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The Banyan tree effect

This is an effect that is easy to demonstrate in a feudal language set up. One person is great in the public eyes. He or she is seen to be a do-gooder. This individual is a superior person in society. Has lot of wealth and other amenities. People all around feel that he or she is a great person. Words of higher indicant levels are his or her rightful attribute.

Now what about an individual who is under this person? Well, if this individual is a non-entity, there is not much problem. He or she will be quite happy to be under the superior person. However, if the individual is also a great person in his or her own right, well then, there is a problem. The superior person will not allow another giant to grow up in his own area. For, this giant is under the other. The subordinated giant would also have right to higher indicant words. Well, there is a problem now.

It is like the Banyan tree. It is said to be the king of trees in the supernatural sciences. It gives off a lot of oxygen, and can really encompass a lot of land area under its ambit. Outsiders like this tree. But it will not allow another tree to come up inside its area. In fact, no other tree under its domain will even get enough sunlight.

Now the issue with regard to individuals so arranged in a feudal language communication set up is that indicant words do have a sort of hierarchy, line, direction and locations of positivity and negativity. In such an encoding, the superior individual cannot condone another giant within his or her vicinity. It is a natural resultant of the indicant word coding in the virtual software.

However, in languages like English it is a bit difficult. Even though there is hierarchy of individuals in English social and professional functioning, there is a lot scope for superior persons to exist together, if they are not competing with each other.

A very powerful example of this could be the history of Robert Clive. He became world famous, even while he still remained subordinate to his own captain. His achievement of defeating the local king and the French near Madras; and also his subordination of the mogul divan in the Battle of Plassey; were things that far exceeded anything most of his English superiors could do.

Yet, in communication, there was no issue of competition or of reordering or messing up of hierarchy. If the communication was in Malayalam, there would be fast tumbling down of communication lines and direction. For many other persons would also send in word codes that would spoil everything. In no time, Clive would mutiny, or else his captain would have him demolished. 

As per actual history, Clive was allowed to be great as well as remain under the military set up in Arcot near Madras. It was a case of a giant allowing another giant to grow into eminence right inside its own premises.

Now, it may be mentioned that this Banyan tree effect can be clearly traced to the route codes in the words, and their reflections in the virtual codes.

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