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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Language and honesty

There is a lot of connection between the general sense of honesty, honour, valour, chivalry and such things in a people and the quality of their language. In social systems wherein feudal languages are used, honesty and treachery are entwined with the requirements of the language codes. The arrangement of the indicant words grouping has a definite connection with them.

For instance, if someone makes a query that is connected to a business promotion, getting a house, a good job, a good connection for his children and many similar things, the answer will not be from a direct logical calculation. Instead, the answering man’s mind would spontaneously go into the various unconnected things like: if this man comes to live here, in this fabulous locality, what will be the change that would come to his indicant level, how it will affect my family’s and my indicant level, who all will connect to him, what will be the change in their indicant level, how will that affect me and such. The answer to the query will depend on the answers he mentally formed to all these internal queries. 

However, these internal monitoring will be quite fast and spontaneous. For there are very fast routes by which these queries are processed, which has been used innumerable times, as one learns to exist in a feudal language social system.

In most cases, the answers would carry a definite about of sly cunning and even treachery. In fact, people may go out of the way to install bits of information in others and about others, so as to make their answers seem correct.

For, every new change in another person’s attributes in regard to residence, links, profession, connections, friends and much else, can make drastic changes in this person’s indicant word links and routes, and also in the power components. He or she will also get relocated in the virtual space arena, as others shift from their locations. In fact, nations like India are filled with social systems which are quite treacherous, sly and cunning. All of them exist under a veneer of benign affability, friendliness and seeming compassion.

However there could be another route wherein honesty and truth can be extracted voluntarily. That is in the route of hierarchy. If a person is respected and the subordinate person belongs to the string that runs down with the respected person on top, the subordinate person has an involuntary compulsion to speak the truth. However, if the subordinate is not a willing participant in this string, not only truth and honesty, but even respect could face bruise.

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