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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The swaying power

As mentioned earlier, when persons get attached as in married life, intimacy, partnership etc. there can come about an encoding of each other in both person’s codes. Now, when each of these persons moves around, to a limited extent he or she is carrying the other person’s codes also. This can be detected by other brain software of other persons who moves with him or her. Their words, visual signals, non-verbal signals, other sensory inputs etc. can enter codes into this.

The effect can depend on with whom she or he is moving. For example, if a wife is moving with persons who are inimical to her husband, who are of lower  or higher indicant status compared to her husband etc., the husband could get a wobbling feeling akin to getting swayed from equilibrium. For words and other inputs can be of a negative nature. At the same time, if she is moving with persons who concede the dignity of her husband, it can have a stabilising effect on him.

In many ways, emotional attachments between persons can be connected to the mutual encodings in a person’s life software.  Emotional distress to a limited extent can be connected to the discrepancy mentioned above.

The issues become quite complicated and of horrendous nature, if the negativity is experienced in a feudal language set up. For, the emotional swings are more due to the gorges in the indicant word set up. When close associates including one’s spouse moves into wrong areas of the virtual code arena, the effected person may literally sway and wobble on his or her feet.

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