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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Visual codes of leadership and otherwise

One man is sitting in a room in a village doing some paper or computer work. The social system is based on feudal language. His exact credentials are not known to the local villages. There is inquisitiveness among the villagers, much more than can be imagined in an English world. For, they need an exact understanding about him to talk about him, refer to him and even to think about him. For each of these things do need a very precise indicant level. Lack of information about him creates a painful discordance in their mind.

The local postman goes into the room to deliver a letter. The letter’s From Address is not formidable.  When the postman enters the room, he sees the man typing something on the computer. It is a very forceless scene. The man is encrypted in the postman’s mind in the lowest indicant level. He would possibly use the word Avan or may be Ayal (depending on whether the man is of senior age).

On another day, some persons come inside to put up a banner on the building top. They see three persons sitting in front of the man, in a pose of respectful homage. As if listening to him, in deep obedience. It is a very powerful scene. The indicant word levels have gone up, in the visitors’ mind. They do not use the ordinary words of You to the man. The word may be then Thangal or Sar. They go out and talk about the man in higher indicant word of referring (He); that of Sar, Avar, Adheham etc.

I described this scene to delve deeper into another theme. When a man stands as a follower to another man, the second man’s indicant levels goes up. In the virtual code arena, the numerical values go up in terms of power, force, stamina etc. Now, this theme is true even if the scene it not exactly see-able materially.

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