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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Virtual codes and sex

Sex can be a very powerful work of virtual software. There may be much to be understood in the total dimension of this powerful phenomenon. It is directly connected to creating new life, by the amalgamation of inputs from two different life software. Well, I am not in a position to say what all things it does encompass.

Yet, I do feel that sex in its minimum form is directly connected to such things as leadership, firmness of hierarchical strings, feelings of self confidence, moral support, physical support, morale and such. For example, a failed attempt at sex with one’s life partner may have severe recuperations on a person’s other activities, especially if they do require mental stamina, composure and physical stability. If the wife consistently thwarts any endeavour by the husband to have a vibrant sex with her, then it is a failed husband who is getting for his worldly efforts in the morning.

At the same time, if it is a delightful sex that has enthused, then the person come out with a rare daring to face the world. These are not simple psychological feeling without any material support. For, all these happenings of sexual failure and success get encoded into one’s life software with numerical values.

Now what about adultery? Well, in feudal languages, if one is able to seduce another man’s wife and have sex with her, it is equivalent to robbing that husband’s positive numerical inputs and assimilating them into one’s own life software. A sort of diabolic power surge can happen. In other words, a feeling of leadership, over self-confidence etc. can come about. As to the wife who has allowed another person to trespass into what is her husband’s rightful domain, she is standing in the position of a traitor inside.

Yet, there are other limiting factors, such as moral values, negative conscience and such, which might play spoilsport, to the total effect.

As to how this issue works out in an English setting need to be studied with inputs from many frill elements.

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