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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Despoiling and ennobling

Words can be used to despoil and to ennoble anything. See this scenario: a man sees another person as an ill-wisher. The very mention of that man, remembrance of him, and the sight of anything connected to him are distressing to him.

He starts an enterprise. He sees to it that nothing of that man’s is anywhere in his new enterprise’s premises. He grows a creeper plant that is to grow all over his office’s terrace.

One day his gardener simply mentions that he had taken the cow-dung (used as fertiliser) from the other man’s cowshed. It can be a very powerful despoiling of the creeper plant. Every time the creeper plant is seen or mentioned, the other man’s name, features, antipathy and much else will be activated in the man’s mind. It can build in powerful emotions in him.

Now is it just a matter of a simple mental error? Well, he can or cannot be talked or counselled out of it. Yet, what is the inner code situation? Well, each time the creeper is mentioned or seen, powerful codes are being created that link to the other man. It can bring into the mental premises the antipathies and connected distresses. These codes can create disturbances into the working of other codes that are working for the betterment of his business.

As to ironing out the distresses using counselling, what is being achieved is creating software codes that can cordon off the negative codes, erase them or else disable them.

Now, to go further, what is being stressed is that erroneous words can be inserted into perfectly working software codes, and thus make them go haywire. Now, words connected to the creeper are not simply standalone words. Instead they are powerful Trojan agents, which are encoded to act as agents of sabotage. In fact, they are words having huge and powerful codes hidden behind them.

As to each word having other huge codes hidden behind them, it is easy to understand. Just see the letter ‘a’ on a computer screen. This single letter is just that external manifestation of huge set of machine language codes. In fact, the binary code version of the letter a is: 1100001.

To just see what is really inside simple words, try out this bug that is there is MS Word application in your software: Type the following on MS word and enter: =rand (200,99)

Now coming back to the despoiling, again it needs to be mentioned that the amount of significance that one gives to the despoiling event, word or mention could also be important. For, this can add up to the numerical values in the codes. The fact of taking up a word or information as important could create corresponding changes in the codes.

Now what about ennobling? Well, words and information can ennoble an event, a person, a place and such. There is a person who is of nondescript personality. He is treated with no special attention. Suddenly someone comes in the scene and mentions that this person could be the missing son of the famous police officer. He is known to have walked out of his household due to some disagreement with his family. The mere mention of this fact in a feudal language situation could rapidly bring in changes to the values, that can shift the indicant words. He could very well be thrown to a higher level, where events, persons and information have Brahminical features.

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