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The ‘atrophication’ and the ‘holyfication‘

Sometime back, there was an issue. One New Zealand TV commentator stressed on the word ‘Shit’ that was part of an Indian politician’s name. It did create sharp words of recrimination from the Indian side.   The comment was possibly in poor taste. However, what really provoked the TV commentator to go in for such a thing is not known to me.

I have brought in this theme to the fore here, because of the fact that a sort of ‘atrophication’ is an essential part of Indian feudal language communication. When lower indicant words are used, a slight degrading happens. In other words, feudal languages do have a major component in them which are naturally pejorative in sense and effect. 

However, the degrading effect of any specific word is not uniform. This has been mentioned earlier. When persons of equal social, age, position etc. levels use such lower indicant words to each other, it is a situation of endearment, friendship, equality and such. However, when one of the them is higher and the other is lower, so that the lower side has to use higher indicant words to the other, then it is an issue of degrading, snubbing, keeping position, intrusive freedom to one side over the other and such.

Yet, there need not be stinking-dirtification per se. In this particular situation, stinking-dirtification happens only if the person/s moved to the lower side has certain higher sides to him/them. For example, a person from a socially highly valued family, a person with higher intellectual bearing, a teacher whom others treat as respected etc. is thus addressed in the pejorative, then there is stinking-dirtification.

But if the lower placed person is essentially from a lower mental and social pane, then there is not much of a stinking-dirtification other than pure placing in a lower position.

Yet, the essential elements of stinking-dirtification come when lower placed persons use pejoratives to higher placed persons. This higher placing can be socially, financially, intellectually, age-wise and such. The pejorative effect then can really be that of powerful stinking-dirtification. And if the thus attacked person has no proper protection by way of someone to rectify the situation, then he or she is perfectly defenceless to this sort of attack.

In the virtual code, the person is being perfectly being encoded with negative codes. It is like an unprotected computer into which viruses are entering with no firewall protection. The experience is terrible, with horrible connotations and possibilities.

It can lead to terrible violence in retaliation. But then, if the shitifying side is something like the Indian police (low quality persons with great physical power), then many persons of quality simply commit suicide.

When viewing actions in English nations which are commonly termed racially motivated, there is an essential need to understand this issue. For, it may really be an action that is really spurred by pure motivation of self-defence. However, the spurring may be taking place at the virtual code arena, and thus not understandable or easily condonable from the material world. Yet, if this core issue is disregarded, refined English social systems may corrode.

The same issue may be taken up when studying the issues that spurred apartheid in South Africa. Beyond that, it may be understood that the same emotions caused untouchablity and caste based repulsiveness in India.

The repulsion could be towards the issue of being putrefied. Materially as well as in the virtual code arena.   

The issue at hand is that feudal languages do carry an extreme form of negativity in that another person can put a measurement of any other person or entity. This measurement is extremely independent of what the other person or entity actually is.

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