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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Language and emotions

Human emotions are intrinsically connected to the virtual codes and the 3-virtual space. The theme of human emotions and its connections to the virtual codes and to language codes is a very huge one. Only a basic part of it can be discussed here.

As I have mentioned, the layers, structures, hierarchies, movements, changes, pulls, pushes and such things that are being enacted in the 3-D virtual space do create corresponding emotional swings in a human being. Words that link to a person, or those which impact on a person can create powerful, cyclonic and stormy movements on a person’s position and stance inside the virtual space. Each movement can change his or her location in relation to others in the virtual space. There are spontaneous corresponding changes in the direction component and also to the power component connecting him or her to others.

He or she may feel a drain or accumulation of energy and potential on each of these swings. Since not only the human body but also the human mind is a creation and working of software codes, emotions are also simply a work of software codes.

When talking about these powerful forces, I need to repeat one small thing, just for the remembrance of the reader. Look at the Malayalam words for You: Nee, Ningal, Thangal, Sar. Each of these words creates different levels of powerful pulls, pushes, contortions and swings on the person on whom it impacts. The power of each word also depends on the relative location of the person who says it, and the person on whom it impacts. At the same time, the relative location of others in the virtual space also has much bearing on the power component it imparts.

Here I need again to go to the premises of strings of hierarchies. See this scenario: there is a husband and wife. There are no problems between them. What the wife does is in accordance with the wishes of the husband. She goes for work. In the morning, he sees her getting into a crowded three-wheeler vehicle along with many other men folk. He feels no great distress, on seeing his wife sitting with other men, for what she is doing is in accordance with what there is mutual agreement between them.

One day they have a fight, and she joins another firm without his knowledge and concurrence. Now she is in another hierarchy string, wherein he is an outsider. The company vehicle comes with a lot of other personnel including women. The very sight of her getting into this vehicle and being on friendly terms with the others in the vehicle can send flare-ups in his mind. Modern psychology may conjure up some explanations without getting anywhere near to the roots of the eruption. Actually, the emotional explosions are connected to changes in the virtual code arena, and to the presence of differing strings of hierarchies. If examined more closely, one can even see the minor words and usages, linking each person to the others, all working to cordon the wife away from the strings of communication with the husband.

The mental trauma can be quite intense. However, if the scenario is enacted out there in the feudal language social area, the words and usages are quite of a different order due to the presence of an array of layers in the word groups. The shift and cordoning can be quite powerful and seemingly of impenetrable capacities. Here again an average native-English speaker would not understand the power in the scenario.

The husband may literally see the working of external command codes on her, in each and every word, usage, reaction, mental flare up, emotional outbursts, spontaneous speech, chance remarks and much else. Beyond all this is the factor of persons in competing hierarchical strings viewing his wife and her body curves. For even visual observations do have powerful links to codes, and links.

The husband has no control over these as he stands in another hierarchical string, and he is an outsider to the other string.  All of these things are innately connected to billions of software codes into which a different string of codes have entered.

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