platform, the section is that of Avar. Even if no one specifically ‘respect’ me thus, the social section that I am encased in is of the higher class.

Now, even though some people may think that this is a universal experience, it is not true. Even if one were to claim that such an experience is there in English, in actuality, it would not be there. For, there is no issue of social sections being arrayed vertically on the basis of indicant codes. [I must admit that this particular issue is not exactly there in many households of Kerala, for almost all of them are connected to someone working in the gulf, whereby financial status can be claimed at least in the future]

I mentioned a second factor also that gave me the protection. That was my proficiency in English. Even when I was in a very terrible condition in any part of India, during any time in the last thirty years, I did not feel any social disablement. For, to arrive on a level of equal dignity with anyone of seeming high level all I needed was to shift my communication to English. Now, as a slight digression I should add that this stance of mine, I have seen, did unnerve many persons from the lower sections. For, they couldn’t understand how I could communicative at this level, when they, with more seeming social capacity than me couldn’t communicate thus. The usual experience of mine in this regard would be, them going ahead with some negative information about me to the other persons; so as to desperately stall my social communication. However, these things do not really matter much, for I have rarely lived more than three years in a place. Moreover, such experiences were quite rich in their inputs. For, this book writing has been ignited by such experiences.

Now, continuing on the route of English: Even when everyone around me is encased in a certain type of social environment, my situation was quite different. I was like a marine animal that could live both under water as well as keep its head above the water for any number of hours. For, when I feel stuck in the monotony of the social circle, I just raise my head into the world of English. I was quite well-read in English till my graduation years. That input is still of very formidable standards.

When I emerge out of the social pit, my head is in an English environment, where there are no indicant word codes. I can interact with anyone I want. My reading standards take me up above the meanness of Indian feudal codes and reflexes. With the coming of Internet, actually my ambit went quite high. It went beyond the limits of national boundaries, as well as skin colour connotations. In English, it is my connection to British Classics that I very proud of. Actually, I took a lot of effort to make my children get acquainted with British Classics.

I had much reading knowledge in many other things also. Including higher sides of Physics, World History, Colonial history, Indian epics (puranas), Greek tales at a very young age. I have done intense writings on Islamic themes as well as on Vedic themes. Mostly on ghost writing terms. In spite of all these inputs, I have frantically endeavoured to bring in British Classics into the reading capacity of my children. For, I understand that this is a level of human mind that exists much above the tormenting codes of feudal communication, which can despoil and torment a human society.

I should not continue like this. For, I am not sure what an average reader’s reaction to such claims would be. Yet, what I am hinting at is this. This emerging out of the water into an ambience of individual dignity and freedom is not possible for the majority lower class people of India. For, they have been deliberately kept unlearned in English. Why? For, the very precise reason that they would get a freer ambience to raise their burdened heads into.

A long route to quality enhancement

Now, I need to go back to the Delhi incident. A huge section of the population in Delhi is kept in the lower levels. They have no links to the higher levels. They do not know English, into which they can raise their heads at periodic intervals to emerge from the suffocation of feudal suppression. Their earnings are very low. In fact, it has to be kept very low. {In the year 1999, a housemaid could be had for as low as Rs.200 per month). Otherwise with that financial acumen, they would poke themselves into the social ambience of the upper class. In all ways, the lack of financial acumen combined with the lack of English knowledge keeps the majority in a social condition very much akin to the apartheid practised in South Africa.

The Whites who kept apart were also the people who brought in quality, education, healthcare, neat social planning, a high quality and corruption–free officialdom and much else. However, in Delhi, the upper classes were just the opposite. They used the pejorative part of the Hindi language on the majority population, while in South Africa the lower classes had the opportunity to learn English, which was naturally disliked by the Black leadership. For, if their followers learned English, it would erase their own leadership over them.

The lower classes in Delhi are nice if they are respectful. However, if they are not respectful, they are terribly nasty. For, if they are not respectful, it is the disrespect of very lowly persons. It can be truly tormenting. A pull to a platform quite below the base levels.

In fact, many years ago, I have had the chance to experience both. They have to be necessarily kept down. Or that is the best short-term option to deal with them. However, there is always the other option, which is long-term and quite drawn out. This was what the officials of the British East India Company did, and which no Indian official or leadership would contemplate on doing. That of improving the quality of the lower classes.

