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What is language!

The fiscal difference between feudal language nations and planar language nations

I am not very sure about this, but my general impression is that feudal language nations necessarily try to create wealth by reducing their currency exchange value. It is a very diabolical method of achieving prosperity. For, the majority population moves into lower standards, economically as well as socially. 

An extremely minor percentage of the population who have earnings from abroad grow up astronomically in financial terms. This minor group generally get to dominate the media and government. They radiate extremely prosperous looks, physical well-being, intelligence and capacities. Yet, the total reality of the nation is quite opposite.

The lower classes exhibit extremely lower quality demeanour. This is explained away by the dominant class as being caused by centuries of exploitation by colonialism, by multinational companies, by capitalistic nations etc. Yet, the vibrant truth would be that the lower quality demeanour is directly caused by the suppressive use of lower indicant words on the majority population by the dominant classes.

If this majority section of the population is removed from the sting of the lower indicant words and usages, the lower quality demeanour would vanish and a superior, softer demeanour would come about.

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