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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The virtual movement of a spouse and its effects

In many cases, a person’s greatest supporter and affiliate can be his own wife. However in the case of wife, there is a sharp difference. The wife is in many cases the address holder of the husband. She, in a feudal language social system, has to understand the hidden treacheries in the language codes. For, she can easily shift her husband’s potential power and his location in the 3-D virtual code area. It is like this: the wife of a person, who mentally perceives himself to be above certain sections of the society, joins as an employee of a person who is much below this level. She does it without heeding her husband’s advice not to. Well, if the level is quite below where the husband has mentally embedded himself, the effect can be real catastrophic for the husband.

It would be like he has been suddenly moved from the heights and placed in the lower depths. A sudden subtraction of values and potential everywhere will be felt by him. Physically it can be felt by him. In certain persons, he would go cold, shiver, and have fainting fits, breathlessness and such. Modern psychiatrists and psychologists, in their peak of ignorance, would diagnose the situation as panic attack or even as an attack of paranoia.

Well, these are things that really belong to another level of understanding reality.     


However, in real material terms, what happens is a tumbling down of the husband’s indicant word levels. This has been discussed earlier.

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