This is a long-term process, full of dangerous ingredients. For, if a very cordoned-off English education based on England standards are imparted to the lower classes, there would come about a major change in the quality of the people. However the dangers are of varied content. The first one would be the reaction of their local leadership. They wouldn’t like the sudden improvement of a people, who are their natural followers. When followers become better than leaders, naturally leaders become redundant. That is how the leader-follower link exists in feudal languages. For, it is not like it is in English. In feudal languages, there is an essential need for a lower stature for the follower, to fortify the codes of ‘respect’ versus pejoratives.

The spur of the terror

Now, look at the sexual attack. Abduction of females for sex is very common in Delhi. I think on an average at least one per week or month could be the minimum. Basically females from the lower classes can be abducted, and the chance of a police investigation is quite minimal. For, the lower classes with miniscule daily income cannot come to the police station. Their demands would be met with scorn. For, they would immediately be kept at the Thu and USS level. That is enough to cordon and curtail their public capacities. They have not been taught to demand ‘respect’ from the public servants. In fact it is not possible to do it from a lower indicant code level.

However females from the upper classes, at least some of them do know about this, and know how to demand ‘respect’. See the video given above The video is seen removed:

The female in this video is quite courageous. She demands that the policeman refrain from using the pejorative form (Nee) of addressing on her. However, it is only one side of the issue.

For, it is quite probable that she would be using similar pejoratives to her own servants. Her mental irritation is that she is herself placed in the same subordination that she reserves for her servants, by the policeman. Usually very rarely do individuals in India do have the courage to demand the official class to refrain from using pejoratives. However these same spineless characters, if they were to immigrate to some English nations, would be very courageous to demand that the natives there should be punished for ‘racist’ comments. Even that courage comes from an English nation. Not from India.

There have been instances in Delhi wherein the females have been abducted and kept for a few days of prolonged sexual use and then simply dumped on some road. She would naturally bear the mental and physical trauma of the enduring physical sexual assault. However, in this particular case, sex was only a minor part of the trauma that she suffered. She was brutally attacked, in a manner that went beyond the scope of a sexual act. For, the urges of a sexual act is over, the moment it is over.

Now, why did the persons go berserk? Well, I think that it can be clearly seen if one were to go through the words used in the interaction. The main attacker and his companions would have used the lower indicant words, including Thu, USS and other pejorative part of the communication on the female and her companion. This itself is a very powerful mental attack on them, who would naturally claim a social elevation. They would have retorted in the same tone. Actually this retorting does not act as a shield, but rather connects both sides on the same platform.

On the other side, the person would be a leader to the other group. He would be a Ji and many other higher indicant ‘respected’ (Mahatma) person to his subordinate section. When he is addressed in the pejorative, not only him, but his followers also would be deeply provoked. Now, actually if this is done in a proper social ambience, in which other persons and systems play their role, addressing a driver in the pejorative is not be seen as provocative.

Even if he is provoked, he would not have anything to do about it. For all the others in the scene would also work towards placing him in that degraded position. However, right inside the small scene inside the bus, he is the leader and top most, with a lot of followers to prop him up. It is a literally a fight between two mutually downsizing software codes.

Added to that, there is the constant code in almost all Indian vernaculars, that females are the lower section. To top this, actually most of the Indian females are not equal in capacity to a male, if the social codes are removed. A person, who belongs to this ‘lesser’ group, trying to-cut-to-size the driver-leader inside the miniscule social ambience, is what could have provoked that side to batter the female. When this is going on, there are other mental provocations also coming to spur the terror. His suppressed anger at his social situation, the exact codes of which he has no real understanding.

However, to say that he is right in this also is erroneous. For, the lower classes are nice only if they are respectful. If they are not, they are on the other side of communication. They reverse the codes and use the pejorative on the others who come under them. It is a terribly negative ambience. One that cannot be corrected by mere corrections in isolation. A total change of social mental ambience has to happen.

The reality of an Indian city scene

Now, this discussion promotes thought to continue to certain other issues. Why is Delhi so crowded with bare amenities for a huge number of lower class populations? Well, the answer could be that a huge number of such persons are migrants from other states. Why do they barge inside even when the amenities are so bad?

Well, the reason is that life in their own native lands is more unbearable. If better conveniences and amenities are provided in the city, more people would migrate into the city. So not providing good amenities is a technique to dissuade such moves. In fact, many other cities in India also face similar problems, and do the same tactics to dissuade migrants. {Only English nations do the opposite and end up with a non-ending flow of immigrants}.

