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Codes of reality!

What is language!

The issues of censure and censors

Censuring, censoring, falsification and also premeditated hallowing are generally common features of a feudal language social system and nation. The issue here is of allowing another person to impress the public. It is a very dangerous thing and its various parameters has to be clearly understood before anyone can be allowed this advantage. This is the situation in a feudal language system.

For example, a writer is allowed to showcase his writings, philosophies and thoughts. If by any chance he or she is able to impress anyone, it sure becomes a case of indicant word changing. Words for He or She, His or Hers and such change dramatically across the indicant word array. Moreover, when the indicant word levels improve, automatically powerful suffixes of respect come to perch on the person’s name.

In such a scenario, the effect is that of allowing this person to create a leadership and a following among the people. The effect in feudal language nation is akin to having a military like command structure being created.

English nations would not understand why there are so many needs for censoring and controlling of the media, persons and opinions. The core issue is this.

Now, again I need to tell that in the virtual software code, when one is allowed to showcase one’s positive attributes to others, a powerful running of numerical values is taking place in certain critical areas in the person’s virtual software. Externally its ramifications can be seen through the rapid changes in the indicant words.

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