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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Negativity from school

Before she went to school, she rarely did have any illness. She was used to playing the rain, and in the mud. For hours, she would be in the river. In the mornings, she would go for jogging. She rarely felt any physical discomforts. However, after joining school, she was attacked by frequent bouts of illnesses like fever. This continued till a time her physical appearance of marked difference from the local populace had been erased. I could sense the creeping into her virtual codes of some other codes that were erasing her innate codes.

Before going to school, she had been quite impenetrable to Malayalam words and comments that are aimed at mental disturbance. Now, there was a slight dent in the impregnable mental fortress that had cordoned her off from such irritations. Yet, since she heeded my advice not to learn or understand Malayalam at all cost, this dent did not go much further.

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