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Codes of reality!

What is language!


A man who was a native of a forest is taken up as a caretaker by a family in a small town. Naturally, he knows nothing about modern gadgetries. He is shown how to switch on the motor. His understanding is that whenever the water gets over in the taps, he is to press on the switch. Then the water would start coming through the taps. After a particular length of time, he has to switch-off the switch.

It is a great learning for him. One time, he forgot to switch off in time. He saw water falling from the terrace. Even though he did not really understand what was happening, he ran and switched off the switch. He had never been taken to the terrace. So he was not aware of the existence of a tank. Nor did he know anything about the motor. His understanding was simply that when he switches-on the switch, water starts coming through the tap again.

One day, he switched on the switch. The taps remained dry. He couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. That day, the master of house took him to the motor. For the first time, he saw the motor. A wire had gone loose. His master repaired it, and showed him how it was done. Now he understood that when he switched on the switch, the motor starts and water gets pulled up from somewhere.

Later he was shown the well. Another day, he got to see the tank. One by one he started seeing other parts of the whole gadgetry that brought in the water to the tank.  The pipes, the float, the foot-valve, the wires, the input tubes, the output tubes and such other things. In fact, a lot of things can happen at so many places that can disrupt the input of water into the tank. And also the output of water from the tank to the taps. Moreover, if things are not done correctly or if there is any damage somewhere, water may go elsewhere.

Now, let me extrapolate this idea to life and reality. In one’s life, one does things, and sees the direct effect of one’s actions. One works hard and money flows in. However, in the case of certain others, they do things, but the results do not match their efforts. Something has gone somewhere. Actually, in the case of reality also, there is much other hidden gadgetry through which all our actions do proceed. All one is doing in the material world is similar to the switching-on of the switch by forest man. We are not aware of the inner gadgetry into which our actions are activating certain switches. Many things can go wrong. The expected results can go elsewhere, and things can go haywire.

Now, what is this inner gadgetry that I am speaking off? Well, my contention is that reality is a creation of a software-like thing. Its true features, I am not at the moment able to contemplate upon. However, by studying certain things available to us, I intend to try to detect it, or at least ponder over it.

From the various observations that I have made in my life, I have come upon the understanding that human languages do have codes embedded inside them. These codes do have the capacity to link with the codes of reality, or at least they do have some connection with the codes of reality. I propose to study the codes inside languages to seek a route to enter the domain of the codes of reality.  

The reader should understand that the route to understanding is a bit weird. However, rest assured that there is indeed a route.

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