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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Coded treachery

Later in typical Indian attribute of treachery and ungratefulness, many of them tried to become social leaders by riding high on the uneducated pedestrian movement called the Indian Freedom Struggle. Even my own mother’s father did try to attain to leadership through this means, but he was not able to hold on in the mad scramble among the Strugglers, as it became known that any Tom, Dick and Harry could become political leaders in the new found political system based on a nutty idea called democracy; in which persons with no quality, intellect, ideas, imagination, foresight and zero English knowledge came to replace the supremely refined English period of rule.

I understood that the change in physical attributes could be associated with the codes of language. The fact that English was entirely different from the local Malayalam was quite evident to me from a very early age. Later as I came across Indian kids born or bred in English atmospheres, I more or less came to see the same physical change in them that I had seen in a small section of the Thiyyas in Tellicherry. As to the Thiyyas in Tellichery, their physical attributes quite fast were seen to return back to their traditional looks, as time distanced their descendants from the English rule times.

Later, much later in the year 1989, I set out to write my book on feudal languages. After many corrections and additions, around the year 2000, I published this book online under the title: March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages. In my own family only my daughter, then aged around 6 was aware of this book.

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