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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The gnawing in the virtual codes

Now, what changes would come into her? Well, as per my language code understandings, she would be placed under teachers who would keep her in the Nee, Aval code areas. Varuna had been in the higher levels of communication wherein she used to address even senior persons with a Mr. or Mrs. prefixed to their names. She had no idea that this was quite a crime in the local areas. Yet, the persons who talked to her took as an exceptional person.

When she came home, the first day that I was back home from Bombay, she was brought home by the school bus cleaner. This term bus cleaners are of a non-formal profession in buses in India. They are usually the lowest kept personnel in the hierarchy in the system. Yet, it need not mean that they are lowly in the social system. However usually the lower guys, intellectually and educationally, go in for this job. For many others, it is just a temporary assignment. But at the moment of the job, he is in a low location in the virtual code arena.

He was holding her in a clasping hold, and coming. It was not actually a bad thing, for he was more or less seeing that the student is home safe. However, Varuna had been trained to walk on the roads without anyone holding her.  For, it had been noticed by me that the very holding of hands by feudal language speaking persons, has a demeaning effect when they hold persons who they mentally assign a lower levels.

The location that we were living then, was a secluded road, with practically no vehicular traffic. So, his holding her was just an assertion of his superiority over her.

Even the holding of a person by an Indian policeman is an insult and degradation. It is in the language codes.

I could sense a lowering of levels in Varuna’s codes as the cleaner came forward as her mentor.

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