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Codes of reality!

What is language!

A dilemma

I did not see the possibility of doing such an experiment. However when I married, I was faced with a terrible dilemma. My wife was from a family with totally no English in their intellect. It was a terrible situation. In her family, everything was powerfully ordained in a tight-fitting string of hierarchy. If I were to place myself comfortably in a position assigned for me, it was smooth sailing. But the terribly low intellectual quality of the persons involved, and the low class persons who would come to boss over me socially and intellectually gave me the creeps.

Along with this issue were the terrible sly moves inside my own family to see that I was ensnared into the depths of low level, yet powerful social and familial strings.

I disliked seeing anyone being dragged down to the depths of the filth of local social strings. It was then that I decided to enforce the rule that the child should be taught only English, and spoken to only in English. And moreover, I took care to see that no one referred to her with the lower words of You, She etc. and words as Edi and such were forbidden.

Everyone were quite happy, for it was a situation wherein everyone around could improve their own English. And I must admit that very fast, there were a lot of people all around talking more or less workable English.

Maybe many of them took the whole thing as a passing fad of mine. I am sure they did not perfectly foresee the issues correctly. When I was bringing up the child in English, I was more or less snapping off the various powerful strings of domination that spring forth from the various corners of the familial tree.

Person who clothe themselves as uncles, aunts, cousins, and other kinfolk all wait for such newcomers to place their props on. It is through these props placed on willing subordinates that they garner their social and familial leadership.

When the communication links are replaced by English, the links that come to exist between the various persons are devoid of any hint of subordination or domination. It was a very powerful assertion of independence.

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