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Codes of reality!

What is language!

A gruesome shifting

At school, she would for the first time be made to be fixed to the level of students who were mentally at the serving class of the teachers, in Malayalam codes.

The students would have to address their teachers as Sar and teacher or Miss (all suffixed to their names). She herself had been an English trainer. In our system of training, no student gets up when the teacher comes in. Moreover no lower level indicant words were used about anyone.

There was one thing quite obviously different in Varuna. She was unable to use pejorative Malayalam lower indicant words about anyone, including those who were younger to her. The words alluded to here are the powerfully crippling lower indicant words for You, He, She, His, Her, Hers and such other, including such as Edi, Eda and use of name as a signal of domination. However, she herself was quite vulnerable to such attacks. Even though, most of these words were quite incomprehensible to her, the negative effects in the virtual code arena were obviously there.

There are a lot of things to be mentioned about the language code experiences that she would have. I will not do it now.

What I could foresee was that she would be placed in a position that had the components of both English as well as the lower levels of Malayalam. In the school she did not speak Malayalam or learn it. So the word Nee was not an experience for her. Yet, in the overall virtual code arena, she was moved to a lower side, by the strong placing of all students in the avan and aval position.

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