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Codes of reality!

What is language!

Demonical nature of feudal language nations

One may notice a lot of brutality and beastliness associated with violence in feudal language nations.  This is mainly due to the negative placement a person’s gets in the virtual arena as lower indicant words are addressed to him and about him. Moreover non-verbal symbols, signals and even actions can have negative indicant level meanings, when seen from the virtual code world. For, even a slight action of repulsion can get powerfully converted to abhorrent indicant word levels when decoded into software codes.

Many of the senseless violence currently seen in English nations can be directly attributed to the negative evilness that has come to pervade the inner codes of those nations through the uncontrolled swarming of feudal language social groups. They can cause distress not only among themselves, but also among the non-feudal language groups.

For even un-understandable words and degrading signals can get detected for what they are from the virtual software levels. They can create terrible levels of animosity, for the distress they cause are terrifying, due to their inexplicable and perplexing nature.

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