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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 5 - The generalisations
2. Mental Effects, including telepathic effects

It is my conviction that human mind can affect others. Check this link.

I was once travelling in a train in Bombay, with an acquaintance of mine, a few years back. The train was crowded. Suddenly I had a feeling to call home, which was around 1,200 Kms from Bombay. I used my acquaintance’s small mobile phone and called my wife from inside the running train. All around me were surging masses of men, all in various states of bewildering animation. From the midst of all this, I was talking to my wife from a train which was moving very fast. Whatever I said was affecting her mind, and whatever she said was affecting my mind. This mental communication was all with no tangible connecting entity between us. That time, which was in the early days of mobile phones in India, the effect was of supernatural level.

Actually what connected us was the small contraption called mobile phone. The medium used was not a see-able or feel-able thing. Mobile phone technology is very feeble when compared with the human brain. The latter is very much advanced and incomparably higher in capacity and intricacy. It is only probable that the human brain also does have mechanisms that do inter-brain communications.

NOTE added on the 31st of May 2016:

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If this is possible for the brain, then in combination with the indicant value indicators that feudal language programmed brains can evaluate, the human brain does have a very imposing capacity to influence human society. However, I will very frankly admit that I myself am not clear in what it is that I want to convey.

Yet, I may try to give an inkling of it, through some illustrative stories. One of my acquaintances was a publisher in Delhi, India. He had to regularly go to the Central Secretariat (Central government Ministry office) to meet the Ministers and their private staff, in regard to the business of designing out government propaganda advertising. His sales staff would already have done the spadework.

There was a period of time, when he was under severe financial strains. He sold his expensive car. However he arranged for a chauffeur-driven rental car, with private car registration. This arrangement was on a 24 hour-monthly basis, and involved a lot of expense. Why he wanted this car was for his impromptu business trips to various places, including the Central Secretariat.

I once asked him why he couldn’t engage a taxi, when he wanted to go the Central Secretariat, and other places. He then replied that actually for the purpose of going he can very well, even engage an auto-rickshaw (three-wheeler taxi vehicle), for the same purpose. It would be very, very cheap indeed. But then, the mental aura that comes with an arrival in a chauffeur-driven private car would not be there. He said, ‘If I arrive in such a vehicle, even the very pillar in the Secretariat would know it. When I enter the Minister’s office, the exuberance that I bring in will be felt by everyone. I then would get the appropriate positive response. At the same time, if I come in a taxi car or an auto-rickshaw, or if I had been accompanied by a lower class companion, even the security guards in the building would discern the negativity, even if they don’t actually see my vehicle or my companion’.

Likewise, one may carry the aura of one’s base class-level, wherever one goes, even if one does not convey the same verbally. A little part of this affect may be due to the body language. Whatever the reason, the indicant word level is conveyed. In fact, in a feudal language world, there is an almost invisible and also spontaneous transmission of one’s indicant word level. The cumulative effect of this would be an overwhelming social force on any individual.

I don’t know, if I have clearly conveyed what is in my mind. Yet, even if it is not clear, for I myself am not convinced that I did convey it in a good manner, it does not matter. For, I am myself not very clear about what is in my mind. Let it be a matter for the posterity to dabble on. For there is much that needs to be understood about the various aspects and the internal nature of the software program we generally call ‘language’.

I do believe with the deepest of my conviction that there is a wealth of information to be dug out from the depths of this software. In each line, and each loop, and each statement, inside the interiors of language softwares, there are very powerful social motivating, and positioning engines, waiting for the switch-on command. These engines can, not only design the society, but can also cause violence, bring in peace, make a man timid, and shy, make another man daring and brave etc.

Languages are the repositories of human social and historical experiences, though to open or to retrieve these golden information may need powerful tools.

Moreover, even in the realm of mental distress, which is commonly called as Mental Disease, the component of language needs to be deciphered. There may come a time, when one may even with mathematical precision be able to calculate, which language, in which combination of persons, at what number of individuals, can create turbulence.

All that is in the distant future. For, the time being, I leave this theme for my cotemporaries to dwell upon.

There is no contention in this book that anyone is inferior or superior. The book is not anti-Asian, anti-African, anti-European, nor is it anti any race or caste. It is not pro-British or pro-American. Yet it can be slightly seen to be pro-English. Yet, beyond that it is only a study into what one may understand as the effect of the structure of the software for communication, on all living organisms.

There is also no contention that an Englishman of whatever colour, is better than say an Asian, African and European etc. What the whole contention can mean may be summed up as that when a person thinks in a feudal language, the very person as well as the society gets split into a cascade of personalities, each at variance with each other.

It is my belief that there is much in my arguments in this book that needs deep reflection. All societies and civilisations, including the ancient ones like that of the Incas, the Maya, the ancient Egyptian, the Vedic, the Dravidian, the Greek, the Roman, the Indus valley and all others need to be studied in the light of the idea that their language structure, and form can have a deep bearing on how they functioned, and how they were overwhelmed.

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