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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The billion encodings

Now look at this reality:  When a woman becomes a wife to a man, it is not a small thing. In the billions of codes in the brain software and also in the other realms of reality connected to the husband, the wife gets encoded. In each one of the codes, one would be able to detect the presence of the wife. However, the encoding would be different as one views it from the perspective of different languages.

In the case of feudal languages, the extremely dynamic and instable nature of the coding, depending on the varying indicant words would give a totally different picture compared to that one sees from an English perspective. In feudal languages, the wife is in powerfully linked to so many other persons connected to her, who can powerfully pull and push her into different direction, in her proximity to her husband. This powerful movement of his wife would be felt by the husband. If he is not in sync with all this movement, the external pulls and pushes can be quite traumatic and destabilising for the husband, and their mutual relationship.

Now, we can also see that everything that the wife thinks, imagines, does openly, does on the sly, hides, divulges and much else can create corresponding effects in the billions of codes connected to her, encoded in the husband’s brain software and other linked areas. If her actions are negative, in each and every part of his being, he would be able to feel the negativity. For, when the billions of codes connected his wife inside his life software is in retroaction, there can be an overwhelming negativity encasing him. The same way, positive stances of these billion codes can lend huge power to him and his endeavours. It would be like an immensity of hands pushing in the same direction.

One can re-understand the words: Behind every successful man, there is a woman, from this background. A wife who is in perfect sync is a very powerful adjutant in life. For, she, her actions and everything else rhymes powerfully with everything he does. The outcome is a very powerful resultant of maximum amplitude.

Similarly, if she is out of step, then in every single theme, her vibration is in varying levels of opposition to his vibration, and the outcome is a nullification of all that he does.

Words acquire direction, power, energy, potential and such, in accordance to what are the other powerful codes that lie behind them in a particular context. Now, if the wife utters a word, usage, exclamation or even a thought, that comes with a direction component that is not in sync with that of the general direction of her husband’s direction component or with that of the family’s direction component, it can be an explosive applying of a brake or some other retardation element into the elements of the husband or of the family.

Well, it can be vice versa also; that of the husband doing something similar. The effects are same.

It can be felt. The total trauma depends on what the family is engaged in. If it is a family with minor levels of professional actions, then the effect won’t be significant. However, if the family is engaged in complicated professional actions, then the effect can be catastrophic.

The total understanding here can be extended to many other relationships other than husband-wife also. Such as friendship, business partnerships, boss-employee and such things.  In every one of these things, a very phrasing of what their relationship is, can bring in corresponding coding into the connected virtual software.

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