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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Persuasive powers of indicant levels

In feudal languages, the level at which one mingles very much defines one’s perspective. That is, in most people. A few do manage to keep out of its wrappings, but then they would seem quite odd.

When one moves with persons who are on the higher indicant levels in the society, naturally many other persons and institutions are seen as subordinate. At the same time, when one moves with persons who are on the lower indicant levels of the social perspective, an angle of vision from where so many other persons and institutions seem on the mighty heights, perches upon him or her. In the indicant word levels, these persons and institutions are of powerful features and beyond the limits of one critical assessment. A halo would be seen on them.

Such feelings as of loyalty, fidelity, attachment, craving to join as a disciple or follower etc. can easily be encoded into such persons. For, when they move around with lower indicant level persons, lower indicant codes can diffuse into their own codes.

To explain this in more clear words: a person of higher levels becomes intimate with a lower indicant level person. Slowly the words and usages that the lower guy uses for other persons around him would come to be used by this person also. For example, persons who he could have called by name would change into chettan, checchi, Adheham, Avar, and other higher indicant words.

When he thus uses such words, he is effectively positioning himself in the lower indicant levels in the virtual code arena. From these depths, the others seem to be on the celestial heights. Distance lends enchantment!

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