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Indicant Words

In this book, there is a term called Indicant words used. What is an indicant word? This is a term I had used in my previous book March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages. I quote from that book:

In feudal languages, there are Key words or indicants, which are seemingly insignificant, but the usage or presence of them can give deep insight to the onlooker or the hearer, on the financial, social or feudal position of the person referred to, or of the person to whom it is addressed, or of the person himself who has spoken it. These words are usually very short, and to the person who does not know the language, it may not even be audible in the whole chatter of seeming gibberish. Nevertheless, this gibberish would be compact communication packages, which convey not only information, queries and feelings, but also strong social designs; which can force a person to bend, pay homage, show respect, show indifference, be arrogant, be condescending, be insincere, be insecure, be mentally disturbed, be efficient, be intolerant to capability and efficiency, show signs of mental instability etc.

All indicants come in a package. For, example the lowest level of You will be packed with the lowest level of Him or Her; and with the lowest level of His or Hers. In a tightly packed closed society, these indicants become a sort of attribute of the personality of the person itself, from which it is not at all easy or even possible to escape.

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