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What is language!

A curious contemplation

For a long time, I had been contemplating on the issue of what would be the effect of bringing up a local child in perfect English conditions. It was not a theme of educating a local child in English, but from providing a perfect English environment, in which no local language codes were allowed to enter.

There were plenty of English educated children and persons in India. It is true that there is a qualitative change visible in them, as compared to persons who have not had any English experience. However these persons were still affected by the local language codes. For example, if the child knows Malayalam, he or she would still be affected by the words Nee (lower you), Avan, Oan (lower he), Aval, aol (lower she), and such words as Chakken, Payyan, (lower words signifying lad), Pennu (lower word for girl, woman), Eda, Edi (suppressive words of You), and many such things.

Moreover, he or she would be bearing the burden of having to prop up certain others using such superior words as Sar, Adheham, Avar, Ningal. Here, it would be the self inflicted crushing that these words lend as he or she uses such words to place others in positions of superiority. 

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