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Codes of reality!

What is language!

When props move in the material world

Before going into that let me say that there is an argument going on between two persons of mutually antagonistic aims. One man’s supporter sits on his side. The supporter has no role in the discussion, other than to lend moral support to the man.

That man then gets encoded with power. For each time, the other man tries to crush this man in the indicant word level, his supporter can prop it up again. It is a very powerful scenario, not conceivable or understandable in English and such planar languages. In plain words, whenever the other man uses the words Avan and Nee to and about this man, his supporter just has to say in slightly audible words of Edheham (Higher He) and Sar in reference to this man. He is powerfully propped back to prominence. 

Now mid-way, this supporter either takes a neutral stance, or even goes to the other side. Even though the supporter has no direct role to play in the discussion, there is terrible tumbling down in the scenario. A powerful prop has been removed. And if the supporter goes to the side of the other man, that man then gets a powerful prop.

Well, all these changes do create corresponding changes in the virtual 3-D code arena. The very moment the supporter mentally changes position, the man can sense a negative, repulsive vibe radiating from him. It is not a mental or psychological feeling, but something real in the world of virtual software. However, current day material sciences do not have understanding of this software world. In fact, I have seen that an immensity of doctors and other professionals, including engineers do not have much understanding about software. For it is a world not really connected to physical reality.

The rules are different and this world does not necessarily work as per the laws of physics. In fact, inside this world, the rules and law are quite independent of the rules and laws of physics and chemistry.

Now let us take the question of what happens to a person whose best and most powerful supporter has shifted to the opposite side. Well, if he comes to know of it, the effect can really be overwhelming.  There can be real tumbling of power codes in the 3-D virtual code world.  The person can really feel the void, as if some powerful encasement has been removed.

If it is done without his knowledge, clandestinely, well, the effect will be felt more in the physical happenings, leading to failure on his part on many sides of his personality and work.

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