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The wrappings of leadership

Here one may think about leadership.  When a husband is supported by a wife, his leadership capacity goes up. When he does the same for his wife, the same goes up for his wife. However, this leadership codes can be extended by anyone. For example, the wife’s relatives can dislodge her from her links with her husband and inform her that they are willing to stand by her. What happens is that she feels a sudden shower of leadership qualities, wherein she might feel a newfound freedom in detaching from her husband. Well, what has taken place is just a destruction of another person’s leadership capacity. For the basic requirement for leadership is to have a committed follower. By removing the husband’s supporter, that is, his wife, he is left devoid of his leadership capacity; or at least it is that much affected negatively.

Now, let us go into the encoding of leadership. Leadership is not just a physical phenomenon. It is deeply connected to codes in the virtual software. When the associated persons put in their focus on to a person or organisation or programme, there comes into existence a powerful encoding of software. This specifically formed software connects the various persons to each other. Each one of them is uniquely positioned in the software code.

Some of them may occupy very critical positions in the coding, while others may not be in such vital areas of the codes. If suddenly one of the persons in a vital position simply moves himself or herself out of the enwrapping links, there is a sudden jolt in the leadership or focus or attraction in a person, programme or organisation.

This can be felt very easily in many human experiences. Such as, when a street performer is performing. There is a crowd of persons around him. His mind is focused on some of the viewers as he speaks out to them, and slowly tries to entice their thoughts to his endeavours. Suddenly if one of the persons that he has focused on moves away, he would immediately feel the dent. Whether he would be able to continue on without faltering may depend on his mental stamina and experience. Yet, the negative effect is there, and he would feel it.

The same is there is many other human endeavours, where one person is riding forward holding on to stabilising strings extended mentally by others. For example, an intimate friend lends the morale to a person on a dangerous endeavour, a wife stands by her husband as he tackles the intricacies of business problems and such. Well, if suddenly the intimate friend or the wife moves away from preset positions, there can be sudden detachment of these stabilising strings. As if the other person has been disconnected from strings that convay mental and physical power. He may feel a sudden void.

However, in the virtual software arena, this is not just such a simple, solitary incident. For, many persons are connected to each other in the virtual arena. A slight negative value encoding on a person can make him overwhelmed by other codes that arrive from elsewhere. For, each person in society is being preyed upon by an immensity of codes and distractions. When he or she goes down, they powerfully perch on his codes.

It thus happens that when negative actions are done by persons who are intimate or believed to be trustworthy, a whole lot of other negative things can befall a person. Including accidents, propagation of negative stories, failure in other unconnected things and such.

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