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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Language and spatial compartments: Negative and positive vibes

Inside the virtual space that lies behind reality, feudal languages do create different layers of compartments. It can be explained thus: a man is not working anywhere and free. He has no feeling of having any boss or regimentation. One fine morning he joins a highly structured and regimented business organisation. He gets assigned a particular position in that organisation. Suddenly he becomes aware of so many layers of persons and positions above him. The same thing he senses below him also.

Now, this is a very simple scenario that I have mentioned for an average native-English speaking reader to understand. However the feeling that a man derives in the feudal language social system is much more powerful than what can be understood in English.

Now from this premises I do want to postulate that there are actually such compartments creatable in the virtual space of codes. It can be sensed. What can create them are powerful entities, like a feudal lord, a strong snubbing person and such. Actually, the very presence of certain persons, who carry with them the power to position others into highly hierarchical layers, can create this change in the virtual codes connected to the place and persons. A free person who enters into this arena can really feel the powerful lowering that that is being forced on him. It is not a general feeling that everyone in the place would feel. For, there would be persons who are not so lower-positioned. Only the persons who are at the targets of such lower codes would feel it.

Now, it may be mentioned that even though this is just a powerful feeling, not connected to anything materially tangible, the fact is that it is real. As real as the picture one sees on a computer screen. The picture on the computer screen is only a creation of software codes and cannot really be said to be a material reality.

From here, I need to go further and say that not only powerful persons, but also many other physical entities do have this type of codes that create special feeling in certain persons. For example, certain building can and do carry such codes that can create certain special feelings in certain persons.

Inside certain specific virtual compartments, there would be codes that design the way persons, events, information and such things should be arranged. This design can even be in direct opposition to the innate codes and values that a person is embedded within. When he or she enters these virtual areas, he can sense the powerful action of the virtual codes on him as he gets powerfully pushed, pulled and manoeuvred to fit into preset slots.

It is not an experience that every man may have in his lifetime. Yet, some persons do get the chance to experience such feelings, as they enter some buildings, go to live in certain houses, position themselves under the command of certain persons, touch some articles etc. Well, there can be real mental trauma or even mental elation. However the real reasons that causes this phenomenon does not lie with the parameters of modern psychology and psychiatry.

The fact that the physical arrangements in a space do have positive and negative effects can be very easily observed. A hall is a classroom.  In the night hours, it is used as a sleeping area. The chairs and tables are thrown around randomly. In the daylight hours, if the chairs and tables are not arranged in a proper manner, the moment anyone enters the place, an atrophied feel can be felt about the classroom. However, the moment the chairs and tables are arranged in a proper manner befitting a classroom, one can feel the definite change.

It is not a mere psychological feeling, but something more connected to the ideal virtual codes connected to a classroom. In fact there is something real in the codes of the room that is connecting to the positions of the various furniture and other items inside that can enter positive as well as negative values by their presence, position, direction as well as shape. Moreover the very shape and design of the room would also interact with this coding to give the final result.

Likewise a bedroom with un-spread bed, after everyone has got up, very evidently may be holding a negative aura. A simple tidying up of the bed can change the personality of the bedroom.

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