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Codes of reality!

What is language!

A twilight zone phenomenon

When she had been an infant, there had been a phenomenon that was quite apparent. Whenever she was taken to any marriage function in distant relatives’ houses, she would stand out as quite different.

Even though the simplest manner to understand this would be that she spoke only English, and did not understand English, the more complicated level of understanding was that she was living in a social system wherein individuals were connected by direct level communication links. While the others around her were in a social communication system, wherein every one of them were connected to each other by varying levels of linking codes.

The difference was quite obvious, to an intelligent observer.

After each of these visits, there would be an occurrence that was to happen with supernatural exactitude. That is, she would suddenly fall down: from the staircase; when walking; when running; or have some minor accident connected to getting hit or cut. The easiest manner of thinking would be that it was a case of the proverbial evil eye.

Yet, from my own understandings based on virtual codes, it was obvious that some codes of prop had been manipulated or attacked. Moreover, there was the possibility that some other negative codes had crept in and destabilised some of her own stability codes.

It may be mentioned here in passing that she had been trained in walking on the top of tall walls without support, from a very early age (around 1 ½ years age). That such a person should stumble down, every time she went to an interior social setting, wherein lower indicant people (mainly women) viewed her as an object of curiosity was the moot point that I wanted to place.

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