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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Man-woman balance and imbalance

I hope the reader would remember the issue of Northern (Malabar) Malayalam being different from Southern Malayalam.

In the northern version, He is Avan (lowest he), Ayaal (middle level he) and Avar (highest he). She is simply Aval(lowest she) and Avar (highest she).

Now, when one can visualise the virtual codes in this regard, one may find that men have three stages of social existence, while women have only two stages. In many ways, this necessarily does create an imbalance in social mobility. As a man moves around, he generally reaches only the middle stage. While the woman, the moment she rises, goes straight to the highest stage. It does create problems. For, a man may suddenly be encumbered with an extremely superior wife, if he does allow her to rise. It can at times give him the creeps.

For, in the virtual code arena, as other links get to initiate their pulls and pushes, a severe dislocation of persons can get affected. For, the external links attach to a middle level husband, and a superior level wife. There would be problems of angular component. A twisting torque can be experienced in social and familial relationships. A dislocation of connecting areas!

 Now, as such language-speaking persons come to inhabit English nations, these imbalanced linking codes can create imbalances in the local English natives’ virtual locations also. Though materially not quite tangible, these things can slowly write in errors on to the English social designs. A slow catch of splintering negativity can be felt.

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