Now, how does one really stop this urge to move to bigger cities? Well, the answer lies in making the villages and small town really attractive. Now, it is here that a very clear understanding of what is attractive should be mentioned. A social arena becomes attractive if the social language is pristine English. If it is some feudal language, then the social system becomes either quite suppressed, or it’s very opposite, that of total disarray.

My aim here is to provoke higher level thoughts as to what to do with the people here. Should the nation be full of people who are of varying mental heights in a feudal language? It is true that many persons can migrate to English nations and act out as geniuses. For, once a person enters an English ambience, an astronomically huge section of negativity that afflicts him vanishes. It is true that the various persons who immigrate to English nations do not acknowledge or know that it is English that is making that nation and society neat and tidy. They can afford to act foolish or to be quite ungrateful to English. For they have arrived in an English nation. They feel secure enough to be unappreciative.


SEE the comments that came on HuffingtonPost that came out attacking my argument.

MY COMMENT: The people of the US do not understand that all it takes another nation to become as great and prosperous is to simply change the social and all other communication codes to pristine English (not Indian English and such other kinds of feudal-English). After enjoying all the benefits of an English ambience, these people have the nerve to speak in such insulting manner about England and English. Any man who comes from a feudal language nation knows the advantage of acquiring English and being domiciled in an English social system. However, it is only the rare individual who would admit this. Every improvement that perches on an individual when he or she arrives in an English nation is quietly rephrased as something innate in his or her genes.

Also, the commenting persons mess up everything in the comments. When speaking about English, they mingle their arguments with ‘Europeans’. When speaking about quality improvement, they refrain from mentioning what quality Africans and Asians have contributed. When speaking about slavery, they trivialise the slavery in other places where people still live as slaves and mentally accept their condition, because there is no one to define their state as slavery. None of the commenting persons have any idea about the problem of feudalism in Asian, African and some European languages. That the pejorative content in the indicant codes can putrefy human individuality is not known to them. No one accepts that everyone, including Europeans, Asians and Africans have improved when living in English systems. There is no interest in visualising what would be the condition of human beings if they are made to live in Asian, African and certain negative European nations.

There is no intelligence to understand that every one of them or their ancestors have literally run out of their own native nations to escape the social negativity there. No one knows what these negativities are. And whether they are themselves the carriers of these negativities. The US is not a quality nation anymore. It is heading the way of Asian and African nations, but enjoying the benefits of an English communication system. What this advantage is not one of the commenter is aware of. Every one of them is in a haste to talk with authority about things that they have not even a miniscule bit of information.

Being with the White English speaking crowd of English nations is a great experience that most people all around the world would yearn for. It is nothing to do with their white skin colour. But the grand egalitarian nature of the English language. The persons who wrote comments on HuffingtonPost to disparage me are all enjoying the direct or frill benefits that came from contact with the repository of pristine English. Yet, none of them have the cheek to admit it. The truth is that a huge section of the world population would love to exchange their position with them.

After the formation of India in 1947, the officialdom went totally corrupt and the police went brutal and the nation was looted in every form. Forests were wiped out. Animals were hunted down mercilessly. A small section of people made money in this state of affairs and had their children to move to Great Britain and to the US and other English nations, using the money they had thus looted. It is possible that many of the persons who have arrived in English nations from Asia and Africa may be connected to the loot of their native nations. In India, the looters write history blaming the British rule for all problems, so as to cover up their own looting. The same thing is done by their kinfolk who have arrived in English nations.

My children do not have the looks of the earlier age Thiyyas who bore social suppression. However, unless I deliberately get them to understand the real levels from where they have developed, there is no possible way for them to imagine that they belonged by ancestry to a lower level class or caste of the southern parts of the sub-continent. It would be quite easy for them to claim that they do belong to a very high quality society, and that their forefathers belonged to superior classes. END OF DIGRESSION

However, the rest of the huge population is stuck back here. Everyone cannot escape to English nations.

If a quality nation has to be created, the tremendous amount of evil and negative features in Indian social communication has to be removed. At all social sections, a great part of the people become dirt, and a few try out the best of means to remain at the gold level. The latter crush the others to dirt levels to remain at the gold level. No individual can be faulted for this. That is how the communication software dictates and the way people have to behave.

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